Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We Become Monsters Presents: Bog Boy

    This is the precise reason it is important to not have standing water in your yard.  They tell you it's bad because mosquitos will lay eggs and then inject you with horrible diseases while they steal your blood, which kinda sucks too.  But one night you'll be having a bbq with the family and all of a sudden a creature such as this will rise from that makeshift pond you meant to fill in and you'll have to abandon your home and all your worldly possessions and run in terror, all the while the Bog Boy just wanted to tell you how good your hamburgers smelled and ask for cooking tips so he stopped burning his.  

    As human beings we have an irrational fear of people whose skin appears to be melting off and who live in swamps.  Help break down those barriers by welcoming Bog Boy into your home.  If you live in the Las Vegas area you can pick up this newest creation from We Become Monsters in person, or for the rest of us you can utilize to get one.  


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