Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Iron Monster "Glow in the Dark" Version from Miscreation Toys

    One of the best things about collecting anything is figuring out how you're going to display it.  I love the look of old display cases packed to the gills with so much stuff that every time you look at them you notice something different.  The problem I have with most vinyl is that there seems to be some unwritten rule that everything will be one of two sizes and that's it.  I need giant toys to stand in the back and look menacing while not getting lost amid the cluttered masses in front of them.  Welcome to the solution of my dreams.  

    Ok, there's plenty more to love about this Iron Monster from Miscreation Toys than just his whopping 15 inch height.  For one, I love classic film monsters, and this dude is based on The Phantom Creeps from 1939.  And he reminds me a lot of the guy that comes out and stalks Rob Zombie around on stage.  He also glows in the dark and comes with an 11x17 print by Worthy Enemies, who also did the header card art.  This dude is available in limited quantities right now from  

Lil Demon Kewpie Preorder from DuBose Art

    Oh look, the true form of children has been exposed!  This perfectly captures those awkward childhood years, right before a person determines to continue on this path and become Ted Bundy, or change themselves into responsible citizens like those fellas on Shark Tank.  
    Kids are evil.  There's no other way to explain why they keep you up at night, laugh when you get hurt, and break all your stuff.  You know why they cry when you take their picture with Santa?   It's because of their flesh burning at the touch of anything good a wholesome.  Santa's lap is like holy water to those little devils.  

   Of course I'm kidding (am I?) and children are wondrous little miracles that make you smile and bring joy to your heart (except when their filthy drug habits force you onto an episode of Intervention).  DuBose Art has put these adorably horrifying Lil Demon Kewpies up for preorder on his website right now for your collecting pleasure.  Each resin figure comes in unpainted flesh (every child's meal of choice) and stands 3 and 1/2 inches tall.  Order your demon spawn at       

Monday, December 29, 2014

Civic Defense Bertie Mk2 and Mule Rev3 from 3A

    It boggles the mind why we don't have war robots for real yet.  I know that if we did we'd be sliding down that slippery slope towards total human annihilation from our soon to be sentient robot overlords, but how awesome do these guys look?  And if I learned anything from watching Smokey and the Bandit a 1,000 times, it's not what happens at the end, but how cool you look getting there.    

    3A should be commissioned to design all of the world's military weaponry.  War would be so much more stylish.  Until that day comes, you'll have to buy up everything they make and pretend in the privacy of your own home.  Right now you can preorder these Civic Defense dudes over at to add to your collection/ongoing quest for world domination in your living room.  

Friday, December 26, 2014

Okami Limited Edition Resin Figure from Fakir

    Our cats were all about Christmas yesterday.  Every year we buy them a ton of little toys, open them all at once, and watch the madness ensue as they try to play with everything.  It's quite entertaining/dangerous for my wife and I.  Whats really weird is you can buy them a ton of stuff and you will never see most of it again.  I don't know if they stow them away for when hard times hit or if they're shoving them down the vents in the floor, but it's a strange phenomena that warrants further investigation.

    Is this dude a cat?  A dog?  A really pale raccoon?  I dunno, but I know I like him.  Fakir will be releasing a limited run of ten of these resin dudes on Monday, January 5th, through  Each one comes with a signed print and a sticker.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from The Toy Viking

    I hope you all have a great Christmas, get all the presents you can handle, and eat until they have to cut a hole in your roof to airlift you out.  

Toy Art Gallery's Holiday Sale

    Today is that glorious day where I showcase my terrible present wrapping skills.  I usually do fairly well on the first one or two, but then I just start to rush through it, creating more of an over-taped wad of paper than anything resembling something Martha Stewart would make.  The bright side is that I've set the bar so low that everyone expects me to do a bad job which alleviates any pressure I may have once felt.  

