Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Cavey and Coney from A Little Stranger

    You can't think of Easter without thinking about stuffed animals. Or those candy coated marshmallow Peeps that you eat until your sick or that you put in the microwave until they explode (you didn't learn that from me). But mostly stuffed animals.

    A Little Stranger wants to give you some cool, handmade options this Easter with her ├╝ber popular Cavey and Coney stuftees. These little critters are really limited, with only 75 Caveys and 20 Coneys available worldwide. I know i say this a lot and you may not alway believe me, but these will sell out so you gotta be fast if you don't want to be bummed out. And guess what? They come out today at 8pm London time. Quick, get to and get yours.

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