Monday, July 7, 2014

Toy Tokyo Exclusive Red Batmobile Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    If you're lucky enough to ever be in New York City you could wait in line for hours to go to the top of the Empire State Building, fight through crowds of very confused tourists in Times Square, or you could skip all that stuff and go to the greatest landmark the city has to offer:  Toy Tokyo.  I'm not blowing smoke either, Toy Tokyo is my favorite store in all of New York.  Even though I've been there a handful of times it never ceases to make my draw drop and turn my brain to mush with the shear amount of things I want.  Sharon just holds stuff up and I nod and drool and that's how we know what to buy.  Seriously, this place does not suck and nothing will have ever made you wish you were rich so badly.  

   And Toy Tokyo has all the hookups, so they get cool stuff like this exclusive Red Batmobile Pop! Vinyl set from Funko.  Now, they are doing something really different for this release for those of you that will be trying to order online.  It will only be available (in limited numbers mind you) at this new website they set up:  Don't try and go to their regular site, cause there will be no Batman for you.  There all also other things that you need to know about this release, and for that info I direct you to  Seriously, you better read it if you want one.  These drop tomorrow (Tuesday, January 8th) at 2pm on that special site I just told you about a few sentences ago.  You got this.  

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