Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kidrobot Exclusive Black Gipper Bust from Kozik

    So we're finally getting to see the color way of Kozik's Gipper Bust that will be exclusive to Kidrobot. This all black Darth Reagan is the most unnerving of them all.  It's like he's been sculpted out of pure evil, or oil.  Yeah, it's probably oil.  There are only 50 blackest of the black versions available and guess what?  Kidrobot is sold out of them online.  So if you live near one of their stores you better go and see what they have left.  Or head over to eBay and pay somebody who bought the toy just to resell it and be a complete jerk to collectors.  Not that I'm angry about that sort of thing or that I have threatened to stab people for cutting in front of me in line at events, who then proceeded to discuss how much money they were going to make off of selling whatever I was waiting patiently for.  Those people are called "flippers" and it is because all of their children will be born with flippers like a dolphin rather than arms and legs, a quite fitting punishment for their crimes against decency.  Look it up.  

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