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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Super7 Exclusives for Designer Con

     Oh my Lord there is soooooo much going on at Designer Con weekend I don't know how people that are going just don't lose their minds.  Any time I go to a convention I am knocked stupid by the amount of things to see.  And at those I'm not even interested in a lot of the stuff that's there, so I can't imagine being surrounded by table after table of stuff that I want and having to pick from it all.  I would probably have PTSD afterwards.

   Super7 will be in attendance and will of course have some exclusives for your purchasing pleasure, like this gorgeously marbled Mongolion from L'amour Supreme.  It's so purty and at $65 is luxury you can afford.

    My cats already try to eat my snack food so I don't know how long these dudes would make it in my house.  Just last night Jorah snatched a Nilla Wafer from my hand and by the time I got it back from under the couch is was covered in teeth marks and spit.  The same fate would most likely befall these delicious looking fellows.  At $25 each and adorable as all get out, it would be worth the risk.  Just have to keep em locked up and away from hungry kitties.

     Pay Super7 a visit at booth #406. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mishka Edition Bullet Belt from Skinner x Unbox Industries

    Oh snap son!!!!!  Did you miss out on your first crack at sweet wrasslin action when Skinner and Unbox Industries released Bullet Belt?  Well, unlike my Uncle Ted and his plight with the criminal justice system, you're gonna get a second chance.   On a side note, just cause they find a semi automatic weapon in the trunk of your car doesn't mean you can't act surprised about it and plead ignorance till your lawyer gets there.  Uncle Ted has no poker face.

    This is a most special Mishka edition of Bullet Belt known as Doom Belt!!!!!!!!!   Lamour Supreme created the paint scheme and you can pre order one of these beauties now.  I know what you're thinking: "but Chris, the weather is getting cold and I gotta save up for my heating bill."  Bull crap you do, cause Bullet Belt will keep you warm at night.  Just tuck him under the covers with you and let his awesomeness roast you like a Thanksgiving turkey.  And you don't have to grocery shop either, cause Bullet Belt will hunt all of your food for you with his bare fists.  I hope you like the taste of wild critters.  And you get a little Mini Bullet Belt to take with you to work, so he can get you that raise you deserve and stop other people from using your "World's Best Cat Dad" coffee mug.  It wouldn't be so bad if they would just wash it afterwards, cause you don't know where there filthy lips have been.  Mini Bullet Belt isn't gonna let you take that crap anymore and will leap from your pocket to throttle the offending party.

    I know what you're thinking now: "Chris, you've convinced me to open my heart and accept Bullet Belt as my personal protector/lover, so how do I get one."  Well, I'm gonna tell you.  You gotta pay a visit to and preorder one, cause these bad boys are being painted to order.  So if you don't order one now, you'll never be able to get one later when you've finally come to your senses.  And you only have until October 31st to pull the trigger on this bad boy so get to it.

Bullet Belt is part of the Triclops B.A.S.T.A.R.D. universe, punk.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outsmart Originals at NYCC

    Did you ever notice that it's cool to put designs on shirts but not on pants?  Like, if you have pants with a design on it you are pretty much a deviant who listens to Insane Clown Posse and has a low credit score.  Think about it, when was the last time you saw anyone who didn't look like a drunken mugshot wearing pants with a design up the leg?  We have made it unacceptable in our society to express your artistic desires on your dungarees and I'm ok with that.  If Project Runway has taught me anything it's that you gotta edit.  Less is more.  Your jeans are the pallet cleanser between your t-shirt and your sneakers, a brief reprieve of visual assault from those that are checking out your hot bod.

    Outsmart Originals doesn't make artists series pants thankfully, or they would be in trouble.  They stick to tees and have a load of them coming to New York Comic Con.  MCA has collaborated with some of his artist bros to transform his Evil Ape character.  Lamour Supreme, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Oliver Hibert, and Evoker are all putting their spin on the iconic little dude.  And Outsmart will also have a shirt from Frank Kozik that features a Day of The Dead kitty!!!!!!I haven't even seen it yet but I'll probably buy it anyway, cause that's how I roll son.  

    Can't make it to New York next month?  You can preorder them all right now at