Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dealmaker by Andrew Bell x mphlabs

    I don't trust sales people.  I don't care what it is you're selling, whether it be cars, insurance, boxes of kittens, I don't trust you.  I've had to be that guy that tried to get you to buy things you didn't want, or sign up for dumb rewards cards that you'll forget you have.  I hated pestering people and I hate when they do it to me.  I was buying something for my sister yesterday at a terrible establishment that I used to work at, and I couldn't just get what I wanted without being given the third degree.  I don't care what else in on sale, I don't care about your item of the month, and no, I will not try on a pair of jeans when all I want is a My Little Pony toy.  That's not even remotely reasonable and for that I hope you get rabies.  

    So this Dealmaker from Andrew Bell and mphlabs makes me a little nervous.   Just look at his face.  He's totally gonna get you to buy the undercoating and an extended warranty.  While his intentions may be terrible, I do like his overall look.  And he is supposedly one of the first ever figures made in the US in the traditional Japanese sofubi style.  You can get one for yourself this Thursday at 1pm Eastern time for $35 at www.myplasticheart.com.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

New Toys from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas

    I'd love to see a narwhal in person someday.  There a close second on my list to the great white shark, but seeing either one would make me extremely happy.  I guess you couldn't get in one of those shark diving cages to see a narwhal though, cause if he wanted to get close you risk getting impaled by his giant horn.  Has that ever happened before?  (UPDATE:  I just looked it up on Google and the only things involving "impaled" and "narwhal" seem to be in jest.  Looks like it is a silly thing to worry about).

    Mortimer the Mortician isn't as interested in running you through with his horn as he is in preparing your body for its eternal dirt nap.  This narwhal was created by Brandt Peters and come complete with a meat clever and a jug of embalming juice.  $60 will get you one of the four colorways you see here.  

    His friend Oliver was created by Kathie Olivas and resembles a rich little orphan that will one day grow up to defend the city of Gotham.  His little birdy pals supposedly like to feed on corpses.  Me think they should strike a deal with the mortician to make his work load a little less cumbersome.  $60 for each of the four colors that this masked boy come in.  

    Only 200 of each colorway of these figures were made by the folks at Artoyz Paris.  They should be releasing soon.

A Northern Bog from Frank Kozik x Skinner

    Do I even need to express the fact that I would punch your grandmother in the face to own this?  Cause I would knock that old lady out.  For one, I love the Ultrus Bog figure from Skinner, so right there I'm sold on this sucker.  And two, it was hand painted by Frank Kozik.  That's like putting platinum icing on a solid gold cake.  

    There will only be 9 of the Northern Bog figures made and they go on sale May 1st for $200 at www.frankkozik.net.  Do I even need to express the fact that I do not have $200 to spend on this?  I need like a layaway plan or something.  Give me 6 months financing Frank, interest free preferably!  I've got a credit score that makes Visa weep with joy.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Custom Toy of the Week: Ume Toys

    Some people spend tons of time customizing a toy and then call it a day.  Not Richard Page of Ume Toys.  After he spent countless hours making this Fonzo toy look all spiffy, he then customized the pictures he took of it!  It's insanity!  

    This will be part of the Fonzo Loves the UK event at The ShoGallery May 11th, where tons of other artists have also lent their creative minds to reinterpret the mascot of FreakStore.  

Super Series Sunday from Halo Seraphim x Tenacious Toys

    If the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park looked like this it would have been an entirely different movie.  Everyone would have just become friends and had a tea party and whatnot.  Probably would have played some board games, had a book club, listened to the new Decemberists album.  Would have been a pretty chill place.  

    These Nerdasaurus blind boxes will be going on sale tomorrow on www.tenacioustoys.com.  They were created by Halo Seraphim and cast by Scott Kinnebrew.  And they're cute.  Not everything can be skulls and Norwegian black metal.  Not until I am emperor anyway.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Hell? from We Become Monsters

    I worked with a guy once that looked kinda like this.  while he did have fewer eyes, the tooth count is spot on.  He scared me in a sort of "I want you to come look at my train set in my basement, but ignore the pile of hatchets and chicken feathers" sort of way.  But in the company of other people, that were all able to quickly call the police, he was a nice guy.

