Friday, August 31, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Matt Anderson

When I was a wee little lad we had a neighbor who had every possible GI Joe playlet that was every made. They were moving to Texas, and I came home one day to find his entire collection sitting in my kitchen. Evidently they were unable to take it with them and since he was older and really didn't play with it anymore he wanted me to have it all. Needless to say, I was floored. I was even more shocked when I realized the giant aircraft carrier was set up in the dining room. That thing was so massive that I could lay down on it and still have room to move. What does this have to do with the owl you see pictured? That owl my friends, will be the GI Joe aircraft carrier of your collection.
This is the Night Terror and is the creation of Matt Anderson. This defies the boundaries of merely being a toy and is truly a work of art. And it's massive. It stands 16 inches tall and has a wing span of 2 feet!! 10 lucky people will be able to preorder these right now for only $200 plus shipping ( the regular price will be $300 after this deal,which is still a bargain). These are all hand made and stunning. This is something you will regret not buying if you pass it up, so don't miss out. If you're going to New York Comic Con you'll be able to see this piece in person. Just try not to drool too much on it.


The Qee Zilla Kid from MCA x Toy2r

    I really like the direction MCA and Toy2r took with this Mini Qee. It is faithfully adapted from the drawings into 3D form and that gives it a ton of character. Even the advertising shot that is posted above is great and brings to mind a time when life was a lot easier and dictated more by imagination than responsibility. It's always nice when a toy can make you smile.

    I'm not sure when this is coming out, but it should be soon now that we've seen the final product.

Maqet x Emily the Strange Coming Soon?

    Maqet has posted up more teaser images of their forthcoming collaboration featuring Emily the Strange. Based on the above photo, you will be able to customize everyone's favorite misanthrope any way you like. I think it would be hilarious to dress her up in bright pinks and yellows and really give her something to frown about. Our you could dress her up like that girl from the Olympics, McKayla Maroney, since she is already striking that "unimpressed" pose.

    When will these be available? Who knows, nobody tells me anything, but when I find out I'll let you know.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Play Imaginative at STGCC

    Our friends at Play Imaginative will be pre releasing a ton of stuff at the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention this weekend, so if you're going you'll be able to get it all first and make everyone else in the world jealous. If you're a Spongebob fan you'll make out like gangbusters as they not only will be selling toys, but also clothing as well.

    I like the DC Comics Trexis that are just clear plastic and adorned with the iconic logos of various super heroes. It's as simple as design can get, but when you're working with something like the Justice League, how much more do you really need? The Evirob figures by Devilrobots have always been a personal favorite, so it's nice to know I'll be able to get these after the convention. If you're going, stop by, say hi, and get a ton of new toys.

Creo Design Chebaka Preorders Now Available

    When I think of Russia l lots of things come to mind. The KGB, that guy from Rocky, excellence in women's gymnastics (stop judging me). But this is the first time Russia will have ever been known for designer toys. Cause it's the first one, duh.

    Creo Design has teamed up IToyz to bring you Chebaka. This guy stands 4 inches tall and comes in five different colors,with only 100 pieces per color available. My wife and I have pretty much decorated our entire house with toys, but of you're not into that sort of commitment, then these would be good ways to introduce your obsession into other parts of your living space without going full on Pee Wee's Playhouse about it. Or just buy them cause they're cute. Either way.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monster Embryos from Taylored Curiosities

    Ever think about having kids but that whole "diaper changing, crying at 2 am, baby phase" kinda put you off?  Well then have we got the solution for you.  Instead of having a whole baby, why not just have an adorable little embryo to call your own!!!  You can take him (or her, who's to say) to the park and hang out with the other parents without having to make a trip to the emergency room when your kid finds a crack pipe in the sand box.  And I'm pretty sure you get the same tax write offs.

    These Monster Embryos were hand made by Penny Taylor, better known as Taylored Curiosities.  This is her first foray into the world of resin toys as she usually makes aromatherapy plushies.  These will be up for sale in her shop tonight for £10 and there are only 15 of them available so bookmark and be ready.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doktor A x Kidrobot 8 Inch Dunnys!!!!!!!!!!

