Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dino Knights Tricetan from Goodleg Toys

    Oh, look at you Mr. Steven Speilberg, going around and killing long extinct animals for your own sick pleasure.  You think your beach house would look nice with a giant triceratops head over your mantle? Well you're gonna regret that design faux pas soon, cause revenge is coming and it puts the triceps in triceratops, or something.

    Dino Knights aren't going to stand for such a horrendous crime, and they're sending their boy Tricetan to take care of business.  Just look at this prehistoric bro.  He's unstoppable and he's in a bad mood.  The folks at Goodleg Toys are gonna ensure dino pouching ends tonight as they unleash this beast at midnight GMT.  Join the fight by picking up this hand painted resin figure at  

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