Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ghost Grey Skellene Sofubi from Miscreation Toys x Lulubell Toys

    At this point in 2020 if I were to step outside my home and see hundreds of these walking around my neighborhood I wouldnt even be surprised.  And frankly, they're better than the Jehovah's Witnesses who decide that during the pandemic would be a great time to magnetically affix literature underneath the driver's side door handle of everyone's cars.  I'm still not about having to touch anything I can avoid, so being forced to remove it from my car before going to work was an added irritation I didn't need.  I suppose the virus forced everyone to innovate, and it was smart to do under the cover of darkness,  but come on.  Had to throw out my favorite pair of bbq tongs after that.

    If you were ever nervous about inviting a small ghost into your house, this year seems like the one to throw caution to the wind.  And Skellene looks extra spooky in this grey smoke vinyl.   Miscreation Toys and Lulubell Toys are offering this version as a special preorder edition, but you only have until May 30th at 5pm pst or until the cap of 25 pieces is reached.  Each figure stands approximately 12 inches tall,  retails for $175 plus shipping, and can be had now by visiting

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Love Finn Universe Street Party Float from Kaize Toys x Cop A Squat Toys

   Lawd have mercy these are the toys we need right now.  These guys got all the happy juices flowing in my brain in a way that doesn't normally happen without a doctor's prescription.  Yeah, mostly I'm into monsters and dead things and and spooky stuff but there's something about brightly colored elephants in cars that hits me just the right way.  They make a day full of conference calls on Zoom feel way less like amateur dental surgery.

     I always dig the work of Cop a Squat Toys and that includes what he does to toys that aren't his, including these from Kaize Toys.  Obviously you want these, so now I'm gonna tell you how to get one:

Love Finn Lottery Info Open now until Friday May 29th noon EST

 * $130 plus shipping (USPS Priority)

* US only

* 1 entry per person please

Email the following info to

 * Real name
 * IG name
 * PayPal address
 * Shipping address
* Which paint app you prefer (Green or Yellow head)

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Warm Thoughts Polystone Statue from Death & Milk x Mighty Jaxx

    Well this is different.  I tease my wife all the time about taking her to the Pocanos and staying in one of those theme hotel rooms with the giant martini glass bathtubs and heart shaped beds.  I'm not sure who convinced so many people that particular configuration was the height of elegance, but they're still around today.  Martini bathtubs aside, my favorite place in the Poconos to visit is this little roadside zoo that has a cobra on display that killed its owner, who was one of those venomous snake collectors you sometimes read about when bad things happen.  Murder Cobra is so damn aggressive you can only view him through tiny peepholes otherwise he would just try and kill everyone who walks by.  Maybe he's just pissed that no one ever took him on a couple's retreat in one of those hotels that he knows is only slithering distance away. 

    Now of there were giant skull tubs I would have no problem convincing my wife that a weekend getaway was in order.  I applaud Mighty Jaxx for teaming with Death & Milk to create something that's truly interesting to look at.  A lot of times the "art" aspect of art toys gets forgotten about in exchange for recycled ideas that are safe bets in terms of sales.  I am starving for a story and just looking at this, without knowing anything about it, you can tell there's more to it than just looking cool.  There's obviously a larger narrative, which is refreshing to see. 

    This polystone statue stands 8 inches tall and retails for $219 with free worldwide shipping.  They're available now at

Friday, May 15, 2020

The Many Headed Hag Preorder from John Kenn Mortensen x Unbox Industries

    With a name like "The Many Headed Hag" most of you probably think I'm going to make a joke about your mom.  Despite thinking that would be hilarious, it is rather low hanging fruit, and I'd like to think I have the maturity to rise above such things.  And even though I'd like to think it I'M COMPLETELY WRONG BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHO ELSE IS A MANY HEADED HAG? YOUR MOM!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  

    I'm embarrassed for myself,  but despite having a name that resembles your mom, this figure from John Kenn Mortensen and Unbox Industries is something I would actually allow in my house...UNLIKE YOUR MOM!!!!! HAHAHAHA..I'm good...I'm good.  This thing is a nightmarish thing of beauty that will bring hours of terror and wonder to all who own one.  Standing nearly 10 inches tall this vinyl sculpture will go up for preorder beginning tomorrow (Saturday, May 16th) for $100.  They'll be available exclusively from

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bullet and Bullion Resin WNDGO Dunnys from Scott Tolleson

    At the rate the world is going I figure we're about a year away from welding spikes onto our cars and wearing animal skulls on our faces.  The thing I never got about post apocalyptic movies like Mad Max is why everyone is driving around in the biggest gas guzzlers they can find.  When I picture the wasteland of our future I don't see it peppered with convenience stations where you can fill up the tank while grabbing some beef jerky and an oversized Diet Pepsi.  So you would think putting some dune buggy tires on a Hyundai would make much more sense than loading up some lifted truck with a ton of steel whose sole purpose is to look scary.  But as we see on the news, the slightest inconvenience in the world turns many of our brains into mush.  I just want to know when is it considered too soon to shave my head into a mohawk and add the title of warlord to my business cards?  I like to be prepared.

    Scott Tolleson's WNDGO Dunny seems well dressed for the future everyone seems to want.  He's decked out in a snazzy chrome mask that doesn't look virus proof, but will easily separate you from whatever will take the place of money.  Two different versions of this five inch resin figure (Bullet and Bullion) will be available tomorrow, Friday May 15th.  Each one will retail for $300 plus shipping and can be yours starting promptly at noon pacific time by visiting

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Gachafest 2020 from Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju

     You better take advantage of Gachafest because this is the closest thing to Coachella you're gonna see this year.  I used to love going to festival shows when I was younger because I could check a huge amount of bands off my list in one shot.  At the risk of sounding old I will admit that I would rather gargle bleach than subject myself to a music festival now.  Mostly because I just can't deal with the summer heat the way I used to, but also because the older I am the shorter my attention span gets.  Even when my wife and I go to shows now if there's more than one opening act I second guess buying tickets.  For one, I like to get to the point. I don't need to be warned up, I maintain my level of warmth like a handsome crock pot. Secondly, my bedtime is much earlier now and it takes me a week to recover should I be brazen enough to ignore it.  

    Toy Art Gallery is unleashing a plethora of Paul Kaiju mini figures as part of the aforementioned Gachafest.  Each tiny sofubi figure stands about two inches tall and is only $10 each, which if my calculations are correct mean you could by enough with your stimulus check to fill a regulation sized wheelbarrow.   They'll be available this Friday, May 8th, at noon pacific time only from