Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art Giants from Kidrobot

    If I had stupid money, like the kind of money that would make me buy an alpaca farm, I would buy one of these.  We've all seen the giant fiberglass Labbit stools and of course I want those, but I'm really gonna need one of these 4 foot tall Dunnys.  Kidrobot has decided to offer up these guys that were previously only used as store displays.  Each one is hand made to order and takes about 3 months to produce.  And if you live in the United States they'll ship this or the stools to you for free.  The Dunnys come in a few different colors, but that may be too boring for you, so they will even help you get your favorite artist to customize it.  That won't be cheap, but if you have $4,999.99 to plunk down on a giant toy I doubt that you'll blink at paying a hefty price to get it painted up.  The stools are a little cheaper at $999 for you ballers with a budget.  I wonder why they made them stools and not just regular Labbit figures?  Not that I can afford to buy one anyway, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask the hard questions.  

Monster Worship to Release Remaining SDCC Exclusives Online Today

    No, this isn't a picture of all of your mom's old boyfriends.  This is a picture of Monster Worship's exclusives they had available at San Diego Comic Con.  What, you didn't go to comic con?  Yeah, me neither, but we're all in luck because they have some remaining stock and they will be for sale tonight at 7pm Eastern time at  Studies have proven that buying cool toys makes you live longer and makes you more attractive to women.  I offer up proof in the form of me not being dead and my wife being a stone cold fox!  Behold the wonders of science!

Red Edition of Paul Kaiju's Luftkaiser from Toy Art Gallery Releases Today!

    Can you sprain your eyeball?  I think I might have.  See, I got sucked into that whole Candy Crush nonsense and I think I played it until I sprained my right eye.  I woke up this morning, ready to share my wealth of secret toy knowledge and overall general insight into the workings of the world when I noticed my eye was literally sore.  I think my addiction to that silly online game has come to a head.  I'll be expecting an intervention soon.  Be gentle.

    Hopefully my eye doesn't split open and reveal that something like this has been chewing on my optic nerve like a Twizzler.  This red edition of Paul Kaiju's Luftkaiser will release today at 12pm Pacific time from Toy Art Gallery.  He's a pretty sinister looking bro.  Get one for yourself by going to

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Custom Tuttz from Emily Bee x Argonaut Resins Releases Today

    This is one fancy kitty.  Emily Bee has prettied up this Tuttz figure from Argonaut Resins and will be offering it for sale today (July 30th) at 1pm Eastern Time.  They need to figure out how to make production versions of her work, because she always does an amazing job with this platform.  Add it to your collection by going to

Win A Custom Cavey While Supporting Leukemia and Lymphoma Research

    Every once and awhile my wife and I will go to the pet store, buy a load of cat food to donate at the local animal shelter, and sit and play with the cats for a few hours.  The one we go to is a no-kill facility, so many of the animals live there permanently due to age or disability.  They get some fancy canned food and we get a lap full of cats.  It's a win win if there ever was one.

    You don't see to many charitable endeavors involving the world of designer toys, so that makes this extra cool to see.  A Little Stranger has customized her Cavey vinyl figure to help raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.  Raffle tickets are available now at and they will also give you a chance to win standard release Caveys as second and third prizes.  Help out a good cause and win some toys in the process.

Monday, July 29, 2013

3DRetro SDCC Exclusives Now Available Online

    You know you wanted all of these toys.  You know you almost shorted out your laptop from drooling at everyone's pictures from San Diego Comic Con.  Drool no more my friends, as these exclusive toys can be yours without having to experience the smell of nerds packed together like sardines.  It's a unique funk let me tell you.  And who likes waiting in line for hours and hours just to spend money?  It's like "Here, let me be as uncomfortable as possible for a long period of time for the privilege of having my wallet emptied."  I'm still mad that I couldn't go.

    3DRetro had some of the best exclusives and thankfully they had some left overs.  Take a peak and if you like what you see you can visit and pick some up.  

Hello Kitty Halloween Figures from Funko


    Who doesn't love Hello Kitty?  I'll tell you who...sociopaths and communists, neither of which you want as your neighbors.  Hello Kitty can make even the most jaded of souls smile, especially when she dwesses up in her wittle costumes.  Just imagine how cute I looked saying that.  

    Funko has harnessed the cuteness in these new Halloween mini figures.  They come blind boxed, so it's  like gambling but without the need for an intervention.  And who cares which one you get cause they're all gonna make you warm and fuzzy inside.  

    For you non-risk takers they also made these bigger toys that you can pick and choose which ones you get.  Or just buy them all cause you'll just regret it later if you don't.  All of them come out on August 8th.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day of the Dead Jack and Sally Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    I used to work at Hot Topic.  There, I said it.  And no, I'm not particularly proud of the fact.  I am pretty proud that I got fired for refusing to push crap on you that you don't want.  Skinny jeans are bad for your circulation and completely terrible if you're a dude.  For some reason though, teenage girls think it's the cutest thing in the world when their boyfriends wear their pants.  Let me tell you guys, they are delusional.  If we put any stock into the opinions of teenage girls everyone would have to stand and salute a picture of Justin Bieber before sporting events while one of his terrible songs played.  Is that a world we want to live in?  Nope, that's why we ignore them.

