Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Stuff from Argonaut Resins Available Now

    Argonaut Resins loaded up their online store yesterday and there's still some pretty cool stuff left for you to snag right now!  Like these blind boxed Machine Tuttz.  For $65 you can get one of these industrial lookin pussy gatos for your collection.  

     Or you could pick up this crazy custom from Small Angry Monster.  This kitty went out and found himself a job as a witch doctor.  You gotta be creative in this economy my friends.  

    Check out for these and many more resin creations.

More Labor Day Weekend Sales

Friday, August 30, 2013

Outsmart Originals Labor Day Sale

    I don't wear shirts when I write because I will not have my creativity restrained by the garments of man.  That, and my cat Wednesday is always sleeping in front of the closet and I feel bad when I wake her up.  Just look at this face:

    Precious right?  Ok, back to business.  Outsmart Originals makes cool shirts designed by toy dudes.  And right now they are running a Labor Day sale for 50% off everything.  That's a sale that could even get me to wear clothes!!!!!!

B.A.S.T.A.R.D. 3 Packs from Triclops x Unbox Industries

    Are you ready for uber sick wrasslin action?  If you had to think about it then you're not ready and should probably go and reevaluate your life, because it's about to get crazy in here.  

    Triclops and Unbox Industries are proud to present these 3 packs of their super sick B.A.S.T.A.R.D. keshi inspired figures.  I'm so pumped up about this, I'm gonna walk to my neighbor's house and punch him in the face.  Don't worry, he had it coming for those weird barnyard noises he and his mutant girlfriend were making at one in the morning.  Seriously, it sounded like two injured donkeys on a trampoline.  He's about to feel the fury of my knuckles as they reorganize the bone structure of his pudding face.  

    Ok, so these are three packs which mean you get three figures.  The math is sound there my friends.  You can choose between either yellow or pink and the third figure will be an orange Bullet Belt figure from Skinner!!!!!  I have one of these and it is sick, easily the best little guy I have in my collection.  each pack is only $12.50, which is a great deal.  After I beat my neighbor up I may steal his wallet and buy a few to help ease the pain and suffering I've been through as a result of his improprieties.  Get em now from

Red Panda Edition of BearAll from RhymeSquare

    Oh snap son, I can see your kibbles and bits!  Good thing this isn't a family website, or I may get letters from upset parents.  But since this website is viewed mostly in prison libraries, I think I'll be ok.  Plus, I'm not big on apologies anyway.  I hate it when celebrities act badly and then they go on tv and whine about how sorry they are.  What they should do is start to apologize, then say something offensive and kick over the camera.  If I were ever famous that's what I'd do.  Or just read a Wikipedia article about ferret breeding as my "prepared statement." 

    This is BearAll, the company mascot of RhymeSquare.  For those of you without your ears to the street, RhymeSquare is a clothing company started by toy artist extraordinaire Jon-Paul Kaiser and Chris from Great Scott.  This resin Red Panda edition will go on sale tonight at midnight GMT and will be on sale through Saturday at midnight or until they sell out.  And they always sell every one, so be quick or be left without a naked bear.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Translucent Creature from the Black Lagoon by Mezco for NYCC

    I've been wondering when we would start to see the exclusives for New York Comic Con and this is the first one I've been able to find.  And what's great about it is that you can preorder one right now and have it shipped to you if you aren't able to attend.  Mezco has made 100 of these 9 inch Creature from the Black Lagoon figures in translucent green.  This sucker has 11 points of articulation, so displaying him could be kinda fun.  He could terrorize your other toys, or make out with them, or whatever you want to do.  Order him right now by going to

Red Pollen Kaiser from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

     This is one of those toys that I haven't been able to buy yet but I really want.  He looks like he would oversee slaves working in a salt mine, which is my preferred aesthetic for toys.  This is of course the mighty Pollen Kaiser from Paul Kaiju and he will be available in this fancy new red paint job tomorrow, August 30th, beginning at noon Pacific time from Toy Art Gallery.  

New Minions from Skinner x Paul Kaiju x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    When I am sleeping and my cat Icarus decides he wants attention, he will sit on my nightstand and poke me in the arm.  Evidently this was not effective the other night, because I woke up in a panic after he put his entire paw in my mouth.  He was seriously elbow deep and it startled the crap out of me.  It was four in the morning and since I wasn't going to be sleeping again any time soon I got up to use the bathroom.  Everything in that department is going fine, that is until I look in the bathtub.  For those of you that don't know, Icarus has a habit of eating just about anything, especially if it's gross.  There, in the bathtub, was clear evidence that he had been fishing in the drain.