    I was doing my best, trying to behave before New York Comic Con, when all of a sudden this pops up.  And my biggest problem is I can't decide which one I like the best, I was leaning toward the pink and black one and my wife said she liked the silver and copper one, so it looks like I will be making a play for both of them.  Oh the humanity!!!!!

  Doktor A and Kidrobot are going to be giving my credit card a workout with these two 8 inch Dunnys.  The silver and copper one is an exclusive for Kidrobot stores and their website, while the pink and black dude will be available to retailers.  Only 600 of each exist and if having two of them didn't torture me enough there's also a 1/6 chase version.  Curses!!!!!  These are available September 6th and probably won't be available anymore on the 7th.  I needs them.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    The Walking Dead is not my favorite show in the world, but for some reason I can't make myself stop watching it.  I liked the first season ok, and I thought the last half of the second season was good, but overall it's a lot like True Blood is for me.  I feel like I'm in too deep just to give up on it now.  Plus, Sons of Anarchy isn't on every day of the year for some weird reason, so I have to have something else to occupy my time.  

    I do however like these new Pop! Vinyl interpretations of the characters by our pals at Funko.  Especially Daryl, cause we all know he's the best character on the show and the only one that doesn't deserve to be eaten alive by the undead.  Why can't Carl's mother ever keep an eye on him?  She only has one job!  And thank God Rick finally manned up and took care of that business with Shane (which his wife wanted him to do and then she got mad about it, WTF).  But Daryl just goes about his business being a hillbilly, eating squirrels, and riding his chopper.  Life hasn't really changed much for him cause it's pretty much what he would be doing anyway.  And the cross bow is a greatly underutilized weapon in our modern culture.  Look for these figures to be available in November. or click our Entertainment Earth banner at the bottom of the screen and preorder them now so you can forget about them and be surprised when they show up at your door.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hollis Forever by Le Merde x Super7

    Is he a rock star?  Is he a tennis pro from the 70's?  Is he a rock star tennis pro from the 70's that drives a van with a plush interior and a mini bar with a painting of a valkyrie riding a polar bear as she descends from Asgard on the side and an ironic "Vote Nixon" sticker on the bumper?  Yes, yes he is.  And he is a vampire and he is available now for $35 from Le Merde and Super7.  You're welcome.

Custom Toy of the Week: Emily Bee

    Did you know the already amazing Tuttz cats from Argonaut Resins could look even more....amazinger????  This kitty cat was painted by the overly talented Emily Bee, who is a world traveling, film animating, art making wonder person.  How does she find the time for all of these things?  I think a bending of the space/time continuum is the only explanation.  You could actually own this guy on Tuesday, August 28th at 1pm EST when he goes up for sale in her shop:  You know, my birthday is coming up, so if anyone would like to hook a brother up I wouldn't be mad at ya.

Leopard Cavey from A Little Stranger

    Leopard print is the official pattern of the state of New Jersey.  No matter where you go, someone is wearing it.  I don't know how this happened and in most instances it's fine until you see some orange skinned 80 year old woman wearing an entire sweatsuit of it and animal control won't come out to remove her from the premises.  Then you've got a problem on your hands.

    We've featured Cavey releases on the site before but as I've stated above, this one hits close to home.  You can get one of these on Monday, August 27th, which is in plenty of time for the Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale.  Only 100 of them were made, so be ready by logging onto at 8pm London Time with your credit card ready to go cause these things sell fast.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slender Man from Fuei Shokai is Quite Disturbing

    I'm not easily creeped out, but it's safe to say that this is the most disturbing toy I have ever seen.  This is Slender Man and is the twisted creation of Fuei Shokai.  I discovered this dude through the fine folks at DKE, so at least I have someone to sue when I can never sleep again.  This guy has a whole story to go with him, but the translation is not the best, so I'll sum it up by saying he's a monster that makes kids disappear.  And no, not in the birthday party magician sort of way.  Oh, and you may notice something stuck in his head that is kinda hard to make out.  Well that cloudy area is an actual human tooth!!!!!!  Really?  I don't even want to know where they got that from in case the police start asking questions.  This guy should be available soon for $55.  Bring the fun and excitement of a crime scene home! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Critters Inspired Mini Figures from The Amazing Zectron

