Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Super7 Exclusives for Designer Con

     Oh my Lord there is soooooo much going on at Designer Con weekend I don't know how people that are going just don't lose their minds.  Any time I go to a convention I am knocked stupid by the amount of things to see.  And at those I'm not even interested in a lot of the stuff that's there, so I can't imagine being surrounded by table after table of stuff that I want and having to pick from it all.  I would probably have PTSD afterwards.

   Super7 will be in attendance and will of course have some exclusives for your purchasing pleasure, like this gorgeously marbled Mongolion from L'amour Supreme.  It's so purty and at $65 is luxury you can afford.

    My cats already try to eat my snack food so I don't know how long these dudes would make it in my house.  Just last night Jorah snatched a Nilla Wafer from my hand and by the time I got it back from under the couch is was covered in teeth marks and spit.  The same fate would most likely befall these delicious looking fellows.  At $25 each and adorable as all get out, it would be worth the risk.  Just have to keep em locked up and away from hungry kitties.

     Pay Super7 a visit at booth #406. 

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