    We Become Monsters makes some pretty crazy stuff and The Hell?  ranks right up there with the best of them.  He made seven of these guys, all hand made and all different colors.  Plus they're articulated, which can't be the easiest thing to do.  They stand 6 and 1/2 inches tall and will be $75 each.  They go on sale today (Friday, April 26) at noon Eastern time at http://webecomemonsters.storenvy.com/.  

X-Ray Alter Beast for C2E2 by Scott Wilkowski x Monster Worship

    This is the best thing you will see at C2E2 this weekend.  Forget the rest of the show and make a bee line to the Nakama Toys booth # 951 tomorrow to get the best toy you will see there.  Scott Wilkowski and Monster Worship got together and created this X-Ray Alter Beast made of clear vinyl with a super sick skeleton sculpture inside.  They will be available from 11:30-3:30 at the aforementioned booth.  Seriously, don't even pay to park if it means you can't buy this.  There are plenty of nice hobos that will take great care of your car and may even have it back in time for when you're ready to go home.  And the trunk may or may not be filled with fish.  It's a sign that you're best friends now.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ever Wonder How Toys Are Made? Some Insight from A Little Stranger

    Making a toy isn't as easy as it seems.  You don't just have an idea and watch it come to life while you sit on the couch eating Doritos and watching Dr. Who.  It takes work.  And clay.  And lots of money.  Most of the time we never get to see the process as it literally takes shape, but when A Little Stranger did the sculpting for the mascot of ToyConUK she was kind enough to document the process so we could get a glimpse into what it takes to make a cool vinyl toy.  She took the design from The Hang Gang, brought it to life in 3D, and then Unbox Industries had this sucker produced.  You can check it all out from start to finish over at her website http://www.alittlestranger.com/wordpress/.  

"Friend of the Forrest" Frederick the Beetle from Super7

    I like spring, it's a fairly decent season.  The one thing I don't like it that I have ants trying to make their way into my house and mooch off of me.  Now, I thought that once my cats got wind of these little invaders they would make quick snacks out of them but noooooooooooooooooo, they have become friends instead.  Their cat food is locked securely in an air tight container, leaving only the stuff I eat to feed their new little buddies.  Icarus eats everything else in the house, from shoelaces to shirt sleeves, and don't let a moth creep inside because that's his favorite bedtime meal, so I thought he would make quick work of them.  But these ants seem to be more entertainment than anything.  Irritating.

   I wouldn't mind it too much if this guy decided to move in.  Just look at that face!  I would share my Cheez-Itz with him no problem.  You can start your own infestation today when this "Friend of the Forrest" edition of Frederick the Beetle goes on sale.  Get him starting at noon Pacific time at www.super7store.com.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Double Heather Cheap Toy from Buff Monster x Healeymade

    It would suck to have two heads.  What if one of the heads had really bad breath and the other head never got any relief from it?  Or one of them insisted on trying hats on, caught head lice, and gave it to the other?  You just know one of the heads would be a filthy jerk like that.  I'm sure you could strike a pretty cool reality tv deal, but it just seems like a hassle to me.

    You may remember this toy in its original incarnation as Double Heather from the Garbage Pail Kids.  Well, Buff Monster changed her up a bit to include two of his signature ice cream scoops as heads and then had Healeymade cast them in resin.  These 4 versions will be available tomorrow through Buff Monster's website at www.buffmonster.com.  

Skeleton Labbit from Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    I spilled the beans on this one a few months back (with permission I might add) and since then I have eagerly awaited its release.  Tomorrow the wait is over as Frank Kozik x Kidrobot release both editions of the Skeleton Labbit.  These are going to drive me mad because how do you display them?  Do you chose one side you like better?  Do you turn them sideways so you see a little of each?  Do you rotate them every other week like the kids of divorced parents?  Maybe you could get a little motorized display that spins slowly like the ones they use at auto shows.  Or you could just not over think things like I do and move on with your life.  Either way, these guys are $75 each and go on sale tomorrow, which is Thursday April 25th.  

