Monday, September 29, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Plushy from Furry Feline Creatives x Suburban Vinyl

    I think my entire house is filled with the ebola virus.  Sharon and I haven't been feeling well, one of the cats hasn't been feeling well.  Yesterday we left the house on our one day off together, which quickly ended with a visit to a sketchy McDonald's bathroom (Where a dude looked a little too long to see if anyone was occupying the stall.  All you have to know is whether someone's using it, you won't have to describe them to a police sketch artist, you creeper.) and we spent the rest of the day watching serial killer documentaries on MSNBC.  

    I think I wasn't feeling well cause I've been stressed out about Icarus not feeling his best.  Cats will drive you nuts cause unlike kids they don't whine when they don't feel good.  They're like the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  You'll be all "hey kitty, what happened to your back legs that I know you had this morning and suddenly seem to be missing?"  and they'll be all "puuuurrrrrr could I get some belly scratches purrrrrrrrrr."  They're tough little buggers.  So you never really know whether they just have to fart or if something catastrophic is happening.

    On a different note, my wife is always trying to convince me that the cats would love nothing more than to wear costumes.  I told her that I don't think our health insurance is good enough to cover the mauling she would get if she tried to dress them us as ballerinas.  Sure, this cat looks all content wearing his Kaiju costume, but that's because he's not real and has no feelings of murder in his heart.  Furry Feline Creatives have made 12 of these plushy monster cats as New York Comic Con exclusives for Suburban Vinyl.  You can get one at booth #208 and let this satisfy any need you may feel to dress your cat for tea parties.  You'll thank me when you're not get stitched back together.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cowgirl Bounty Hunter Prudence Pascha from 3A Available Tomorrow

    Well hellooooooooooo cowgirl!  Don't let the cowboy hat and daisy dukes fool ya, this girl is as lethal as they come.  And if you've got a price on your head, you can expect to see that massive gun shoved in your face right before she collects the reward.  Hey, it beats getting picked up by that weirdo Dog the Bounty Hunter, with his over worked mullet and hillbilly family in tow.  At least if Prudence gets to you first you have something to look at on the way to the sheriff's office.  

    3A will be releasing this prairie princess tomorrow at 9am Hong Kong time on  

Joe Ledbetter Unleashes Fire-Catzilla Tomorrow!

    Godzilla has been doing it wrong all these years.  If you wanna maximize the damage you can inflict on an unsuspecting city, you gotta trick them into thinking you're harmless.  A lot of people are scared to death of little lizards, so when you show up and all gigantic and terrifying its no wonder the army gets called in to try and obliterate you.  Now if Godzilla could get a hold of some fuzzy bunny ears, or a cat mask, and trick people into thinking he's a big ball of adorable, then he could practically level the place before anyone realizes they've been had.  

    And now here is my theory in practice, courtesy of Joe Ledbetter.  Sure Fire-Catzilla looks all scary now with his sharp little teeth and blazing inferno shooting from his mouth, but before he revealed his intentions I bet everyone in Tokyo was just trying to pet him.  People were probably lining the streets, uploading pictures to Instagram with clever little hash tags.  And then he unleashed the fury and maximized his destruction potential, before curling up on a pile a corpses for a much needed nap.  

    Of course you want one of these for yourself, and now is the part of the story where I tell you how to get one.  Only 300 of this reptilian feline exist in the world, they cost $110, and they go on sale tomorrow at 8am Pacific time at  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Greatest Custom Dunny I Have Ever Seen Courtesy of Jon-Paul Kaiser

    I don't feature a lot of custom toys on this site and it's not because I don't like them.  I have a limited amount of time to work on this thing each day and there's just way too much out there for me to keep track of.  But there was no way I was gonna let this one pass by without me worshipping at it's little plastic feet.  This Moby Dick inspired Dunny is the creation of Jon-Paul Kaiser and is, and I'm not exaggerating this, the best one I've ever seen.  If I worked at Kidrobot I would be scrambling to make this a production figure so I can buy it.  And I can't be the only one who would throw down some cash for the chance at owning this stunning figure.  Make it so!!!!!!!