    I got a little off subject there, but the point I was making is that we used to get Nightmare Before Christmas stuff in by the truckload and there were always people that would buy one of everything.  Now I like the movie don't get me wrong, but I don't have much use for a Jack Skellington thong or a toilet brush that plays the hits of Danny Elfman.  These guys, on the other hand, could occupy a space on my shelf anytime.

    Jack and Sally got the Day of the Dead treatment in these new Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko and they look pretty spiffy.  You can pick them up August 1st to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of the stop motion classic.  

Game of Thrones Blu Ray Set with 3 Exclusive Pop! Vinyls from Funko

    I just bought the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Ned Stark with removable head, and now Amazon is gonna tease me with this!  Come on guys, you're killing me here.  This November, Game of Thrones will be offered as a special Blu Ray box set featuring all 3 seasons and 3 exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko. And while these are only the mock-ups of what the final toys will look like, I'm gonna need them all.  But my problem is I already have season 1 and 2 on Blu Ray, so I'm gonna have to take drastic measures and beg someone to get me this for Christmas.  It's the only way I can justify it.  Which also means I should probably make up Christmas cards to send out featuring this on the cover and the fact that I need someone to buy it for me.  Wouldn't it make more sense for personalized holiday cards to be advertisements of what you want rather than pictures of you wearing awkward sweaters?  I think I just invented the greatest business ever.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kronk's "Hot Date" Available Now!

    Yesterday I was getting my hair cut and this elderly lady behind me kept yelling at the girl cutting my hair to spin me around.  Once I was facing her she said "Loooooooord I knew it, he looks like that sexy man from NCIS, the one with the sexy hair."  I was flattered, then somewhat unnerved by the hungry eyes she was giving me.  Then I was back to flattered and hoping to get written in to her will.  Hey, it's hard times out there.  

    You don't have to be NCIS sexy to get a hot date, cause now you can order one without the fear of a criminal record or having to learn to speak Russian.  Kronk's long awaited Hot Date figure is finally available by going to  Buy one for yourself, buy one for a friend, buy one to be your friend.  

DeKorner Exclusive Mini Mao Bust from Frank Kozik

    Every year I get depressed about not being at San Diego Comic Con.  Then I realize I am actually able to pay my mortgage this month and I get over it.  But even if you were like me and living vicariously pictures on the internet, you can still get some of those comic con exclusives.  This Mini Mao bust from Frank Kozik was a surprise exclusive for DeKorner this year.  Only 50 were made and you can add him to your shrine of terrible world leaders for $55. Snag one at

Monday, July 22, 2013

Matt A*s "Color Blind" Solo Show at Suburban Vinyl

    Matt Anderson is one of those guys that has taken toy making to levels far beyond action figures or cute little rabbits.  Any time I've seen him customize a toy you really have to search to find the original buried deep within the transformation.  That is by no means a bad thing at all, and he'll probably punch me for saying it, but it has really pushed him into the world of fine art.  His creations are intense and he is finally getting a long overdue solo show to put a large amount of his work on display.  

    Just by looking at the flyer up there, how could you not want to spend this Saturday from 6pm-9pm at Suburban Vinyl in Waldwick, NJ?  Plus you can buy exclusive stuff, like this Outsmart Originals t-shirt:

Or this edition of five sculptures that each comes with a different color glow in the dark glass canister:

    If you can't make the trek to the show you can see a preview of the show online at at 5pm on July 25th.  Any pieces from the show that haven't been sold will also make their way to that site on Tuesday July 29th.  

Kidrobot x Marvel DIY Munny Series

    The do-it-yourself aspect of toys have really blown up in the past few years and it seems like everyone is adding their special touch to figures of one sort or another.  But if you're like me, your skills as an artist may not be something you're ready to share with the world just yet.  Never fear fellow toy maker wannabes, there is a solution.

    Kidrobot and Marvel are expanding on their already much talked about product launches with these DIY Munnys.  You can choose from Spiderman, Venom, Wolverine, or Iron Man and each one comes with foam stickers that you can use to bring the characters to life.  Use them as a jumping off point to further enhance your painting skills, or just leave them as they are and decorate your house with your favorite super heroes.  They will be making various sizes of the figures, but these 7 inch ones release this Thursday, July 25th, for $19.99 each.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Stuff from Taylored Curiosities

    What some of you may or may not know is that I also like to collect weird stuff.  See, my whole life isn't just about toys.  In particular I like old medical stuff, but one thing I can never bring myself to own are the specimens in liquid-filled jars.  I moved a lot as a kid and as a result things inevitably get broken.  I would have this fear that if we ever moved the jar would either break or the lid would come off and I would have to throw away everything that got wet.  Pretty gross right?  Or if I had it on my shelf that would be the one thing the cats became interested in and would knock it over, forcing me to declare my house forever unclean and burn it to the ground.  