    Kozik of course will have a bunch of these on his website for sale.  You can get em signed and shipped right from his international headquarters.  www.frankkozik.net

    And if you live in San Francisco you can go to the Kidrobot store tomorrow from 6-8pm and harass him in person.  

SkullBrain All Stars Release from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

    It will most likely take you longer to read this post than these figures will remain available.  Everything Mutant Vinyl Hardcore releases sells out quickly, so you may want to cancel your plans and stay posted at your computer until these go on sale.  You know, just so you can be prepared.  Bathroom breaks are ok but make them quick.  

    Artists from the SkullBrain message board were chosen to paint some of these Death Head DX figures.  There will be 6 versions in total (5 you see here and one mystery version) and they will be available for $100 (limit one per household) this Friday, April 26th from http://mutantvinylhardcore.bigcartel.com/.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monster Worship Exclusives for C2E2

    Yet another convention that is too far for me to attend.  My whole dream of independent wealth and unlimited convention going is not nearly working out as I had planned.  Time to regroup.

    Monster Worship will be at C2E2 this weekend and will have three exclusives with them.  I only know about two of them and here there are.  They're Mini Greasebats from Jeff Lamm. You got the red one, who is standing and all mad looking, and you have the debut of the sitting one who is equally as mad looking.  These will be available at the Nakama Toys booth #951 on Saturday from 11:30 - 3:30.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

DC Comics Mez-Itz Blind Boxed Toys from Mezco

    Blind boxes drive me insane.  Aside from Dunny or Smorkin' Labbits I have all but given up on blind boxes as an option when buying toys.  Yes, it is fun at first to not know what you're getting, but the fun ceases when you get 8 of the same figure and it wasn't even one you liked.  Mezco knows that it sucks to not be able to get the one's you want let alone complete a set so they fixed that with these DC Comics Mez-Itz.  Each case contains 24 blind boxed figures and you are guaranteed to get a complete set!  Buy the case and you get every single one that you could want.  It takes the stress out of spending a lot of money and ending up with stuff you don't want.  And you'll have doubles to trade for other toys!!! Oh my God, its the biggest win-win you've ever seen.  Plus a case only costs $105, which is dirt cheap if you compare it to other blind box releases.  You can preorder these now through Entertainment Earth by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.  

Saturday, April 20, 2013

4/20 Sale at Duboseart.com

    You know what you need in your life?  Besides a maid, cause your house is filthy.  You need some awesome resin toys on the cheapy cheap.  You're in luck, cause Duboseart has killer toys at even better prices!  Look at the special Mini Mummys he made to celebrate 4/20.  You want one, I can see it in your eyes.  But that's not all he has.  No sir, he has a website packed with cool stuff that will impress your friends and make you a better person.  And today only you can use the coupon code SHOP420 and get 205 off your entire order.  Don't be lame, get some new toys in your life today!

Custom Toy of the Week: Josh Mayhem

    This crazy looking toy started out as a Boba Fett Lego alarm clock and a set from Lego Hero Factory.  Josh Mayhem then worked some sort of deal with the Devil to create this insane mash-up.  "Demon Fett" will be part of the Designing Outside the Lines custom group show at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco beginning April 26th.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mini Blue Stripe Kaiju Negora from Max Toy Company

    Oh my God, will I finally be able to add a Kaiju Negora to my collection?  These things are ridiculously hard to get as they sell out as soon as they are available and no one is ever willing to part with them afterwards.  Max Toy Company has obviously gotten tired of my whining and decided to make this newest kitty an open edition.  That means if you preorder one now, they will make it.  No more disappointment, no more wishing, no more paying sky high eBay prices.  $45 will get you this kitty and his little fish companion.  Go, go now and order a bazillion of them.  