Lemon Pie Guy and Foster from Super7

    Fact:  the best flavor in the world is lemon, followed closely by orange and red meat.  It's on the internet, so it must be true, am I right?  Like that girl that supposedly got a third boob implanted on her chest to look like that chick from Total Recall.  Oh wait, that was proven fake yesterday?  Darn, who would have thought (other than anyone with two brain cells left to rub together).  So maybe now all the major news outlets will pick up my fact about flavors and it will headline the evening news.  Just know you heard it hear first, kids. 

    I sense another theme in today's post, and that's toys that look tasty.  Super7 is releasing these Lemon Pie Guy and Foster tomorrow at the low low price of $25 each.  Just don't try to lick em, as they are not  responsible for your subsequent gastrointestinal problems.  

NYCC Exclusive Sleeptime Bunnies from Peter Kato x myplasticheart

    OH MY GOD I AM OVERWHELMED WITH THE ADORABLENESS OF THESE!!!!  Ok, I'm trying to compose myself, but it's not gonna be easy.  I want to put all of theses bunnies in my mouth and carry them with me wherever I go.  I kinda wanna eat em too though, as they look like those Halloween candies I used to eat when I was a kid.

    Why, these very ones in fact.  Behold, the magic of the internet!  Though I have to admit I was a little biased and only ate the yellow and orange ones.  Back then the flavors I rejected just ended up in the trash, but now when I buy a bag of assorted candy I take the crappy ones to work and put them in the communal candy jar.  Not only am I not being wasteful, but I am also tricking my coworkers into thinking I'm a nice person and not someone who would push them into traffic with very little provocation.  Plus, it's easier to shove someone into the path of oncoming cars if they aren't expecting it.  It's survival of the fittest, punks!

    But really, these bunnies are about the cutest things you'll ever see in your life.  Peter Kato is introducing this newest line of critters in a special Sweet Harvest Edition as an exclusive for myplasticheart at New York Comic Con.  They are limited to only 30 pieces, sold blind, at at only $12 each will probably not last very long.  Get to booth # 113 early to get one.

Monday, September 22, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Muckey Haunted Castle from Instinctoy x myplasticheart

    Not long ago I dug through some old boxes in search of the one toy I've literally had for my entire life.  Though unrecognizable now, he was at one time a Winnie the Pooh and he's had a rough go of it. He's missing nearly all of his trademark yellow fur, most of his stuffing has fallen out through various holes that were repaired with Frankenstein-like stitchery.  One of his eyes is gone, his nose is in disrepair, and he generally looks like an extra from The Walking Dead.  And I love him.  

    The one thing he doesn't have though, is a row of razor sharp teeth carefully hidden away.  Not that he would have anywhere to hide them, as his fabric is mostly transparent.  Muckey has a sinister secret beneath that cute bear face, one that would like nothing more than to separate your skin from bone.  

    Instinctoy and myplasticheart have teamed up to release a limited number of these Haunted Castle editions at New York Comic Con in a few weeks.  He's the ultimate year round Halloween decoration and can be yours for $140 at booth # 113.  


Friday, September 19, 2014

Pneuma Custom Skelevex Series from The Graphix Chick

    I'm getting ready to go ahead and invent something right now that I'm gonna need you to not steal or that if you do steal it you give me a lot of money in return.  Replacement skulls.  Now hear me out.  The skull we're born with is pretty awesome, until the moment we decide to test its durability doing something stupid.  You back up your files on your computer, so why not back up the thing that protects your brain?  We could give you a CT scan, 3D print an exact replica of the thing, you could use it as decoration until the time comes that you need it, and voila, instant cranial replacement.  Ok, I'm not stupid and do realize you can't just go around swapping your skull out for some plastic replacement, but  the idea is still a cool one, and is reasonably sound for some alternate science fiction universe that we don't happen to live in.  I'm trying to make our lives more interesting, people!!!!

    So while decorating your house with skulls serves no practical purpose in the event that you crack your melon, they still look nice.  May I suggest adding to your collection these custom Skelevex resin skulls from The Graphix Chick?  Each one is unique and will be available this Sunday through her website at  Now you just have to decide which one you like best, which if I was good at deciding that I wouldn't have a house full of toys that I bought because I couldn't just pick one thing.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Preorders Are Coming...for This Amazing Ned Stark Figure from threezero

    One day, if you had a lot of time on your hands and threezero keep making these mind blowing Game of Thrones figures, you could reenact the entire series using stop motion animation.  And I'm betting someone will do it, because if the internet has taught us anything, its that people have way too much time available to them.  Have you noticed that everyone always complains about how busy they are, yet they manage to upload every adorable things their cats do?  I think the internet utilizes witchcraft to insert extra time into your day as long as you are using that time to feed it.  Now if Neil DeGrasse Tyson could go ahead and prove that and give me all the credit for unlocking the secret, we could go about our lives with the understanding that we can all be immortal as long as we are commenting on Facebook posts or reTweeting statuses.  