   Thankfully I have at least completed all of my shopping so I don't have to fight through the madness of retail on Christmas Eve.  I can just sit at home, procrastinate on the present wrapping, and maybe or maybe not get dressed for the day.  And I can also peruse all the stuff from Toy Art Gallery that I want, which is a lot.  The good thing is from now until the new year is that it's all 20% off.  Buy yourself something nice with all of your gift cards at  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Milky Purple Slugbeard Lottery from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    My wife and I have a black cat named Icarus who has a bit of an eating disorder.  He likes to ingest anything from shoe laces and string to loosely woven fabrics.  One time he ate half of a shirt sleeve and had to go to the emergency vet to have some help in passing it.  We lock up all of our shoes and clothing and anything else we think he might decide to nibble on.  But sometimes you can't help what he decides is gonna taste good, especially if it's something you didn't bring into the house.  

   We first met Icarus when he was a kitten and he became lodged behind the engine of my car.  Four hours later and with the aid of a tow truck lifting the front of the car, we were able to liberate him from his automotive prison, and hoist him above our heads for the gathered crowd to see (picture the Lion King with more grease).  Needless to say the experience was rough on him and he wasn't too into being social, and by not too into it I mean he wouldn't let us touch him for six months.  He loved our other two cats but he was kind of leary people.  Slowly he began to socialize more and more with us; coming up to us to pet him, sitting near us on the couch, etc.  This is when we began to notice his weird eating habits, which we attributed to his traumatic experience of having been trapped for who knows how long underneath the car.  

    One night he was playing behind the couch and we started to hear this weird slurping noise.  We figured he had gotten into something we missed and was now making a meal of it.  I pulled the couch back to take it from him and witnessed, what is to this day, the weirdest thing any of my cats has ever tried to eat.  There, laying on the carpet, was a slug with the back half of its slime sucked clean off of his body.  My wife asks me what he has, and I tell he she doesn't want to know (she thinks slugs are the grosses things in the world) but she looks anyway.  I'd never seen her move so fast to get as far away from something.

    The moral of the story is my cat tried to eat a slug and my wife would probably object to me owning anything named Slugbeard.  But look how pretty Paul Kaiju's monstrous creation looks cast in a milky shade of purple.  I think she'd be able to look past the name don't you?

    Toy Art Gallery will be holding a lottery to give you the chance to buy one of these pretty behemoths.  Starting tomorrow at noon pacific time and running through December 22nd at noon pacific, you can send your pertinent details (PayPal address, shipping info) in an email to with the subject line "Slugbeard Lottery".  Then you cross all your fingers and toes and hope the toy gods smile upon you.  If you win, you have to pony up $165 (which is a steal considering how freakin huge this thing is) and then wait patiently for the mail to come.  No early or multiple entries suckas.    

Alice In Wonderland Bedtime Bunnies from Candie Bolton x Peter Kato

    Have you ever thought about just how Alice fell down a rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland?  How big was that freakin bunny that it could dig a hole wide enough to swallow up a kid?  Or was he just an overachiever who was trying to show off his advanced constructing skills? Yeah, I know it's not based on a true story and that its a pretty wacky story overall.  I just want to make sure that there isn't some species of mutant bunnies trying to get rid of mankind on the sly.  What if they're responsible for those sinkholes you always hear about that cars and houses fall into?  I think this needs more investigation.

    Don't let the new panic I've instilled in you take away from this amazing collaboration between Candie Bolton and Peter Kato.  She's given 10 of his Bedtime Bunnies the Wonderland treatment and you could be lucky enough to own one when they go on sale tonight at 6pm eastern time only at  Each one is $75 and comes packaged like a deck of cards.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Purple Butterfly Porcelain Skull from NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    Skulls.  I love em, you love em.  They protect our brains from traumatic injury (most of the time), they give your head a shape much more pleasing than just the blob of skin and muscle it would be without it, and they are the perfect decoration for your palace once you have conquered your enemies (or your front porch to scare away would be sales people).  But what if you want to have, say, a dinner party at your house and your run of the mill skull collection just doesn't fit with the elevated theme of the evening?  Your prayers have been answered, because now you can put away all of those objects the police would like to question you about and display something far more artistic.