Mega Scale Plush Krampus from Mezco

    We desperately need Krampus in America, because kids are heathens.  For those of you not in the know, Krampus is the counterpart to Saint Nicholas; tossing bad kids in a bag and beating them with sticks.  That's way more frightening than just getting a lump of coal in your stocking.  Do you know how many times I'm shopping in a store and I wish Krampus would show up and dole out some justice to some screaming brat?  I think he should be celebrated year round to keep those little buggers in line.  Someone get one of those White House petitions started so we can force them to regognize this crazy goat man as an official part of our nation's Christmas celebrations.

    Mezco is obviously on board with this idea because they have made this Krampus plush.  While he is more cute then menacing, it can serve as a constant reminder of the consequences of acting feral.  And he's only $21 for a huge 12 inch plushy.  And he's released in September just in time for the Christmas shopping season.  And you can preorder him now at http://www.mezcotoyz.com/.  And you can scare the crap out of your kids with this image while you wait for it to be delivered.  

Super Series Sunday Release from Taskone x Tenacious Toys

    Yeah, I know you need some more Muppets in your life.  How do I know?  Cause I stalk you on Facebook.  I really have nothing better to do all day.  

    Taskone and Tenacious Toys are releasing more custom Muppets for you this Sunday, April 21st.  Get one blind box for $40, or all three for $100.  And you can still get a full set for $600.  Jim Henson would want you to.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Buried Treasure Mummy Boy from Super7

    Do you remember when there was a Leprechaun running around Alabama and this guy just wanted to know "where the gold at?"  Boy I do, and now I can finally point him in the right direction because Super7 are releasing the new Buried Treasure Mummy Boy today! Just look at this guy, he's all shiny and sparkly and can be yours today at noon Pacific time for $50.  Don't be surprised when people see this if they start asking you for money cause they assume you're rich like Kanye West.  That's the price of having such fabulous taste.  

Semi Korosiya RGB Edition from Cop A Squat Toys

    Is Cop A Squat Toys the best name for a company ever?  I'm thinking so, and I'm also thinking they need to branch out into many more divisions.  Cop A Squat Appliance Repair, Cop A Squat Home Health Aids, Cop A Squat Burger Shack.  Basically, I just want to be able to give all of my money to businesses with that name.  Is it juvenile of me?  Maybe a tad.  No one ever accused me of being the most reasonable person they know.  

    These Semi Korosiya figures are really really cool.  They're made out of clear vinyl and actually have a screen printed insert inside of them to add some depth and detail.  You can snag one of these 8 inch figures today at 3pm Eastern time for $75 at http://copasquattoys.bigcartel.com/.

More Pop! Vinyl Figures from Funko

    It seems like every other day that I'm posting news about Funko's Pop! Vinyl line.  How on Earth do they churn out so many figures?  Do they ever take days off?  Do their families even remember what they look like?  Have they perfected human cloning?  I don't know how they do it, but I'm glad they do, because I'm on a new budget that my toy collecting brain has not come to terms with.  And beign that these figures are ridiculously affordable, I can the ones I want and not have to skip any meals.  All of these guys release May 16th except for Ace Ventura who comes out on the 21st. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DC Bombshells Statues

    Before the age of the internet, where every girl with a camera and a Facebook page now thinks they are models, pin up girls were much harder to come by.  They were reserved for the nose cones of airplanes in war or the garages of your local auto mechanic.  They were a morale boaster, a reminder of what waited for you at home whether you were in a foreign land or merely in the midst of a long work shift.  There are still many artists who do amazing work with mankind's most beautiful inspiration, ensuring that the art of the pin up girl will live on forever.  DC Collectibles has done a great job of turning a couple of their most iconic female characters into something straight out of the 1940's and '50's.  

    Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy have been given the retro treatment in these statues that will be available this September.  Preorders are going on right now from wherever you buy your collectibles.  (Please and thank you: scroll down to the Entertainment Earth banner at the bottom of this page and buy from them to help support this site).