    Do you remember that movie Critters with the freaky little furry things that had a taste for human flesh? No one in their right mind would let one of those things in their house.  For one, it is doubtful that they're potty trained, and for two, they would eat you.  Neither of which is good if your trying to maintain some sort of cleanliness.  But now you can have your very own Critter without having to worry about it nibbling on your calves.  The Amazing Zectron has teamed up with Bigmantoys and Man-E-Toys to present these little carnivores in both rubber and resin editions.  You want a rubber one?  Man-E-Toys will hook you up for $15.  You want a resin one?  Bigmantoys will hook you up for $13.  The rubber are blind bagged and come in a plethora of colors, while the resin come housed in an egg just like the film.  These go on sale Friday, August 24th at 9pm London Time.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Erick Scarecrow for NYCC Sneak Peeks

   Erick Scarecrow is building up the hype on his Twitter feed for his New York Comic Con releases and just in case you're silly enough to not follow him, I've collected the goods right here for ya.

   You see that S. Maria figure there?  There's only gonna be 8 of them in the entire world!!!!  All hand painted and available at the con for a few lucky folks.

    This picture is full of mystery.  What does it look like?  How many will there be?  I'm sure he'll let us know as the event gets closer.  Is it gonna drive me mad until then?  Probably.

    This Papa Sama Medici Guard figure is painted up with Monster Kolor paints (as if you couldn't tell) and will also be haunting my dreams until we get the full reveal.

    Log onto your Twitter account and follow Mr. Scarecrow right now so you can be tormented along with me.  And don't forget to pick up your Comic Con tickets now before they're sold out and you're stuck at home watching reruns of Pawn Stars.  

Hello Kitty x Kiss Vinyl Figures from Funko

    If there's one thing Kiss is good at, it's merchandising and Hello Kitty is no slacker in that department either.  I have a theory, that thousands of years from now when our civilizations are long gone, folks are going to dig up our archaeological sites and the only things that will have survived will be Hello Kitty stuff.  They will then determine that we worshipped Hello Kitty as a god and create these amazing stories all centered on this little cat.  Could happen.

    So finally, these two titans of manufacturing products have come together with an entire line of things that you're not sure you need, but you kinda want.  Go on, admit it, these figures are adorable.  These were made by Funko and will be available in November for $11.99 each.  I can has them?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Adventures in Plastic #2: The Day I Met Princess Leia

    As many men my age, I can trace back the realization of my heterosexuality to one very specific moment in time:  the disrobing of Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi.  Not that Miss Carrie Fisher went unnoticed by my young eyes in the first two incarnations of Star Wars, it was just the impeccable timing of biology meeting the gleam of her gold bikini that made this moment especially memorable.

Instantly she became my first boyhood crush (a list that would grow throughout the years with the likes of Daisy Duke, Alyssa Milano, and Scully from the X-Files).  I was prepared to kick Harrison Ford’s ass if that was what it took to win the affectionate hand of my princess.  But alas, our age differences and the fact that she was world famous made it impossible to ever connect...until now.

Carrie Fisher had began a run on Broadway staring in a one woman show based on her hit book “Wishful Drinking”.  Although I am now already married to the woman of my dreams (who oddly enough was never in a movie or television series) I still felt that this was my opportunity to bask in the radiant glow of my childhood fantasy.

Somehow I managed to convince my wife that attending this show would be the perfect way to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  This is akin to a fan boy menage a trois; sitting next to my significant other while starring at the first woman to give me tingles in my Levi’s.  If there had been a comic convention in town, I’m sure they would have been compelled to bestow upon me some sort of ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award.

We arrived at the theatre according to stalker time (two or more hours early) and proceeded to park ourselves near the back entrance, hoping to meet Ms. Fisher and sign the book that we brought with us.  An hour and forty five minutes later after seeing her hurriedly rushed into another door that was nowhere close to where we had camped out we could fell nothing but dumb.  There was no choice but to tuck our tails firmly between our legs and go warm the seats we had payed so much money for.