    NooN and K. Olin Tribu have just released the latest in their line of porcelain skulls with this one featuring purple butterfly embellishments.  Limited to only 50 pieces and housed in a wooden crate,  these are available to order right now from  

Lolgolth Gnazgoroth Black and Red Preorders from Skinner x Unbox Industries

    You thought that if you hid under the warmth of your blanket it would go away.  That if you focused your mind on more pleasant things it's existence would cease.  There is no escape from the amalgamation of horror that is LOLGOTH GNAGOROTH!!!!!!

     I actually yelled that when I typed it, and now I think I've lost my voice.  Scared the crap out of the cats that were in the room too.  Now I'm gonna have to go buy them treats to apologize.  I can't help it though, sometimes I just get so intense while writing these posts that I have to vocally bring them from the digital world into the real world.  Sometimes that means I have to assure the police that no one is in fact being murdered in the house, all while not wearing pants.  Have you ever noticed the police tend not to believe you when you're not wearing pants?  Like it's part of their training or something.  

    I showed you pictures waaaaaaaaay back like a year or so ago of this crazy figure and told you about what a beast he was gonna be to produce.  Well Skinner and Unbox Industries must have found an ancient book of manufacturing spells cause the time has come for you to own one of these.  You can pick from red or black or get em both during the preorder period that runs until December 29th or until the amount of toys they've allocated for each color runs out.  They're $125 each, which is waaaaaaay less then I would have thought they would be, given the amount of detail and the amount of virgin's blood mixed into each one.  That last part is not confirmed, but let's just call it fact anyway.  Preorder yours now at 

Solar Stare Ultrus Bog from Skinner x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    We're doing some fascinating stuff in space right now.  We landed a little doohickey on a comet, we've got a Power Wheel on Mars driving around and finding ancient organic chemistry (like historical meth or something?) and the new Star Wars movie has got the whole world a buzz.  Space is the place to be and be seen.  But like your mom, space is vast and filled with unexplored areas our feeble human minds couldn't dream of.  What lurks there, waiting to enslave us?

    Could it be Ultrus Bog, that horrible beast that sprung forth from the mind of Skinner?  I dunno, I don't even know what is in my basement.  But I know that I love Ultrus Bog and you can love this new Solar Stare version from Lulubell Toy Bodega.  Time is running out though, because preorders went live for this dude yesterday, and will end in six days.  Six days!!!!!!!!!!  Cross someone off of your Christmas list that you really didn't like anyway and buy this for yourself.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Toxic Goldfish" Toxigon Lottery from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

    You know whats a weird popular thing online that I don't think anyone ever saw coming?  Zit popping videos.  And these aren't your run of the mill teenage grease pockets either.  I'm talking about giant-sized, cottage cheese gushing skin maladies that would challenge even the strongest stomach to get through.  Some of these videos have views well into the millions, making them on par with a new Taylor Swift video, and just about as watchable.  

   Just once I'd like for them to open up some giant growth on a dude's neck and have Toxigon pop out.  He looks like he'd be quite comfortable marinating under your skin until he was ready to wreak his own special brand of havoc on the world.  This "Toxic Goldfish" paint scheme really makes him look like some crazy biological anomaly that will one day have it's own daytime television commercial asking anyone who has experienced giving birth to a Toxigon to call some phone number and join a class action lawsuit against the makers of some new drug after it is determined that this crazy demon dude is the side effect of those pills you take just to be able to leave the house everyday and not freak out on people.  

    "Have you or someone you know taken the drug Prozac and as a result had a terrible hell spawn climb out of a skin blemish causing you extensive personal damage as you try to be the best parent anyone has ever been to such a hell-spawn even though his taste for flesh and vengeance on an unsuspecting world was greater than your capacity to love?  If you answered yes, you may be entitled to compensation.  We have lawyers who are also demonologists ready to take your case."

    Getting one of these beasts is actually a lot less painful than having one grow on the side of your neck.  You just have to enter a lottery and cross your fingers that you get picked.  Starting today (Friday, December 12)  at noon eastern time and lasting until tonight at 11:59pm eastern time, you can enter your pertinent details at  There are only 25 of these dudes to go around, so the winners will be announced on Saturday and invoiced for the price of the figure, which is $200 plus shipping.   