    These guys are perfectly fine though, cause they're nice and dry.  Taylored Curiosities bottled up some Morrow specimens so you can start your own cabinet of wonders.  Amaze your diner guests!  

    And I bet you were wondering how she could make Morrows even cuter.  Wonder no more dear reader, as she has packaged three in a pea pod!  Get yourself a little adorableness in your life today by going to

Custom Demon Micro Negora from Max Toy Co. x Soko Cat

    This guy would totally reminds me of my cat Icarus if instead of a fish he was holding a human skull.  See, Icarus is the evil genius of the three we have.  He even invented his own game of hunting down dust bunnies and putting them on the floor vents, then he waits for the air conditioning to kick on and shoot them up in the air where he can chase them.  It's pretty amazing.  So I have no doubt that as soon as he figures out how to access our bank account and get food delivered that my wife and I will mysteriously disappear.  If you don't hear from me for a week please notify the proper authorities.  

    Soko Cat painted up five of these Max Toy Co. Micro Negoras an is now offering them up for sale in her webstore.  Check out and get yourself a kitty that has no secret agenda to kill you.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Mimobots for SDCC

    You know what's great about Mimobots?  Besides the fact that they're useful, and cute, and made to look like all the characters you love?  They're small!  So not only can you collect every one and not have to sell your furniture to make space, but when you buy all these new releases at San Diego Comic Con you won't throw out your back carrying them all.  There's nothing worse than injuring yourself, falling to the floor in pain, and being trampled on by 2,000 people dressed as Pokemon.  If you can't make it to SDCC you can go right now to and secure them all there.  

Anticristo 666 from Frank Mysterio

    Well this is frightening.  Frank Mysterio revealed his new figure last night with this unpainted black edition of 10 at San Diego Comic Con.  Sculpted by Chauskoskis, Anticristo 666 is the stuff of nightmares.  And he looks like a lot of the women around here who are obsessed with tanning.  They get all leathery and football like and they swear they're attractive when really they look like chicken that you forgot about in the oven.  

It's a great look for a hell spawn, not so much for a woman. 

    This is merely the debut of this figure, so expect lots of different color variations in the future.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Top 10 Things I Want from SDCC

    It seems the popular thing to do on blogs is to create lists.  Fearing criminal prosecution from most of the lists I would like to post, I instead decided to make a list of 10 things I would like to own from San Diego Comic Con.  These are in no particular order.

    Anytime someone around me is complaining of any physical ailment I always tell them that their symptoms are consistent with that of a tapeworm living in their gut.  Thus far, I have only been successful at getting one person to actually go to the doctor with this concern, but I keep trying.  

    Ferg x Grody Shogun made this Young Gohst with a major parasitic issue for Lulubell Toy Bodega's booth #5045.  Get one on Saturday for $45.

    Ferg also made this big ol suicidal cat for Rotofugi's booth #5248 starting tonight for $120.

    I pretty much want everything Frank Kozik makes, but I narrowed it down to two things I really really really want.  First up is the hand painted Mr. Monsanto.  This releases tomorrow at 2pm at his booth #5051 for $100.

    The second thing is this Mishka collaboration Labbit from Kidrobot.  I haven't even seen what it looks like but I know it's a must have.  These will be $99.99 at booth # 4995 on Saturday at noon. 

    It all of a sudden got real cute in here.  Balance is the key to life my friends, so I've gotta balance out the blood and guts with some sugar and spice.  Brandi Milne's Sugar Lamb, Go! fits the bill.  For $90 you can get this at 3DRetro's booth #5051.  

    Also from 3DRetro comes this little ice cream dude from Gary Baseman.  He's only $55, which I think is a deal.  

    Retro Outlaw has given the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter a new mission:  jump over Snake Canyon on your motorcycle, while on fire, while watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.  Piece of cake, dummies.  Visit booth #929, give 'em $120, and live forever in glory! 

    Classic He-Man figures with Charles Manson heads and custom paint jobs from Skinner? Yeah, I'll take one of those.  DKE will be selling 50 of these, each one unique, for $150.  Get one Friday at 11am.  

    Speaking of Skinner, look at these guys.  He designed the one on the left while Paul Kaiju designed the one on the right and sculpted them booth.  Get the set for $55 from Lulubell Toy Bodega booth #5045 on Friday.  

Last, but certainly not least, is this 8 inch Dunny from Jon-Paul Kaiser x Kidrobot.  Again, who knows what it looks like, but who cares!  It's not gonna suck.  Get one Friday at noon from booth #4945.

Well there you have it.  I'm sure I forgot some stuff.  As always, presents are always appreciated and tax deductible.***

***Probably not though