 With his paws.

That were just in my mouth.

     I've only had my mouth washed out with soap once, and that was after I cursed at my mom when I was five.  And she had the decency to not use liquid soap.  But it's what I had, so I made do.  I leaned my head back and pumped it straight in like I was a college kid downing a can of spray cheese.  It took some time to wash it all back out, but I felt it was worth it to prevent my death from whatever evil had been brewing in that tub drain.

    I'm sure I missed a few germs, and I picture them to look kinda like these guys, throwing a rager in my belly that would make Andrew WK blush.  These guys were made by Skinner and Paul Kaiju and are available exclusively from Lulubell Toy Bodega.  For $55 you get em both, which is a deal because I have to buy more soap.  Pick em up tomorrow, August 30th at 11am Pacific time from

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drab Future from Brad Isdrab Releases Friday

    I've said it many times before, but I love the fact that people are making their own toys.  That way they're not limited by what a company is willing to produce or what some marketing dude thinks will sell well.  They take their own ideas and bring them to life just for the sake of doing something cool.  

    This is the world of Drab Future created by Brad Isdrab.  The title pretty much sums up the feel of these figures, as they have a very post-apocalyptic look to them.  The thing that stands out about them is how the characters themselves have a weathered and decayed look.  It takes them from being figures in a world that is dying around them into being artistic representations of their state of affairs.  I especially like the brown, almost rusted look of the girl pictured above, as she reminds me of the bodies that were found in Pompeii perfectly captured in ash.  She looks as if the apocalypse has come and gone and that her form will remain as a visual testament to it.  

    These will also come in full painted versions and raw castings that will allow you to paint them however you wish.  Get them this Friday, August 30, through the Zerofriends store at

Two New Mummy Boys and More from Super7 Tomorrow

    Sometime back Super7 had a Mummy Boy contest where people were invited to paint them up and the favorites would be made into actual production toys.  Well, here are the results.  The big one was conceived by Gian Marayag and is a nice subtle design that you can own for $50.  The little one was designed by Eckotyper and is pretty fancy because he has clear areas that reveal a resin skeleton inside. All along I thought they were just filled with the gasses expelled by bacteria as it breaks down the human body.  Or butterfly kisses.  This little guy will cost $35 and both go on sale tomorrow, August 29th, at noon Pacific.

    They're also opening up their toy cult for new members.  See, being in a cult you're gonna have a lot of turnover, what with the whole dying so the aliens will take you to live on Nebulon 5 thing.  Starting tomorrow you have a week to sign up, and you get some cool exclusive stuff that you see listed above. Finally, you can do something to show your parents you have some initiative in life by joining a club and making some nice friends.   Just steer clear of the Kool-Aid.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Light Blue Lucky Figure from Mike Egan

    I'd like to think that all of the crazy artifacts we've found in Egypt were just their versions of collectibles.  All of their gods were just characters in an ongoing narrative, like Batman or something, and the statues and trinkets were just their way of merchandising.  I picture kids lined up to snag the new exclusive Anubis stone figure at the Nile Comic Convention.  Then we come along much later and get it all wrong, thinking they actually worshipped these characters as deities.  Maybe one day someone will dig through our rubble and determine that we worshipped Hello Kitty based on all of the products that will no doubt survive any natural or man made disaster.  

    This Lucky figure from Mike Egan kind of has a folk art/artifact look to it.  Like it was found in a swamp in Louisiana and whoever posses it will be tormented by ancient souls.  This version was cast in a light blue plastic and painted black giving it that aforementioned spooky look.  Yes, it may contain the spirit of a long dead shaman, but it will still look really cool on your shelf.  Only 25 were made and they are on sale right now at

Sandstorm Strife and Sire from Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro for STGCC

    I recently started watching Breaking Bad and have made it now to season three.  I love the show and have actually learned a lot from it: 

1.)  Making meth = making a lot of money but people that are on meth are crazy which = scary situations.

2.) They love eating breakfast in New Mexico.  Seriously, name an episode in which they don't eat breakfast.  

3.) The desert is trying to kill you at all times.  That's what it does for fun.