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Toy Art Gallery Presents: Christmas Kaiju

   I'm a man with a lot of beliefs.  I believe we shouldn't have to pay for health care.  I believe the Flyers will win the Stanley Cup before I die.  I also believe that your holiday decorations should be so awesome that you just leave them out year round.  I'm not talking about your Santa Claus lawn inflatable or your snowmen bath towels, I'm talking about decorating with your collection.  Let Toy Art Gallery help introduce you to the world of permanent decorations during their Christmas Kaiju show this Friday.  All of your favorite artists have created stuff so amazing you won't have the heart to pack it up and forget about it 11 months out of the year.  Plus, it will save you time because you are always prepared for any festivities that may happen at your house.  Do you see what I do for you?  I'm better than Dr. Phil at improving lives.  Check out the list of artists below.

Resin Ornament Sets Featuring Argonaut Resins, The Jelly Empire, and Laura Alvarez

    I guess you could be lame and buy some Honey Boo Boo or Duck Dynasty Christmas ornaments from Wal Mart to fill your tree this year, or you could buy something much cooler and that won't make your family question your ability to feed yourself.  

     Argonaut Resins has created these holiday ornament sets in collaboration with The Jelly Empire and Laura Alvarez just in the nick of time to save your Christmas decorating blunders.  Each set comes with three sparkly handcrafted ornaments and will be available for sale starting tomorrow, December 12th, at noon eastern time.  Pick up a set or two at


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Whiskers of the Undead from Aesop Rock x Kidrobot

    I'll be the first to admit, I had never heard the music of Aesop Rock before.  Truthfully, I haven't really paid much attention to any rap after Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog in the early 90's.  That was back when rap would teach you about the crazy things that were going on beyond the perfectly manicured lawns and lemonade stands of suburbia.  It was an entire side of life I didn't know about and I found it fascinating.  My most influential musical times happened during the height of metal bands like Metallica and Slayer and then the whole grunge thing came along and I was really into that because it echoed my feelings as a teenager.  Rap music at the time was really similar when you think about it, it was just from a different cultural point of view.  The angst and alienation was all there, only it's manner of expression was different.  Now it seems like most of what passes as "popular" hip hop is only focused on how much material wealth the singer has or about how they're the best at what they do.   This self-aggrandizing is perfect for the generation that grew up with selfies and statues updates about what they're eating for lunch, but it is lost on me.

   I decided if I was gonna post about this toy I should know a little about the guy behind it, so I did a tad bit of internet research.  I listened to a few songs on iTunes, read a little bit about him on Wikipedia, and I was pretty impressed.  He seems like a thoughtful artist, someone who is not only a clever wordsmith but has the ideals behind those words to make his work compelling.  And he apparently likes cats, which is a big plus in my book.  So now let's bring it back around and talk about the feline specimen you see above.  

    Aesop Rock and Kidrobot are set to release this "Whiskers of the Undead" figure tomorrow and to say it is a striking piece would be to sell it far too short.  Artist Galen McKamy's hard work really shows and is beyond what you'd expect outside of their Black series of toys.  

   Now, something this intense doesn't come cheap, and at $250 it may grind your Christmas shopping to a halt, but that's why credit cards were invented.  Undead kitties need love too, ya know.   

Peter Kato is Gonna Make Christmas Even Cuter With His Latest Releases

    I don't know how people manage to live in those parts of the world that stay dark for months at a time, because the weather here has been depressing.  Though it's far from being as black as midnight out, everything is just covered in a shade of grey that makes you want to stay in bed till well after lunch time.  We desperately need something to brighten up our lives when the outside world refuses to, and that's where Peter Kato comes in with his festive resin creations.  

    There's bunnies everywhere!!!!!  There's sleeping bunnies, and polka dot bunnies, and even bunnies for your Christmas tree.  

    Ok, I know you just squealed with excitement, so let me give you all the pertinent details.  Everything you see above goes on sale tomorrow, December 11th, at 8pm eastern time only from  These always sell out fast, so be ready to get down to business if you want one.  

