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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ghost Grey Skellene Sofubi from Miscreation Toys x Lulubell Toys

    At this point in 2020 if I were to step outside my home and see hundreds of these walking around my neighborhood I wouldnt even be surprised.  And frankly, they're better than the Jehovah's Witnesses who decide that during the pandemic would be a great time to magnetically affix literature underneath the driver's side door handle of everyone's cars.  I'm still not about having to touch anything I can avoid, so being forced to remove it from my car before going to work was an added irritation I didn't need.  I suppose the virus forced everyone to innovate, and it was smart to do under the cover of darkness,  but come on.  Had to throw out my favorite pair of bbq tongs after that.

    If you were ever nervous about inviting a small ghost into your house, this year seems like the one to throw caution to the wind.  And Skellene looks extra spooky in this grey smoke vinyl.   Miscreation Toys and Lulubell Toys are offering this version as a special preorder edition, but you only have until May 30th at 5pm pst or until the cap of 25 pieces is reached.  Each figure stands approximately 12 inches tall,  retails for $175 plus shipping, and can be had now by visiting

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kidrobot SDCC Exclusives are Available for Preorder Now


    Are you going to San Diego Comic Con?  If so, I'm very jealous, but also you should go right now and preorder all these Kidrobot exclusives.  Why stress yourself to the point of insanity on whether or not you'll be able to get one of these when you can ensure that they're waiting at the booth for just you?  The other great thing about preordering is that when you're at the convention it feels like you have way more money to spend because these will have already been paid for.  It's a great way to psychologically trick yourself into getting more awesome toys.  This method has been completely tested and proven by me as 100% effective.

    Get your preorder on by visiting then sit back and relax knowing that awesomeness is awaiting you to merely show up (with a valid ID that matches your Comic Con name badge).  Gaze upon all that could be yours:


Friday, January 27, 2017

Andy Warhol Masterpiece Dunny from Kidrobot

   Contrary to what you may think, I don't have professional athlete type money laying around.  I know right, shocks me too.  You would think that making jokes on the internet would be a limo ride down easy street, but America is a backwards place that rewards the wrong sort of people.  I don't dwell on it though, as I've learned to adapt to still make my house look like someone with a lot of money and neurological disorders lives there.

   Kidrobot is making easy to be a baller on a budget with this beautiful Masterpiece  eight inch Dunny from Andy Warhol.  This is the first of a few of these and they're kicking things off with his Brillo motif.  It comes packaged in a special window box so you can keep it minty fresh without having to deprive yourself of its magnificence, is limited to 500 pieces galaxy wide, and will be available starting today (Friday, January 27th) from

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Andy Warhol Dunny Series from Kidrobot

    We all have dreams, some of which are way more amazing than others.  Some of us may want to score the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, or write a best selling novel.  Others may want to sell out Madison Square Garden, or find a dead body in the woods ( a stranger of course, who obviously did bad stuff in life).  But I have a different sort of dream.  I'd like to walk into one of those fancy New York City galleries, grab an Andy Warhol off the wall, and pay straight cash for it.  Then I would like to come home and hang it up with Command strips right above my bed.  That's what a baller would do.

    In lieu of probably never being able to afford a Warhol original, I'll take this entire Dunny series instead.  Kidrobot has taken some of his most iconic designs and plastered them across everyone's favorite platform toy.  These blind boxes go on sale Friday, July 8th wherever it is you prefer to buy your designer toys.  I'm gonna need em all, btw.