    So this edition of Strife and Sire from Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro makes me a little nervous.  The bat guy on the top makes me think of the beautiful scenery of the desert, the unique wildlife, the peacefulness.  But that skull he's standing on makes me think of my Winnebago/mobile drug lab breaking down in the middle of nowhere and me being reduced to food for carrion birds.  Some people would say that I'm way over thinking this whole thing.  Those people would be called my therapist.  

   This guy is an exclusive for the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention this weekend and Nathan will actually be there to sign these and whatever else you happen to have.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Custom Run of Semi-Korosiya Figures from Skinner x Cop A Squat Toys

    Cop A Squat Toys has the best company name in the history of business.  Skinner is the best figure painter in the history of art toy thingys.  When you combine their magical powers the result is so hot it may burn a hole in your toy shelf, so you should probably buy one of those fire retardant blankets to put underneath him just to be safe.  

    He painted up 10 of these Semi-Korosiya figures using that special V-Color paint that all those mystical toy makers in Asia use.  But not only do you get the toy, that would be too simple.  You also get an amazing print to go with it:

       Look at this!!!! This guy has all kinds of craziness going on inside of him.  This is exactly what happens to my innards if I accidently eat cheese.  Especially the part with the sword and the lightning.

    And the header card on this thing is pretty sick to.  Most of the time people just staple old Chinese food menus or whatever else they have laying around the house to make a header card.  Not this time.  More work went into this header card than a Miley Cyrus twerking video.  You may even want to frame it too and create an entire shrine in your house for this toy.  No one would blame you.

    Now you're probably asking yourself "How much will all of this cost me?"  Well you may expect to pay thousands for a package this chock full of goodness.  But Skinner is a man that understands the economy and the fact that if you can't pay your electric bill then that's a huge chunk of the day you can't gaze into the all seeing eye of this toy.  So you get the toy, the print, the killer header card (trust me its cool), and the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card (not really) for...$225!!!!!!!!

    Now you're probably asking yourself "But how do I get in on this sweet deal?"  Well I'm gonna tell you Uncle Slappy.  You gotta be at your computer and ready to make the magic happen this Thursday, August 29th, at noon Pacific.  Set your coordinates for and pray that lady luck is on your side.

    For those of you that didn't get the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card joke I present to you Mr. Don West, the king of late night baseball card deals. This man is a source of endless entertainment and has probably had a dozen strokes from yelling like a mad man.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Spend Your Day at Toy Art Gallery Tomorrow

    Toy Art Gallery and I have something in common:  we're both gonna be busy tomorrow.  They will most likely be having a much better time than I will as they are holding two events while I will be working for the man all day.  One day I will break these chains that oppress me!!!

    From 1pm-3pm they will be holding a release and signing for this giant Jaguar Knight toy from Jesse Hernandez x Pobber Toys.  This is an exclusive red glow-in-the-dark version limited to 100 pieces.  And Facebook told me that it's also Jesse's birthday, so you should bring him snack cakes or envelopes of cash or something.

    Then from 7pm-10pm they will have the opening for Super Cooper's Music To My Ears art show.  Super Cooper is like the Doogie Houser of the toy world, curating shows and amassing a collection that makes me jealous.  And the show will be benefitting a couple of charities, which is pretty awesome, so you can feel good about spending a little bit more to get some art that you'll love forever.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Kaiju Negora Preorder from Max Toy Co.

    OH MY GAWD I WANT THIS KITTY!!!!  Just look at him, with his little tiger stripes and his little fishy fish.  Max Toy Co. are again offering up a Kaiju Negora for preorder for all of us that miss out on the regular releases.  A mere $45 will get you one of these and since they are made to order you can expect it to arrive at your house in October.  Preorders are open now at and will last for about a week, so get on it sucka.

Lady Mantis from DuBose Art

    We all know that dating a female praying mantis is a lot like dating a girl from New Jersey.  First they seduce you, then they cannibalize you.  It's a disturbing fact of life.  Nothing has captured this cruelty of nature quite so well as these Lady Mantis resin figures from DuBose Art.  They look all sweet and innocent, but behind that dress is a digestive system hungry for your flesh.  You can preorder the painted version right now for $35, or get one of these sparkly ones for $40.  The good thing about the whole "devouring your mate after sweet lovin" thing is that the female praying mantis will never have to get Maury to help her find her baby daddy.  

