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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Siamese Kittypillar from Casey Weldon x 3A

    Our cat Jorah has been on this kick where any time we come home with groceries he makes a bee line out the front door and onto our porch.  Once he gets there he crouches down real low and I swear I can hear him say "oh damn, oh damn" as he realizes how bad he just messed up.  His epiphany is usually the result of me yelling at him and even though he knows he is in trouble he still tries to check out all he can before I scoop him up.  To try and stop him we have begun to build a shield out of our grocery bags and enter the house like we're storming a misbehaving inmate in cell block D.  We push him back into the house to subdue his intentions and thus far have not needed to use tear gas to keep him from escaping, though I can assure you it's on the table if need be.

   You never have to worry about Casey Weldon's Kittypillar trying to escape, because he's made of plastic.  If he did run outside when you opened your front door you have much bigger problems because your house is haunted.  This Siamese version is an exclusive to Tenacious Toys and is available for preorder right now by visiting They're limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, cost $90 each, and are produced by the toy wizards at 3A.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Spoke Art Exclusive Calico Kittypillar from Casey Weldon x 3A

    The only new cats that will be entering my home any time soon will be of the plastic variety, because I've got a kitty turf war on my hands as we speak.  Two of the five have decided that our house isn't big enough for the both of them, so the black one rolls up on the tiny one like a school yard bully, and the tiny one responds by trying to make force fields out of urine all over the place.  There's nothing quite like laying your head down in anticipation of a good night's sleep and having the serenity broken by a jet stream of pee against the wall.  That girl has some pressure built up and it has ballooned my paper towel budget to absurd levels.  If you find yourself in the same situation, Target sells a product called Urine Destroyer, which sounds metal as hell and really does a good job... and I now realize that this is the most elderly post I've ever written and I am only slightly ashamed.

    While the idea of having a real life Kittypillar sounds pretty awesome, the science behind their creation is a slippery slope I'm not prepared to slide down.  So until kitties on some remote island in the South Pacific evolve naturally into this, we're going to have to dream about it vicariously through the work of Casey Weldon and 3A.  His latest version has a beautiful calico coat , stands eight inches tall, and has enough articulation to push all of your knick knacks straight off of the mantle.  This version is an exclusive to Spoke Art and is limited to only 100 pieces, so if you want one I would stop your procrastinating and get to adopting.  Get yours by visiting

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

DLX Bumblebee Preorder from 3A

    That new Bumblebee movie looks pretty cool, but it also makes me nervous.  You see, I look at Bumblebee as the small puppy of the Transformers so I swear if something bad happens to him during the movie I will not be able to handle it.  I will lose my mind and I will have to find out who is responsible so I can put them in the Camel Clutch.  Obviously dude isn't going to die, because it's a prequel to the other films, but even if someone hurts his feelings I'm gonna be mad.  It's why I can't watch those Disney movies involving animals because while the film may be good, something is gonna happen to bum me out and I do not need to cry in a movie theater and ruin my street cred.

    Allow me to blow your mind with how great this figure looks from 3A.  I love the way this looks because this is so close to how I remember Bumblebee from when I was a kid, but with a modern update.  What's really going to blow your mind is the fact that this masterpiece features 55 points of articulation.  I don't think there's anything that doesn't move.   And there's LED lights in the eyes, stands 8 inches tall, and features die cast metal parts, interchangeable hands, and anything else you can possibly think of to make this the greatest Transformers toy you will ever own.  For $145, which seems very reasonable to me, you also get free world wide shipping.  Preorder yours today by visiting

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tuxedo Kittypillar from Casey Weldon x 3A

    I used to be a serious germaphobe and would wash my hands after touching anything I thought could make me sick.  Even being in close proximity to something contaminated would make me feel like I was covered in sure fire death.  Living with five cats has all but cured me of the germ nightmare that I was trapped in.  Case in point: the other night I went to bed and I'm laying there a few minutes before I decide that a blanket is the way to go.  So I reach over and in the handful of microfiber luxury was a hairball.  It wasn't fresh, so the outside thankfully lacked that coating of slime that is their trademark, but not unlike a Twinkie, the inside was still filled with a gooey surprise.  Now old me would have happily thrown that blanket in a pile to be washed, gotten another one, and scrubbed my hand until the first layer of skin had been adequetly punished.  New me carefully walked to the bathroom, removed the rest of the hairball from the blanket WITH MY BARE HAND, washed my hands like it was no big deal, and returned to bed with said blanket.  I did flip it around so the filthy end was at my feet, but other than that I took no special action.

