Saturday, July 30, 2011

Halo Minimates Coming To Toys R Us

Check out these brand new Halo Minimates! This August, two boxed sets, each containing three members of Noble Team and a Warthog, will be released via Toys R Us. Each set retails for $19.99, which is not much to stage epic space warfare in your bathtub (you know you do).

Friday, July 29, 2011

Minimates Photo Contest

Minimates are awesome. What makes them more awesome is when they can help you win more Minimates! All you have to do to increase your collection is take a badass picture using your little guys and post it on the wall of before August 4th. (Hint: Don't steal this picture and post it, cause that's the one they are using as an example and you might get called dumb.) The best pic will win at least two packaged Minimates from all of the current lines, which include Marvel, Halo, and a bunch more. Two runners up will also score some swag, so break out your toy collection and pretend they're on Top Model.

Mattel Subscription Packages

Designer toy creators have been doing this for awhile, but this is the first I've been aware of a major toy company doing subscription packages for big name licensed goods. Mattel is now offering fans a chance to score every figure from their favorite series while also getting a bonus toy that is exclusive to subscribers. You can chose from Masters of the Universe, Ghost Busters, Voltron, or DC Universe and every month you will get a brand new figure in the mail for a pretty reasonable price. It's no panty of the month club, but your mailman will think you're less of a weirdo.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kozik King of Rock Labbits now Available

It sucks when there is a major toy event and you're stuck home reading about it on the internet. What makes it suck less is when you're still able to get your hands on something amazing that you really wanted. Kozik has made his King of Rock SDCC exclusives available on his website for those of us that thought we'd have to sell a kidney to get one. Go right now to and order yours before someone else does and wants an internal organ in exchange.

Toyqube x Keithing SDCC Exclusives now Available

If you're like me (lucky you, lol) and you weren't able to make the trek to this year's San Diego Comic Con, then you probably feel you missed out on all the cool exclusive stuff. Fear not, for ToyQube has just made their SDCC leftovers available to those of us who felt left out. First off is the iconic design of Bat Baby Sharkey. These were limited to only 150 pieces (how did they not sell out?) and feature Keithing's little shark dude dressed as everyone's favorite vigilante.

Also from Keithing, is a brand new design called Deep-Sea Dracula. This is the True Blood edition, for obvious reasons. This piece is limited to only 50 pieces (seriously, did anyone go to comic con?) and is cast from resin, which is a bit harder than normal vinyl. Both toys are available now in the ToyQube online store.

Toy2r Brain Pattern Qees

The medical curiosity bug has certainly bitten Toy2r. Presenting their Brain Pattern Qee designed by Emilio Garcia of Jumping Brain fame. Like its anatomical brother mentioned below, this dude glows in the dark, adding that extra something that will most likely drive your cats insane all night. I'm thinking Toy2r should do an entire cabinet of curiosities series so I can really put my antique display case to good use.

Visible Qee From Toy2r and Artoyz

Ever wondered what the inner workings of your favorite toy looked like? When we were younger that might have involved cracking one open and then being pissed that is was beyond repair. Now you can gaze in the wonderment that are plastic guts without the regret. Toy2r has released the new visible Qee, complete with all the guts you could ever want. And the innards all glow in the dark. This is an Artoyz exclusive, and being that they're based in France it's not going to be cheap for those of us in America. But at only 200 pieces made, it might be worth the steep conversion rate.