Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SDCC Exclusive Resin Bones Series from Killer Bootlegs x Mike Egan x DKE

    I am officially ready to make my pick for greatest thing available at San Diego Comic Con this year. And being that my logic has proven to be beyond reproach, you're gonna want these so bad.  Killer Bootlegs shrunk Mike Egan's Bones figure down to action figure size and painted them, and get ready for this cause I'm about to push the whole thing over the top:  each card back was painted BY HAND by Mike!!!  This is as original as original art gets.  Who came up with this, because it is genius.  There are three different styles modeled after three different classic toy lines and only twenty of each version were produced.  These are exclusives for the fine folks at DKE, so I would make sure I hit their booth up pretty early and maybe rob some cosplay kids on your way in so you have a ton of cash.  Not that I condone criminal activity mind you, but I'm just saying you gotta make sure your funds level is sufficient so you can get all your treasures back home.  Just don't try and rob anyone cosplaying as a cop, cause that will end poorly for you.  

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