    Back to business.  How awesome is this figure?  You know that when I make a post about threezero that it's going to involve the most detailed toy you've ever seen in your life.  I should get them to make a lifesize one of me that I could send to work in my place.  The lord of Winterfell stands over a foot tall and comes with a bunch of cool accessories (and his head still attached to his body) and will be available for preorder beginning September 22nd at 9am Hong Kong time.  He'll be $160, which includes shipping anywhere in the world, and will only be available from

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ultimate Color Version Rotten Rexx Preorder from James Groman x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    The way our world is today you have to be prepared for anything.  For instance, what would you do if you're sitting peacefully on your couch, trying to watch Naked and Afraid, and a group of murderous clowns kick in your front door?  I know what I would do, because my entire house is filled with objects that while not only decorative, could also crack a grown man's skull.  In the bedroom my wife has a concrete Virgin Mary statue that will have you seeing Holy Ghosts as she smacks you upside your head with it, and our living room is littered with curiosities that could easily fit into a plastic bag labeled as "Exhibit Number One".  Form + function = a nightmare for any punk that comes and tries to take your stuff.  

    James Groman's Rotten Rexx would make a suitable anti-burglar weapon/object of wonder for any household.  This beast stands 15 inches tall and is one of the most massive hunks of plastic I've ever seen.  You grab this sucker with two hands, start swinging, and you're spreading the pain like mono at summer camp.  Heck, they might just take one look at him, decide that you have to be a looney tune for owning it, and take off running.  This dude is completely sick looking all painted up like this.  You could probably stare at it for a month straight and not catch every detail.  And I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking "Alright Chris, I love this undead prehistoric bro, but I can't possibly afford anything so amazing on my budget."  But you can sucka, because this hand painted monstrosity is only $200.  $200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    There are crappy mass produced toys that cost way more than that and I dare say you couldn't even scratch a would-be attacker with them.  

    The preorder window is open now through Lulubell Toy Bodega and will remain open for three weeks to give you plenty of time to scrounge up the funds you need.  Make it happen at

New Kitsura Preorder from Candie Bolton x Max Toy Co.

    People think that just because my house has cats coming out of the woodwork that I don't like dogs, but nothing can be further from the truth.  I love dogs, I just don't have one because I don't have a backyard.  Growing up in Virginia we had a few dogs and I don't think we ever even owned a leash, because when they had to go outside you just opened the door and let em have a good time.  Even if your yard wasn't fenced in it was generally understood that they would run around, terrorize the surrounding area, and then come back when they were tired.  Where I live now I would have to walk the dog and pick up its business with a plastic bag wrapped around my hand, which seems demeaning. Yeah, I do scoop a handful of litter boxes every night, but I don't have to walk around outside with a bag of poop as my neighbors try to make small talk with me.   Think about it, what if you didn't have the dog and were just taking a stroll with a turd in your old Wal-Mart bag.  You'd have the police called on you and would have to convince a doctor within 72 hours that you weren't having a mental break.  That's why you need a yard, so they can do their business and you can keep your dignity.  And they even have services you can pay to come out and clean your yard up for you after it has become riddled with organic land mines.  Genius.

    So Kitsura is not your average dog as he is actually a fox, but my stance is the same regarding any wild animals you may allow to share your domicile.  This canine with his enlightening third eye was created by Candie Bolton and produced by Max Toy Company and is available for preorder right now.  For $30 you can guarantee yourself one of these little dudes that may or may not bring magic and good fortune into your home.  And you definitely won't have to walk him, cause he's plastic, so that's a plus! Order yours now at


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Pop! Vinyl from Funko

   Oh am I ever excited for the last Hobbit movie to come out.  The first one was ok, but I was completely in love with the second one.  It was the closest to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and really brought back good memories of seeing those in the theater.  Even after nearly three hours I was completely ready for them to go ahead and finish the story.  

