Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lunabee and Podgy Panda x Cris Rose

     We have a sweet theme going today: all toys that release today! It's more sporting if I wait until the last minute to show you things you're gonna want really bad. First let's take a look at this collaboration between Lunabee and Cris Rose. The amount of detail packed into these little guys is mind blowing and these might be my favorite pieces ever from both artists. These go on sale today at 7pm London time by going to

     Cris Rose isn't content with just having one set of figures release today, so he and Podgy Panda have these Podgonauts characters also making their debut. Each one has a unique expression on their wee panda faces and one lucky buyer will get a special monkey mechanic chase figure with their purchase. I knew NASA had to make some serious cutbacks, but I didn't realize they were hitting up the zoo to keep the shuttle in working order. Get your cosmic team together by going to today.

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