Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Help Bring The Grim Creeper from Tim Stephson to Life!

    We've seen The Grim Creeper before but never in such glorious detail.  Tim Stephson had been making these dudes in resin but decided that he wanted an even crazier looking figure.  So he enlisted the help of Shinbone Creative and this is the result.  Pretty mean looking dude.  Now he needs your help to turn this 3D sculpt into an actual vinyl toy.  All you have to do is preorder one for $75.  That's it.  The catch is, they have to hit a certain number of preorders before this sucker can actually go into production.  Head on over to and help him birth this monstrosity into the world.**  

**Note:  It won't be like an ACTUAL birth, thank God.  That thing would tear you up worse than eating at Old Country Buffet.

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