    And just how amazing does Middle Earth look in every film?  I wish Sharon and I could move there, but first they're gonna need to install some Wi-Fi cause I've kinda become addicted to this whole internet thing.  And I'd really like to check out their bathroom situation, cause that was never addressed in the books or the movies.  I would imagine the elves have thoroughly addressed indoor plumbing, as they don't seem to be a people down with using the closest bush.  But what about Mordor and all of the orcs?  Seriously, I live near Camden, which makes Mordor look like Magic Mountain.  They would mug Sauron in a heart beat.  

    You know if a new film is coming out you gotta get some new toys as well.  Funko will be releasing these new Pop! Vinyl figures in October and they include foxy elf Tauriel (who wasn't in the book but I'll let it slide because Evangeline Lilly), Sauron, and two super sized versions of Smaug:  the regular one has black eyes and 1 out of 12 of them will have those creepy serpent eyes that you'll be seeing as you try to sleep later.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Muskolator Preorder from Goodleg Toys

  Bro, do you even lift?  I know I don't.  I lift the remote to turn the channel on the tv, but I don't think I'm gonna get too ripped doing that.  But on the bright side, if my arms don't get huge, I won't have to buy new shirts!!!  See, it's not just laziness, it makes perfect economic sense as well.   I would like to be able to instill fear into people just by walking into a room, but sometimes you can't live all of your dreams.  

    Muskolator isn't about that chill lifestyle.  He's about downing the 'roids, getting ripped, and beating up punks that don't call each other "bro".  Check out that little guy on his left fist?  He's got 3-D glasses on so he can get all the gory details as he's pounding your face meat into a pudding.  Who else but Goodleg Toys could come up with such a monstrosity?  No one, it was a rhetorical question.  You can preorder one of these suckers right this instant in two different versions.  You can order him bagged for $85, or you can order him carded with some sweet artwork for $105.  Make it happen at  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Toy Art Gallery's 5th Anniversary Show Featuring Vertebrata

    Toy Art Gallery is celebrating their 5th Anniversary this Saturday by inviting a lot of really weird looking chicks to come and hang out with their friends and customers.  No, I don't mean girls from some backwoods strip club (I pass by three on the way to work and it doesn't get any more sketchy than hillbilly strip clubs) I'm talking about Vertebrata.  The crazy brain child of Paul Kaiju and Blobpus has been customized by some of the most well known toy artists out there and they will be on display beginning with the opening reception on Saturday.  If you live in the Los Angeles area you should go and check it out, cause it will be more fun than laughing at people with botched plastic surgery.  

Two More NYCC Exclusives from myplasticheart

    New York Comic Con begins in less than a month and I have yet to see many announcements about exclusives.  Come on people, you're killing my ability to create an effective budget!  Thankfully myplasticheart is on the ball and here we have two more toys that you'll only be able to get at their booth.  Up first is Astronocchio from Dave Bondi.  These dudes are hand made with resin, stand 5 inches tall, are limited to 25 pieces, and will sell for $65 each.  

    This dude reminds me of a rogue olive.  Not that I've ever seen a rogue olive, but if one were to turn on you I imagine this is what it would look like.  This is of course Lou Pimentel's very popular Junior figure, and if I remember correctly they sell out of these every year.  So get there early, or find a good toy mule to smuggle you one.  Just be specific that you don't want him to use the same techniques one would apply to bringing drugs over the border.  You'll only make that mistake once.  $35 will get you one and Lou would be happy to sign it for you as he's always hanging around during the convention.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thor Series 2 Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    In Norse mythology, Thor rides around on a chariot that is drawn by two huge goats.  In my real life, I now drive around in a Hyundai Accent that makes me look like I'm gonna take the kids to tee ball practice.  Yesterday the wife and I bought our first ever car from an actual car dealership after our truck, which we had for nearly 12 years and put well over 200,000 miles on it, was determined to need repairs that far exceeded its worth.  She works close to home so she is now the proud commandI on my much longer commute in our new, and uber practical, little grey car.  To tell you the truth I was skeptical about it, but it's kinda like driving a go kart.  I just really don't want to pay for it, so I'm gonna need someone to throw me a telethon or something.  I've lived a long time without a car payment, and the amount of paper work they make you sign makes me think that I may have given them the right to come in and take my internal organs while I sleep.  Their tactics to make you sign your life away are pretty sneaky.  It was so hot I couldn't stop sweating and all they had to drink was coffee and it was like something that I'm sure the United Nations should probably look into.  All I know is that I was starving and willing to do just about anything to get a hamburger and some air conditioning.  They use the same tactics to get people to confess to murders.  