   Casey Weldon is one of my favorite artists, so much so that I have one of his prints hanging next to my tv, which is considered sacred space in my house.  3A has brought one of his most famous images to toy life with this outstanding rendition of Kittypillar.  I am thankful cats are limited to only four paws in real life, because they manage to transfer plenty of litter bits with their toes as it is.  Any more methods of carrying it and my floors would transform into the Atlantic City beach front of the late '90's.  Gross.

   This tuxedo version of the mighty Kittypillar stands 8 inches tall and is available for preorder right now at for $89.  The price includes shipping, which is scheduled to commence in November.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dresden Frau Dark Parade MS from 3A

    Just when you think things couldn't get any dumber in American politics, the moron that is our president has taken a page out of Chairman Mao's book and ordered a military parade through our capital.  It's obvious that he feels inadequate in more ways than any sane person could have ever imagined, but would someone please tell him that no matter how many ballistic missiles he parks in front of the Smithsonian, that it won't make his wittle guy any bigger.  It won't make his hair not look like a dust bunny, it won't make anyone donate money to his idiotic wall, and it certainly won't wipe away the regret that is plastered on the face of his wife in every photograph.  What we as Americans should do is on this day of his so called parade gather and block it from ever occurring.  Stand thousands deep and let it be another massive failure in what has already been an overflowing septic tank of a presidency.  

    I can assure you that despite any recent advances in military technology, none of these will be marching in our parade that never happens.  If they were I'd still be totally against it, but I'd be a little more intrigued.  Ashley Wood and 3A have carved quite a niche reimagining warfare and the weaponry involved, but this is by far my favorite of their interpretations.  Oh come on, don't tell me if you were about to be mowed down by machine gun fire this isn't who you'd prefer to be doing it.  

   Available starting tomorrow, February 8th, this is a Bambaland exclusive and will only be found at  Our president is still a moron, in case you forgot.  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Warbot Full Load Preorder from 3A

   I love a good theme and what better theme than machines of war!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started it off Monday with a wrestling tag team named War Machine and I'm continuing it today with actual combat robots. Forget flying cars and Legos that don't hurt when you step on them, this is the future!  Each nation builds the best robots they can, they duke it out, and a winner is declared without so much as one drop of blood spilled.  And you could put it on pay per view to support educational funding so Americans could finally go to college for free.  Why no one begs me to run for public office I'll never understand.

   This is one mean looking dude from 3A and he certainly isn't going deer hunting with an arsenal like that.  There's nothing like the old skull and crossbones to let people know what you're about, but enough fire power to wipe a small town off the map doesn't hurt either.  Dude even comes with a machete and a cleaver in case things have to get real nasty.  Available now for preorder through for $200, this 13 inch figure is ready to come and lay down some hard truths on the rest of your collection.  

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Steel Age Joker from 3A

    This image of The Joker would sell me instantly on any movie he was in.  I have no idea how they could contort a real life human being's face like this, but it would be worth it.  Just think: if the design was this amazing you know the story line couldn't suck.  It would be impossible.  Impossible, I say!

    There isn't an ounce of sanity left in this dude's grin and that's what makes him interesting.  3A does a great job of taking something very familiar to us all and presenting them in a way that feels fresh, and Steel Age Joker is no exception.  Featuring fabric clothing and led lights in his already creepy eyes, this should have any Bat-fan drooling all over their comic books.  Which for the sake of market value are hopefully in protective sleeves to preventing water damage.

    Available beginning October 4th at, for $240 (which includes world wide shipping).

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Geisha Tomorrow Queens from 3A

    I never understand why they would bother training attractive people to be assassins.  They are the least inconspicuous because everyone is always watching them.  If someone that looks like Heidi Klum walks into a room and kills someone, no matter how discreet it is, you will hear the most detailed eyewitness testimony in the history of the American judicial system.  You would think everyone was handed a script to read from.  That's because attractive folks always have other people staring at them, especially if someone was abnormally attractive like how Hollywood always casts these characters.  They couldn't sneak an extra puff pastry without everyone in the room knowing, let alone deliver a lethal dose of poison to an arms dealer.  

    All eyes would definitely be on these ladies from 3A, but they don't look like they're here to take the subtle approach to their business.  Not that you could anyway walking around with sticks like that.  Nope, once you commit to that sort of weapon you're going in melee style and taking down whoever gets in your way.  These 1/6th scale beauties will be available starting this Friday, March 3rd, from for $140 each.  