Steelbeets Customs Mini Deadbeets from Soko Cat

    I think it's safe to say that these little plastic beet toys are much more popular than the actual food they're based on.  If only they could find a way to coat them in all the essential vitamins you would get from actually eating one so that you could absorb all the goodness without the terrible taste.  Or if they could just figure out how to make all vegetables out of meat that would work too.  They're already growing hamburgers in petri dishes, so this shouldn't be far behind.  

    Soko Cat has painted up 5 of these dudes to look like they are made of steel and you can own one right now for only $25.  Pick one up now at

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Help Bring The Grim Creeper from Tim Stephson to Life!

    We've seen The Grim Creeper before but never in such glorious detail.  Tim Stephson had been making these dudes in resin but decided that he wanted an even crazier looking figure.  So he enlisted the help of Shinbone Creative and this is the result.  Pretty mean looking dude.  Now he needs your help to turn this 3D sculpt into an actual vinyl toy.  All you have to do is preorder one for $75.  That's it.  The catch is, they have to hit a certain number of preorders before this sucker can actually go into production.  Head on over to and help him birth this monstrosity into the world.**  

**Note:  It won't be like an ACTUAL birth, thank God.  That thing would tear you up worse than eating at Old Country Buffet.

Warui Neko from Kaiju Coup x Medicom Toys

    I'm not always the best at judging whether or not I should pet an animal.  Take for example this picture:

    This is a resident of our local animal shelter.  Cute little bugger yeah?  For some reason I thought I would ignore the very clear warning and give this guy a little snuggle anyway.  "All kitties need love" I thought, as I reached in to let him sniff me.  The sign, as it turns out, was not put there to be funny.  He proceeded to claw the crap out of my hand with a quickness that would make a ninja's head spin.   But there's something about this Warui Neko from Kaiju Coup x Medicom that would make me even think twice about scratching behind his ear.

     Maybe its the blood trickling down from his mouth.  Maybe its those dead, yellow eyes.  Luckily, he's just a toy and there's only 9 of him to your life.  To get one you have to enter a lottery by sending your name, email address, and physical address to by Thursday, August 22nd.  If you're lucky, you will then pay $180 to have this hand painted evil critter sent to your door.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Epic Review Time: Bullet Belt from Skinner x Unbox Industries

    It's Monday.  About 11am in the morning.  The doorbell rings, followed immediately by a forceful knock.  I am watching tv in my underwear.  Then the debate in my head starts.  Do I answer the door and act like everything is totally cool, or do I say "hang on a second", run upstairs, and put on whatever clothes I can find?  I option for the latter, just in case it's kids raising money for school or something.  That's the last thing I need to start off my week.  I get my pants on and I open the door to find the crankiest mail man I have ever met.  He was walking off, mumbling to himself about how he "doesn't know where the hell everyone is today to sign for these damn boxes".  I thought to myself how grateful he should be that I didn't answer the door with my bingo hanging out.

    Fast forward a bit and I'm tearing this sucker open.  The return address was in Hong Kong and the customs papers said their were toys inside and being that I haven't ordered anything in awhile I was most curious.  Behold, even though some of ye be unworthy, the mighty treasure that the gods bestowed upon me:

    It's Bullet Belt from Skinner x Unbox Industries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, every one of those exclamation points was grammatically correct).  This is an unpainted flesh version that is reminiscent of the classic M.U.S.C.L.E figures and this sucker is huuuuuuuuge (again, grammatically correct, look it up).  They say he's 10 inches tall, and I don't have a ruler to use in dispute of that, but I wish I did cause I think he's bigger.  You wanna know how big?  This is him standing next to a full grown tiger:

    Pretty massive right?  But on a serious note, this guy is 100% amazing.  I've wanted one since the first images of him popped up online, but no mere picture can do it justice.  The sculpt is insanely detailed and the figure is made so well I couldn't even find mold lines.  Not only that but since it's not painted you can't hide any flaws, which doesn't matter cause they're aren't any.  He's also articulated at the shoulders, wrists, and neck, so you can pose him however you want to make him look even more menacing (if that's possible).  But you gotta watch him, cause he's as smooth as he is tough, so much so that I think he stole my wife:

    What a slick willy!!!  I can't even be mad at him though.  Mostly because he scares me.  He even came with a mini version of himself for back up:

    How do they make a small one that looks exactly like the big one?  Lasers and computers?  I have a computer and the best thing I've ever been able to do is read TMZ.  I've certainly never shrunk anything.  I think that dude at Best Buy ripped me off.  This little guy is the perfect size to fit into the rest of the Triclops B.A.S.T.A.R.D. universe for real wrasslin action!