     Thor's friends never have to worry about down payments or interest rates or gap insurance.  And they get to sword fight and wear killer armor.  It's pretty much the best life ever, and while we can't live in Asgard our avoid the trappings of modern transportation, we can own these Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko and live vicariously through them.  Well, this October we can anyway, cause that's when they're released.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Sylvan Yeti from Gary Ham x Pobber Toys x myplasticheart

    It's that time of year again.  Time for me to start doing push-ups so I can fight my way through the crowds of New York Comic Con.  Every year it seems like they manage to pack more people into that building, making walking from one end of the con to the other a more physical sport than it needs to be.  It actually wouldn't be so bad if people didn't stop cosplayers in the middle of the walkway to pose for pictures.  Dude, I get that you NEEEEEEEEEED your photo with every girl dressed as Slave Leia because you're not one to pass up an exposed midriff, but just know that if you clog up the thoroughfare and I'm close enough, I'm gonna make the worst face you've ever seen in your life and ensure it is there forever to ruin your fantasy moment.  No matter who you show your pictures to, all they'll want to know is what's up with the angry looking bridge troll in the background.  I'm not just doing it because I'm a jerk, I'm doing it for all of those people that had to get way too close to sweaty strangers because you decided to create a traffic jam of epic nerd proportions.   One day they will build a statue of me outside of the Javits Center for my contributions to mankind and my dedication to keeping it moving.  

    But let's focus on what's really important about comic con, and that's the exclusive toys.  myplasticheart has been kind enough to get the ball rolling with Sylvan Yeti from Gary Ham and Pobber Toys.  This chilly fella is limited to 50 pieces and will be priced at $75 each and available at booth # 113.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

"Choices" from Jermaine Rogers is Available Now

    Mur-der Bun-ny! Mur-der Bun-ny!  This little guy seems to be in the midst of a very tough decision involving what to do with that knife.  Does he make himself a bangin' peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  Does he carve himself a primitive gnome out of wood to watch over his carrot patch?  Or does he straight murder some fool for disrespecting him?  Those red beady eyes make me think that someone's internal organs are gonna get some new ventilation holes.  But he remains undecided just what he's gonna do, as his name "Choices" reflects.  This newest figure from Jermaine Rogers stands 8 inches tall, is limited to 500 pieces, and will probably startle you have to death when you get up in the middle of the night to tinkle.  He's available now wherever you prefer to buy your fancy toys.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Porcelain Skull "TJ" from NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    Wouldn't it be fun if all of our skulls had secret artwork on them depending on our personalities?  Then when we die they could all be placed in a great big museum for other people to come and look at and wonder what mysterious images their own skulls might contain.  And right here you have witnessed my greatest curse.  It's that I'm so great at coming up with ideas that cannot be replicated and sold for millions of dollars.  Just yesterday I created an idea for real life montages, just like the ones in the movies, that would help you get all of your work done in a fraction of the time it actually takes.  Got a big project coming up?  Let me sell you this montage and finish it in no time!  Wanna train for a heavy weight fight but have little to no experience?  Don't be silly, in the course of one of my montages you'll not only learn all the skills you need, but be the best at them!  I was ready to take this idea to Shark Tank and make Mark Cuban give me all his money, but alas, my product is but a figment of an over active imagination.  Why can't I invent something tangible that can be factory made and sold on early morning infomercials?  

    If you long for a finely decorated skull like I do, how about one of these beauties from K. Olin Tribu and NooN.  Made with the finest porcelain, each one is hand decorated with vintage motifs (my high school art teacher is so proud of me right now).  Only 50 were made and are available right now at

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Aphrodite A from Mazinger Z by threezero

    If this picture doesn't sell you on how badly you need this toy in your life, then I don't know what else I can do.  Not only that but my brain is overloaded with so many juvenile things that I can barely form complete sentences.  But I'm going to compose myself, be an adult about this, and try not to think about her boobie missiles.   Too late.

