Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Behold the Bath Toy of Madness: Dthulhu

   I was totally in the shower today, thinking that our bathroom decor needed an update.  We were going with a woodland theme because of how the bathroom was when we moved in, but things just haven't come together the way I had hoped.  Our fake taxidermied deer head/toothbrush holder keeps falling from its suction cup on the mirror, and our pine cone soap dispenser took a flying leap from the counter after being helped by an anonymous cat paw.  And do you even realize how hard it is to find plastic squirrels that you can mount to the wall so it looks like they're in mid chase?  The fates are working against us on this one.

    Maybe we should take things in a whole new direction and build our design around this mighty Dthulhu!!!!  This rubber ducky has been consumed by the spirits of the Old Ones and is hell bent on wiping out bubble bath at a time.  Now you're not gonna find anything like this in stores, as he will only exist if you support the Indiegogo campaign to bring him to a state of vinyl being.  Check out this link, get some killer rewards, and prepare your tub for the madness that will ensue!  Oh and there's only a few days left to make it happen, so stop your deciding and start your buying.

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