Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Bedtime Bunnies from Peter Kato

    So yesterday I'm driving home from work and I pass by this huge open field where I normally see turkeys and deer roaming around eating their dinner.  Usually they're nowhere close to one another, respecting some invisible boundary that they've obviously agreed upon.  But last night they were all intermingled.  It was kinda weird seeing them all mixed together just chillin.  I have a hard time getting my cats to not torment one another and they're all the same species, and here we have these two very different creatures enjoying a dinner party.  

   I realize that there weren't any bunnies in that story, but I'd like to think the field was filled with them, they were just too short for me to see as I drove by.  Could you imagine if there were bunnies the size of deer?  That would take them from cute to frightening real fast. 

    I swear to you all this is going somewhere eventually.  Tomorrow night at 9pm, Peter Kato will be releasing another round of his insanely popular Bedtime Bunnies.  There will be 24 of the dark purple and hot pink ones, while there will be 12 more of the all pink ones in case you missed them before.  Each figure comes in either small or medium sizes and thankfully none are the size of dairy cows.  

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