Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CrappyCat Crap Stink Splasher Edition

    Two of the most beautiful things in this word are cats and deals.  Rarely are those ever combined, as all my kitties think it's hilarious to rack up insane vet bills without feeling the need to go out and find jobs.  CrappyCat is gonna change all that for me this week though.  Check out this boatload of loot you can score for a paltry $35:  You get two Stink Splasher Edition figures (one CrappyCat and one FlunkMonkey), and a signed and numbered poster that will make all of the other art in your house feel a touch inadequate.  These are limited to only 125 sets in the whole world and will be available starting April 4th at 2pm eastern time.  You will only have a 48 hour window to purchase these, but they probably won't even last that long cause they're more awesome than a video of a raver chick making out with a tree.  Get yours here:  http://crappycat.com/CrappyExclusiveStore.html

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