    You already know that threezero makes the most stunning toys you've ever seen in your life, so it shouldn't surprise you how awesome Aphrodite A here is looking.  She stands 15 inches tall and is about as articulated as a figure can get, down to her jointed fingers.  And she lights up!  And boobie missiles! (I tried so hard, but it's just too overwhelming for me)

    This foxy mech from Mazinger Z will be available for preorder beginning September 5th at 9am Hong Kong time.  Such perfection doesn't come cheap, but $290 is hardly unreasonable for a figure so detailed.  Seriously, your car probably doesn't have this many features.  And she's gonna come with the severed head of Garada K7 as a special bonus.  And yes, the boobie missiles do indeed fire, which will no doubt provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.  


The Bad Knight from Peter Kato Debuts Tomorrow!

    I'm all for keeping the past alive, it's a very important thing to do.  But there are some things that you shouldn't still practice today even though it may have been popular once.  Like witch burnings (you never get the smell out of your clothes) or dying of small pox, or jousting.  Maybe hundreds of years ago the idea of two armor-clad dudes on horse back riding full speed at each other with wooden poles seemed like a good idea, but when your life expectancy was so short you didn't really have to be that concerned about your personal well being.  Now if you take a lance to the chest and smack your head on the ground, chances are you'll live to be very old and very dumb.  Yet even with the threat of being turned into a vegetable ever looming, people are actually doing this again.  I grew up in the South and we did some pretty dumb stuff when we were bored, but we never got medieval about it.   Supposedly the lances they use are designed to break apart more easily, which to me means that instead of dying from blunt force trauma you'll just bleed to death from an overly ambitious splinter in your neck.  

    You want a real man's sport?  Try typing while you have a cat dancing on your keyboard.  Half the time when I post this stuff I'm never sure what actually makes it onto the internet.  Words get switched around, entire sentences get deleted.  Yes, the threat of bodily harm is pretty low, but occasionally you get the errant claw or tooth that will let you know how displeased they are at you for interrupting their fun.  Cat's hair and my blood are caked beneath every key, which sounds like it could be poetic, or something.  

    Peter Kato's Bad Knight figure looks like he probably isn't into extreme typing like I am.  Probably because he doesn't have actual hands, which could be a hinderance.  He's one mean looking dude though, and you can get one to guard all of your valuables when he goes on sale tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern time through  He'll be offering up 8 of them in this color scheme as well as an edition of 12 of his Ninja-Robo figures you see below.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

WWE.COM Exclusive Pop! Vinyls from Funko

    This week Sharon and I have been engrossed in the WWE Network watching all the Monday Night War episodes about the WWE vs. WCW feud in the 90's.  That was probably the best time ever to be a wrestling fan, because you had these two companies that hated each other so much they would do almost anything to get you to watch.  Competition breeds creativity and there's nothing more entertaining than watching people fall off of ladders and through tables.  I still watch wrestling, though I did take a long break from it, and I still enjoy it, even if the results can at times be a little predictable.  There's something about it that just sucks you in.  And seeing it live is like nothing else in the world.  The crowd is made up of people from every walk of life and seeing the kids there decked out in their favorite wrestler's merch and holding their signs reminds me of when I used to go when I was little.  I was always mesmerized that these characters I watched on tv every week were in the same place as I was and other people all over the world were at home watching what I was seeing unfold in person.  There aren't too many of my favorite tv shows that I can just go and watch as they film an episode, let alone feel a part of.  

    I got a little sidetracked there, but here's the meat of the issue.  You like toys?  Yup.  You like wrestling?  Yup.  Then get yourself some wrestling toys sucker.  Of course, we being grown ups (I hope you're a grown up or else your parents need stricter controls on what they let you read online) we need things that are more collectible than what we used to play with outside.  That's what I dig about Pop! Vinyls from Funko.  They have this fun feel to them, but they also feel a little more grown up, like you could fill your desk with them at the office and not everyone will think you're completely weird.  No guarantees though.  And have these John Cena and AJ Lee figures available right now to add to your collection.  You could make em hold hands and make CM Punk jealous, then you could start your own fantasy matches that I can assure you your coworkers will find strange.  Best to keep those to yourself.