The show was as amazing as I had expected it to be.  Borrowing heavily from her book of the same name, she regaled the audience with every sordid detail that she could fit in to two hours.  From Star Wars, to sex, to the complicated Hollywood family tree that she blossomed from, nothing was held as sacred.  It was the equivalent of watching a tabloid magazine perform.  

After the show we decided to try our luck again and made a hasty retreat to the rear of the theatre (albeit to the correct door this time).  I had lugged a poster from the original film around the city that day that had been signed by other cast members, hoping for Carrie Fisher to scrawl her name on it somewhere.  This thing survived multiple subway rides, an encounter with a defecating homeless man, and the massive crowds that populate the streets of New York on any given day.  It could not, however, outwit the mulleted and mustached fury that was Ms. Fisher’s handler.

My wife and I positioned ourselves against a barrier that had been erected next to the back door that was occupied by two security guards that were more interested in the updates on the Yankees game they were receiving on their cell phones than the people that were hanging around.  During what must have obviously been a commercial break in the action, they informed us that the star of the show would indeed be coming out to meet us but would only sign ticket stubs or programs from her show.  Waves of devastation attacked me first, as my dream about getting the entire living members of the film to sign this poster quickly deflated.  Then I was hit with indifference as I ignored what they had said and held my prize just out of their sight, hoping that if it made a stealth appearance Ms. Fisher would obviously not refuse to sign it.  But just in case I had my playbill in hand, having decided not to tempt the fates but so much.  

Just as she was exiting the doorway a white Hyundai pulled up and out stepped the last member of the Billy Ray Cyrus fan club.  He was a flurry of trucker hat and Budweiser shirt as he made a bee line to where I was standing and said “You have to put that away”, gesturing towards my poster.  The look in his eyes was mixed with so much false authority and irritation I thought the Nascar season had been abruptly canceled.  When I did not move as quickly as his achey breaky heart desired, he attempted to grab it from me.  I pulled it back and we stared each other down, each of us waiting for the other further the situation.  In the end he backed away and my play was graced with the signature I prized.  I was prepared to kick Han Solo’s ass to win her heart, but I ended up almost coming to blows with someone whose transport was in even crappier shape than the Millennium Falcon.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sucklord's Rejects 2 Now Available


    It is really hard to wrap my head around this, but The Sucklord is not always perfect. Sounds crazy right? But every now and then toy parts don't come out just right, and rather than throw them out and have crazy folks digging through his garbage, he puts them together as crazy looking mash-up figures. His second series of Rejects is available now and for $85 you can get a random figure that you may or may not recognize from past releases. If you think you might want one I would go to and get it now cause these won't last long.

Custom Toy of the Week: Trenton M.

    For the most part I like my toys to be pretty crazy looking.  I like weird designs and tons of colors and huge sculpts.  I'm an American and we're kinda bred to do things over the top.  But I also have a great appreciation for things that are done simply, because often times a minimal approach can have the best impact.  And I like cats.  This is Lily and she is the creation of Trenton M.  She is a 2 inch tall DIY cat that is cast in solid resin.  For $15 you can get one and paint it up however you like, or you can just leave it white, which is what I would do.  I love it anytime I see someone making their own toys and this one is a definite winner in my books.  Get one for yourself at

Cherry Bomb from 3AA Available Today (for 3AA Members)

    Many toy companies offer membership packages that give you a bunch of free stuff and allow you special access to figure releases.  This new Cherry Bomb figure from 3AA is the most compelling reason ever to take advantage of such offers.  Go ahead and drool over this toy all you want, think about where you would put it on your shelf, imagine a girl that dresses like this would ever talk to you in real life, etc. etc. but it would be in vain.  Cause unless you are a 3AA member, you are not able to get this when it releases later on today.  Maybe you can get lucky and snag one on eBay for 3 times the price, but I somehow don't see anyone parting with this without you holding a gun to their head.  And I didn't just post this to torture you, because I am lacking said membership myself and rueing the day I passed on one.  Curse me and my attempts at fiscal responsibility!!!