Monday, October 31, 2016

Vinyl Kittypillar Preorders from Casey Weldon x 3A

    I find it rather impossible to successfully clip my cat's nails and then I take them to the vet and the girls there are like the Lebron James of kitty claws and practically do it with their eyes closed.  Big chunks of talons go flying in the air and I can be nothing but impressed because I only manage to get a teensy bit clipped before they freak out and try to main me. Then they inevitably proceed to go to the stair or the couch and demonstrate how ineffective a job I did.  Little sociopaths. 

    Thank goodness Kittypillars aren't real, because for one I would need a house full and for two, that's a lot of extra nails to render your belongings worthless.  This toy is based on a series of paintings by Casey Weldon and has been brought into plastic being by 3A.  I saw the prototype at New York Comic Con and it is a thing of beauty to say the least.  There are two different versions up for preorder right now at and for $89 each they include free world wide shipping.  That's a damn bargain for something that will make you smile every time you look at it.  You sure can't say that about much.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Marvel's Black Widow 3A Style

        Go ahead and tell me the plots of the Avengers movies.  I'll wait. 

        See, you can't do it, but its not your fault.  Scientists have proven that if Scarlett Johansson is prancing around in a skin tight costume that 95% of people have no ability to recall anything else that is happening.  Hollywood has used this technique to slip tons of movies that have no redeeming value past us and all we're left with is a little less money in our bank accounts and a two hour window of our lives thats blacked out.  A small price to pay I suppose.   And it's not like the Avengers films were bad, but I guess they didn't want to risk it just in case.  

    3A is continuing their line of Marvel figures with the ever dangerous Black Widow.  Lucky for you the presale for her doesn't start until Wednesday, August 31st, so you haven't missed out yet on securing this purrty lady for your collection.  Woo her at

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Action Portable Wave 2 from 3A

      You know what's great about the Action Portable series from 3A?  Not only are they as awesome as their larger counterparts, but they're price tag is easier to explain away to your wife when you buy them all.  Well, she still might be upset, but you're on your own with that one.  Take a look at my favorites of these stunning 1/12 scale figures and prepare your finances for when they go on sale June 17th at

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dresden Lady Wave 1 from 3A

    Warfare is getting weird.  Just when you think countries are going to be leveling each other from afar with those remote controlled drone things (and you thought they were just for creeps trying to record you through your window) I see something like this.  I mean, I guess if I was going to be gunned down having it come courtesy of a killer pair of legs isn't so bad.  The getting gunned down part still sucks mind you, but at least I'd be distracted as my body spontaneously erupted my guts everywhere.  It's all about perspective.

    3A is unleashing the latest in infantry on April 28th when these three maidens of the battlefield will be available.  Each one will be $160 through



Monday, December 28, 2015

Steel Age Batman from 3A

    Hope you saved some of that money you got for Christmas, cause I'm about to spend it for you.  Allow your eyes to gaze upon the beauty that is this Steel Age Batman from 3A.  He's always been  man defined by his duel personas and the design of this figure echoes the fight within.  His medieval armor says "I'm ready to dole out some rough justice", while his Dr. Marten-esque boots say "I've got tickets to the Nine Inch Nails show."   Either way, heads are gonna get stomped.  

    You already know you want one.  Heck, you might have stopped reading this awhile back and are currently planning what you can get rid of to make room for it.  After you've finished you're going to want to know that this figure, in all of its 1/6th scale glory, will be available December 31st for $240. Be the envy of all your friends only from

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lonely Dark Lady TQ from 3A

    I'm still pissed at George Lucas for going back and putting that garbage into the original Star War trilogy.  Especially being that the computer generated nonsense added exactly nothing to the films other than the feeling of fine grit sandpaper in my undershorts.  But this figure from 3A has given me a great idea for something to change in The Empire Strikes Back.  You know that pivotal scene where Vader tells Luke that he is his long lost father?  Let's revise it a bit:

Vader:  "Luke, I am your father."

Luke:  "No. That's not possible."

Vader:  "I know, right.  And to be honest I left you and your sister not to focus on my evil career, but to become the person I always knew I was inside."

     Vader then rips off his bulky outfit to reveal his new, streamlined, ladies body.  His light saber becomes a stripper pole and he flaunts what his space credits bought him.  

      End scene.

     You know that's a Robot Chicken sketch waiting to happen.   Hit me up Seth Green, and let's make sweet magic.
    October 30th is the date to get your hands on this 1/6th scale beauty from 3A and the only place to do that is  Your childhood will never be the same.