    The preorders for the first painted version of this behemoth have come and gone, but don't think that will be your only chance to get one.  This sucker is too awesome to be released once and never heard from again.  There will be more and I will tell you all about them as soon as I know.  But in the mean time you need to do a few things to prepare yourself to welcome a toy this brutal into your life, so  I prepared a handy list to help you survive the moment you open the box:

1.)  Eat lots of red meat.  You're gonna need to build up your iron.  

2.)  Only listen to the blackest metal you can find.  Your mind needs to be shaped by tales of dark magic and evil spirits so you can withstand his penetrating gaze.

3.)  Get a prison tattoo.  You don't actually have to go to prison for it, but bonus points if you do.

4.)  Stop shaving your beards.  Ladies, you can ignore this one.

    These are mere suggestions mind you and not a complete list, as Bullet Belt is the baddest toy I've ever encountered and will be sure to change up his menacing ways to more effectively bring fear into your heart.  But you should buy one anyway and make the rest of your toys look like sissies.

    This has been verified by The Library of Congress as the best toy review you have ever read.  

Monday, August 19, 2013

Marvel Mini Labbits from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    Kidrobot's got a butt ton of product coming out but nothing makes me tingly the way these Marvel Labbits do.  Just look at em, dressed up like their favorite heroes and villains and ready to take on comic con.  They come out September 12th for $9.99 each blind box.  I'm gonna go ahead and buy another display case for my wall in anticipation.  

Matt A* x Suburban Vinyl Exclusive JA_M13 Figures

    I'm a very happily married man, but that doesn't mean that my ability to appreciate the female form was suddenly switched off the moment that ring was slipped on my finger.  You just have to do your appreciating from afar and with a bit more finesse.  Art for instance is the perfect way to satisfy a man's primal urge to stare at naked women without the shame of our car being parked in front of a strip club.  Not that I would ever be caught dead in such a place like that, because I have a germ problem and my OCD would dictate that my clothes were immediately burned.

    So I present to you the perfect opportunity to appreciate the female form while not being forced to sleep on the couch.  Matt Anderson created this JA_M13 sculpture as part of his solo show at Suburban Vinyl and they still have a few of them left for purchase.  Now let me tell you, after you buy it you better come up with some fancy way of explaining why you like it so much cause I will not be responsible for any missing teeth you may incur.  Fancy up you toy collection with some art son!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Game of Thrones Figures from Dark Horse

    In a perfect world, new episodes of Game of Thrones would air every night for the rest of my life.  We could cancel all of those fake "reality" shows and pool the resources to ensure that this show continues forever and at the aforementioned frequency.  I seriously am that into it that I can't imagine ever not wanting to watch it.  Ok, so it doesn't have to air every night, because I still need to watch Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy, but almost every night would work for me.  

    Dark Horse is going to start producing figures based on the show.   They're starting the collection out with Daenerys "I'm Usually Not Wearing This Many Clothes" Targaryen and Jon "I Know Nothing" Snow.  They don't come out until January, but you can click on the link to the right and preorder them now from Entertainment Earth to ensure you get them.  

Evil Within Reticulated Box by Carson Catlin x DeKorner

    This thing is pretty crazy.  What you're looking at is a laser cut acrylic box within a second laser cut acrylic box.  It's exactly like that picture I saw on the news the other day of these dudes fishing that caught a shark that was in the process of being eaten by another shark.  Check it out:

    Pretty nuts right?  Carson Catlin designed this box and made only 10 of them in this yellow colorway exclusively for DeKorner.  They go on sale today at 10am Pacific time at

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Marvelous Death from Kris Dulfer

    Of course Death is a woman.  Do you know how many women have tried to kill me in my lifetime?  A lot.  The numbers would astound you.  And it's not as simple as using a gun or a knife nooooooooooooooooooooooo, they want to make my brain turn into a pile of mush and leak out of my ears.  That's why I don't sleep well.  My wife won't tell me why she's mad until at least two weeks after the offending act, so I live in a constant state of panic.  She could be plotting right now and I wouldn't know it.  

    Kris Dulfer has created 20 of these hand made resin figures and you can bring one home tomorrow for $65.  One lucky person will get a special one that is hand painted by Soko Cat.  Each one will also come with a 5 x 7 print featuring artwork from Brandon Vance.  All the other info you need is in the picture up there.