Edward Scissorhands Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    I just saw this on the Facebook Pop! Vinyl Figures Fan Page a few minutes ago so I wanted to let you know about it ASAP.  Funko is constantly increasing its Pop! Vinyl family( kinda like those weird neighbors down the street who always seem to have more and more people living in their house.  Seriously, its like they live in a clown car) and the newest member of the clan is Edward Scissorhands.  The amount of detail in this figure is pretty cool, from the buckles on his outfit to the little scars on his face.  You can expect this guy in stores this September.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pocket Invisiboy and More from Super7

    I've been pretty good all month.  Been early to my new job every day.  Paid all the bills and kept the cat litter and an acceptable level of cleanliness.  I watched the Olympics and cheered for the underdogs.  So with all that good karma stacked in my favor, I think it may be time to reward myself for not being a complete sociopath.

    I love the Pocket Invisiboys from Super7.  I don't know what it is, but every time they release a new version I get really excited to add it to my growing hoard.  This guy will be available today starting at noon Pacific time for $25.  Get him by going to

    Super7 is also opening up membership slots in its Secret Society club thingy.  All the details are in the picture right there, so I'll let you click on it and read them to save me from being redundant.  Basically it's kinda like Fight Club except you get toys instead of punches to the face.  It's better to have an existential crisis in this fashion rather than developing a split personality and making soap out of human fat you pillage from medical waste bins.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blind Boxed Misfortune Cats by Ferg

    Just when I was about to complete my blind box 12 step program I see this picture pop up on Twitter.  I was so close to being free from my addiction and the shame it has brought my family and my bank account.  But these are too amazing to resist and I'll just buy a few,  just for old time's sake.  Who am I kidding.  As soon as these suckers are released I'll be so far off the wagon I won't even be able to see it anymore.

    But can you blame me?  These Misfortune Cats from Ferg have always been a favorite of mine and now they're gonna be shrunken down in an array of colors.  I need every single one of them.  Resistance is truly futile.  I don't know much more than that, but when I get more news I'll let you know so you can hit blind box rock bottom with me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Companion: Resting Place by Kaws

    You wanna know what the down payment on a new car looks like in toy form? Well, now you know, cause while I don't know much about this figure I can guarantee you it won't be bargain priced. And why should it, because Kaws knows he can get away with charging whatever he wants for these things and people will buy them up like they dispensed gold doubloons from their butts. I'm pretty sure that no matter what the underside of this dude looks like, it does not have those capabilities.

    I'll give a tad bit of credit where it is due and applaud him for not just taking a popular character and putting X's where it's eyes should be and calling it good (what? that already happened? a lot you say? dang.). And I do like blood and guts, so if you're gonna pry my mortgage money out of my hand it's a fair way to do it. Or with a taxidermied polar bear. I seriously have a great place in my house for it and I think it would blow my cat's minds. What were we talking about?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dweezil Dragon by Kronk x Kidrobot

    This toy is insaaaaaaaaaane. I had no idea that dragons had interests other than sitting on their piles of loot and terrorizing the odd village here and there. Who knew they were also social beings with a penchant for urban fashion? Kronk and Kidrobot have teamed up to show us how well rounded these mystical creatures are with this new release. His name is Dweezil and stands at an impressive 15 inches tall. Big figures also come with big price tags, and at $350 you might wanna start lifting the couch cushions now and hoping that buried beneath them is more than just the random potato chip. But I really don't think the price is unreasonable when you consider the amount of work that went into a figure this detailed and the fact that only 300 of each color exist in the world. On August 23rd you can make all of your other toys feel a little bit inadequate by bringing Dweezil home.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Necrolameicon from We Become Monsters

    If you buy only one book of necromancy this year, this should be it.  And while you cannot actually open this volume and gaze upon its dark secrets,  rest assured that it is packed full of the sort of thing that would drive angry villagers to toast you over a bonfire.

    Behold the Necrolameicon, clad in the plastic skin of undead toys, written in the blood of a virgin Barbie!  For a mere $12 We Become Monsters will be happy to send you your own unholy copy of the black arts.  And they'll even throw in a free slab figure, made of resin that has been cast out of the light and forced to dwell forever in the shadows.  Get one before your evil little friend does and uses it to turn you into a newt.