     Now if you are of keen eye you might have noticed something that looks completely different/no rabbit like.  That is the work of Kevin Nam, who approached Peter about doing an internship with him.  Having no prior experience, Peter taught him as much as he could then challenged him to make his own toy.  The result is Big Top, which actually spins and has three separate hands that each represent either rock paper or scissors, so you can play against a friend or your most competitive cat.  They come in a few different colors and will be $30 each.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Badleg Krampus from Goodleg Toys

    You know what my favorite reality show is on tv?  If you guessed on of those "Real Housewives" shows you can punch yourself in the eye for me.  The correct answer is "Beyond Scared Straight" where they send seemingly tough little brats to a real prison and make them cry.  The best is when they kids don't even need a convicted murderer yelling in their faces about how much fun cuddle time is, but when they start hysterically sobbing just by putting on the jumpsuit.  And they're always the kids that are like "I'm in a gang yo, I'll kill anyone if they don't know how bad I am" and they stand all of five feet tall and maybe weigh 80 pounds.  It is hilarious when they go from "I'm the baddest mofo you've ever seen, I'm gonna run this prison" to "where's my momma, I need my momma."  It's way funnier than Two and a Half Men ever was.  

   Watching little thugs have an emotional breakdown is one of my favorite past times, but don't you wish we would adopt some preemptive measures in the United States to maybe curb their behavior before having to send them off to a day of jail food and orange jumpsuits?  Enter Krampus.  It's high time we adopted this Christmas devil as part of our own holiday celebrations.  A rumored decedent of Loki, ol Krampus isn't into trickery as much as he is into stuffing bad kids into a bag and wailing on them with a stick.  And we could make a reality show about it and laugh as they scream and cry when the goat man shows up at their house.  That's must see tv.

    Goodleg Toys are offering up a preorder right now of their version of St. Nicholas's more fun counterpart.  Go right now to and ensure you have a secret weapon to make your little ones eat their vegetables and clean their room without complaint.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Help Make Stegoforest Rider and Mossy Kappa Real Toys!!!

     I'm totally detecting a theme today.  If you guess what it is I won't smack you across the lips. You may or may not know Jesse Narens from his previous toy, the pictured Stegoforest, which in my opinion is pretty dang brilliant.  Well, some time has passed since that release and now it's time to make some more friggin toys, and stuff.  Help Jesse raise the funds he needs to make his newest creations a reality by supporting his Indie Go Go campaign.  Doesn't Indie Go Go sound like a hipster strip club?  Anyway, he's launched a campaign to get his new Mossy Kappa and Stegoforest Rider figures made in uber amazing Japanese vinyl, which if you didn't know, is like the platinum of plastics.  Follow this link, buy some col stuff, and help bring these to life.  Oh, and even if he doesn't get the entire amount funded, he's gonna cover the rest of the cash and everyone is still gonna get their toys.  

Rancid Raptor Blind Bags from James Groman x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    Did you see the trailer for the new Jurassic Park movie?  No, me neither, because a trailer for some indie space film called Star Wars came out and made me forget that other movies exist.  To say I'm excited for another Star Wars film is like saying Stephen Hawking is ok at math.  I'm so excited that I think I ruptured something, metaphorically of course.  I metaphorically ruptured all of my major organs with the excitement I could not contain.  Sadly, my health insurance doesn't cover things that can't be viewed on a CT Scan, so I might metaphorically die.  Metaphorically.

    But dinosaurs are still cool in my book, especially these little dudes from James Groman.  They're called Rancid Raptors, which makes them sound like bad mamma jammas, and they're available right this second from Lulubell Toy Bodega.  They're sold blind bagged, so you may get the standard army green version, or one of the random mixed in colors you see above those.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Huffington Post asks "Are Art Toys Over?"

    Read The Huffington Post's original article here, and then proceed to my rant below.  

