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Monday, October 7, 2013

Frank Kozik x Outsmart Originals for NYCC

    One day when this whole blog thing pays off and Hollywood is begging me to write blockbusters (I'm not really that delusional I swear) I'm gonna need some new meeting shirts.  You can't go in wearing a suit and tie, because then you're playing their game.  You have to let them know that you hold all the cards; you're a rebel and you play by your own rules, which you don't have cause then you would have to break those too cause that's how much of a rebel you are.  

    These new shirts from Frank Kozik and Outsmart Originals will work just fine.  They both say "hey, maybe this dude isn't completely with it, but he's a genius and we should give him a truck full of money."  I have been known to read too much into things, but that's what I hear em saying.  And no, they aren't actually talking to me because I take my medication every day to stop that sort of thing from happening.  

    You can get em booth by visiting the fine folks at booth #208 at New York Comic Con or by going online right now to

Thursday, October 3, 2013

More NYCC Exclusives from Tenacious Toys

    The great thing about someone being covered in blood is that it's pretty obvious you should keep your distance, and not just for sanitary reasons.  If you're ever on public transportation and someone is covered in blood it is perfectly acceptable to get up and put yourself at a good distance from them.  Also, if you see a man pooping on the subway platform (this actually happened, I know it sounds crazy, but I wouldn't lie to you) it is acceptable to wait for him to get on the train first and then run to get 3 cars ahead of him.  Reason 1:  It's not gonna be pleasant for your nose.  Reason 2:  Anyone who drops their pants to poop in public is capable of murdering you.  Which would leave him covered in blood.  See, I brought it back around.

    Tenacious Toys has a booth the size of a city block at this year's New York Comic Con, and have filled it with exclusives galore.  Like this Bloody Lurker from Erick Scarecrow and Frombie.  They are limited to only 7 pieces and will be $75 each.  

    You know what I love?  Bundle packs.  I'm not even kidding here.  How in the sweet hell has no one done this before?  Maybe they have, I dunno know.  I'm not like the Eye of Sauron, so sometimes I miss things.  But this is genius.  JC Rivera's Bearchamp from Pobber Toys is paired up with the same design on an Outsmart Originals t-shirt all for only $100.  There will be 50 sets available to purchase and hopefully this is the start of the bundle pack revolution.  

    I was kicking myself the whole way home last year for not buying one of these Manotaurs from Rampage Toys.  But the toy gods have smiled upon me and I will be given a chance for redemption next week.  There will also be some Ugly Unicorns available.  Take that Lisa Frank, not all unicorns are covered in rainbows and glitter.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outsmart Originals at NYCC

    Did you ever notice that it's cool to put designs on shirts but not on pants?  Like, if you have pants with a design on it you are pretty much a deviant who listens to Insane Clown Posse and has a low credit score.  Think about it, when was the last time you saw anyone who didn't look like a drunken mugshot wearing pants with a design up the leg?  We have made it unacceptable in our society to express your artistic desires on your dungarees and I'm ok with that.  If Project Runway has taught me anything it's that you gotta edit.  Less is more.  Your jeans are the pallet cleanser between your t-shirt and your sneakers, a brief reprieve of visual assault from those that are checking out your hot bod.

    Outsmart Originals doesn't make artists series pants thankfully, or they would be in trouble.  They stick to tees and have a load of them coming to New York Comic Con.  MCA has collaborated with some of his artist bros to transform his Evil Ape character.  Lamour Supreme, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Oliver Hibert, and Evoker are all putting their spin on the iconic little dude.  And Outsmart will also have a shirt from Frank Kozik that features a Day of The Dead kitty!!!!!!I haven't even seen it yet but I'll probably buy it anyway, cause that's how I roll son.  

    Can't make it to New York next month?  You can preorder them all right now at

Friday, August 30, 2013

Outsmart Originals Labor Day Sale

    I don't wear shirts when I write because I will not have my creativity restrained by the garments of man.  That, and my cat Wednesday is always sleeping in front of the closet and I feel bad when I wake her up.  Just look at this face:

    Precious right?  Ok, back to business.  Outsmart Originals makes cool shirts designed by toy dudes.  And right now they are running a Labor Day sale for 50% off everything.  That's a sale that could even get me to wear clothes!!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Matt A*s "Color Blind" Solo Show at Suburban Vinyl

    Matt Anderson is one of those guys that has taken toy making to levels far beyond action figures or cute little rabbits.  Any time I've seen him customize a toy you really have to search to find the original buried deep within the transformation.  That is by no means a bad thing at all, and he'll probably punch me for saying it, but it has really pushed him into the world of fine art.  His creations are intense and he is finally getting a long overdue solo show to put a large amount of his work on display.  

    Just by looking at the flyer up there, how could you not want to spend this Saturday from 6pm-9pm at Suburban Vinyl in Waldwick, NJ?  Plus you can buy exclusive stuff, like this Outsmart Originals t-shirt:

Or this edition of five sculptures that each comes with a different color glow in the dark glass canister:

    If you can't make the trek to the show you can see a preview of the show online at at 5pm on July 25th.  Any pieces from the show that haven't been sold will also make their way to that site on Tuesday July 29th.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Tees from Jon-Paul Kaiser x Outsmart Originals

    If I had it my way I would wear black all year round.  If I had it my way it would also never get warmer than 70 degrees so that I wouldn't sweat like a disgusting pig.  While I still am working on spells to control the weather, I do sometimes have to change my normal black attire and wear lighter colors that won't make me die of heat stroke.

    Outsmart Originals had my warm weather comfort in mind when they decided to make these white versions of Jon-Paul Kaiser's tees.  Now I can look fashionable on the boardwalk without the risk of passing out and being picked apart by seagulls.  And if that wasn't enough, there are even incentives for all of us to buy these shirts.  For everyone we order we will be entered into a drawing to win a test pull of a JPK toy that was never released!  And if you buy 2, you get 1 free!  And if you buy 3 in the month of May you get 1 free!  I'm not the best at math, but these sound like deals to me!   Make sure you order by June 2nd to be eligible to win the toy.