    Ok, now first I must apologize for wasting those few minutes of your life to read that.  Apparently a major journalistic site finds it completely acceptable to determine whether something that many people love is dead or not in such a boring little blip of an article.  The writer just decided to herself "hey, I wonder if like, Kidrobot and art toys are a thing anymore" asked two people what they thought, and concluded "oh, I guess so, kinda."  How do you start with a headline that obviously deserves a great deal of attention/research/forethought, and create something that could be rivaled by most 15 year old's Facebook posts about how their parents suck for not letting them go to the Lady Gaga concert?  

   Am I just a tad biased because I happen to be a collector?  Of course, let's not kid ourselves here.  But I'm also angry because someone actually got paid to write that article.  I toil away on this wee little website day after day just for the satisfaction of knowing people are reading this and hopefully enjoying it.  I've never made a dime doing it and I resent that someone could write something so boring and cash a check for it.  And she called us all hipsters, which is further proof that the writer really has no idea what she's talking about, and should probably stick to writing such compelling articles as "The Easiest, Most DIY Bacon" or "Packing for Baby's First Roadtrip."  Isn't that who you want to determine whether your favorite hobby is destined for the same fate as Beanie Babies?  

    She asked people's opinions about what she had to say, so why not bombard her with how you feel at this link.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Worry Beans from Taylored Curiosities

    With 23 days left until Christmas I'm sure many of you are stressed beyond belief.  You're prematurely turning your hair gray, if you haven't pulled it all out by now, and your stomach seems unable to digest anything that you put in it.  Getting those perfect gifts for the ones you love can turn us all into nervous wrecks, so you need a little something to take the edge off.  No, I'm not talking about pills or anything else that shady dude down the street is always trying to sell you (start taking credit cards bro, no one carries cash anymore).  Transfer your troubles to these Worry Beans from Taylored Curiosities.  These little resin dudes will take the edge off without you having to needlessly wake up in a ditch in someone else's clothes with the riff from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida playing in an endless loop in your mind.  

     Plus, look how festive they are, all dressed up for Christmas and whatnot.  Get your set now at

Monday, December 1, 2014

Purchase A Raffle Ticket Now To Help Nerviswr3k

     It's easy to get cynical this time of year.  You're stressed out because you have a ton of shopping to do and no time to do it and when you go shopping the experience can be anything but festive.  You've got traveling to plan, long lines at the post office, and your credit card companies are close to hiring Boba Fett to help them get paid.  Many of us find ourselves caught up in these things instead of what this time of year is really all about, and that's celebrating your friends and family and putting the needs of other people first.

    Recently, a member of Nerviswr3k's family passed away, leaving behind a young girl to take care of.  Of course this is going to be a rough time for everyone involved, but with our help we can ease their burdens just a little and help make the Christmas season a bit brighter.  Tenacious Toys is holding a raffle from now until December 10th, in which for $10 you will get a sticker pack with donations from Renone, Abe Lincoln Jr., and Sticker Robot.  Every penny of that money is going directly to Nerviswr3k's family.  Didn't I say something about a raffle?  Each sticker pack you buy is one entry into a raffle for some killer prizes, including rare toys and custom figures.  To get a sticker pack see all the prizes that are available, visit this link.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Sales Part 2!!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE Icon Statue from McFarlane Toys

    Sharon and I just watched the Monday Night Wars episode about Stone Cold and there is no doubt in my mind, he was the greatest superstar in WWE history.  He was the epitome of the anti-hero, someone you could look up to when you hated your job, hated your car, hated whatever else it was you hated.  And you wish you could have reacted the way he did, just flipping your troubles the bird before solving them all with violence.  It's the stuff you dream about doing.  Real life is of course not like wrestling, because of laws and police and life imprisonment and blah, blah, blah.  But you gotta pay tribute to the guy who every Monday Night, made you think that you could just as badass as he was.  

    McFarlane Toys has released this as the latest in their line of WWE Icon Statues.  I don't know if it smells like cheap beer or not, but I know it's limited to only 500 pieces and each one comes with a piece of the ring skirt from Wrestlemania 17 when he fought The Rock.  Not only would this look great under your Christmas tree, but it would also be a good replacement as the focal point of your living room when your tree starts to turn brown. Surrounding it with lit candles and offerings of beef jerky seems appropriate.  Step up your decorating game at