Friday, October 16, 2015

On Sale Now: The Lonely Warrior Tomorrow Queen from 3A

    And you thought all Stormtroopers were clones.  If they all looked like this instead of Jango Fett the Empire would have never been able to focus enough to build one, let alone two Death Stars.  It would have saved them a lot of money on uniforms, though.  Probably could have afforded the extra man hours to have actually covered those exhaust vents.  If you wanna run the Galaxy, you gotta be on board with forward thinking.  

     You can get this feisty lady from 3A right now over at  She stands a full two feet tall, comes with two interchangeable heads, and enough accessories to squash any rebellion that may come her way.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Galamilk World of Isobelle Pascha Vampire Hunting Miyu and Lizbeth from 3A

    Women seem to dominate the world of vampire hunting for some reason.  While there may be inequality in other forms of employment, killing blood-sucking fiends has predominately been a field where men have had no place.  There are a few notable exceptions, like Blade or Van Helsing, but they are no match for their female counterparts.  I suppose if I were a vampire and someone was to drive a stake through my heart I'd rather it be some attractive woman than some sweaty dude.  Did the vampires form some sort of union and this was on their lists of demands? 

   Who cares about the particulars and let us just enjoy the fact that pretty ladies are keeping us safe from becoming slaves of the undead.  Miyu and Lizbeth from 3A are working hard to literally save your necks and look good while doing it.  Both of these figures are available right now from for $320 each.  Which may seem like a lot, until you realize that they stand 2 feet tall!  That's a lot of toy!And shipping is included in the price, so now your only decision is which one you like best.  I say get them both so one isn't lonely without the other.  This is something I legitimately think about.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Post SDCC Sale from 3A Happening Tomorrow

     I've never braved the halls of San Diego Comic Con.  I've never waited in lines days in advance to see my favorite celebrities in a panel, or fought through the masses to score a toy release.  But every year as it's going on I am glued to my computer waiting for trailers and photos to be uploaded and hoping against all hope that exclusives will make their way online for much more reasonable prices than you can find on eBay.  For fans of 3A, your ability to purchase the figures you wish you could have gotten will happen tomorrow.

    Mind you the packaging and the toys themselves will offer slight variances from their SDCC counterparts, but this is much better than trying to sell your kidney on the black market to pay those ridiculous toy flipper prices.  Trust me, I've considered the organ trade many times before.

    The sale is going down tomorrow, July 17th, starting at 9am Hong Kong time and lasting for 24 hours only at

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sawyer 1/6 Scale Figure from 3A Available Now

        I know everyone is all excited about the new Mad Max movie, but the whole post-apocalyptic thing just doesn't work for me. I get that the apocalypse is pretty devastating, but there's always tons of people in these films and yet none of them are apparently skilled in the building trades.  In Mad Max they drive these wild armored cars, yet why do they not put any effort into building apartment complexes?  Questions like that just nag me throughout so I don't even bother watching films like that most of the time.   And there looks to be a serious lack of deodorant, which is something we should probably start prepping for now.  Screw the zombies, let's keep the remaining folks smelling good and confident in their freshness.  That's how you rebuild infrastructure.

    The world of Sawyer and Beaver Industries doesn't seem to be nearly as grim as Mad Max, but depending on what secrets the company is hiding in their massive facility, that situation could rapidly change.  Sawyer is conducting her own investigation into the mysterious place she works, and what she uncovers could change everything.  Sounds interesting to me!  Not only does the story seem cool, but the characters have a really unique look to them courtesy of Crystal Jade Vaughn.  Everything she does compels you to want to know more about the characters she creates.  Just from looking at the pictures online you get such a great sense of the personality that this figure possesses.

    She is available for preorder right now over at

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ghost Edition Iron Man from 3A Available Now

    There are very few movies that make me want to shell out the cash to see in the theatre.  And it's not really the money per se, as much as it is the other people that happen to be there and preventing us from enjoying what we pay for.  My frustrations are begging to be let out in violent ways, so we have a few requirements of a film before we watch it in public.  The first is that it has to be a huge fanboy movie, i.e. The Avengers.  Those are the best behaved audiences and provide the most pleasant experience for the viewer.  Everyone there is completely invested in what's happening on screen and wouldn't dare upset the nerd balance by acting a fool.  The second is that we only go during a weekday to avoid kids that have no interest in the movie and are just looking to socialize.  Teenagers are annoying to begin with and are begging to be dropped off in the woods somewhere, so it doesn't take much provocation to snap on one.  Follow our simple rules and always have a pleasant movie-going experience. And bring your own food, that stuff is criminally expensive.

    Oh, did I mention The Avengers?  Yeah, that movie is gonna be freakin amazing and what's even better is all the cool stuff that's being released to coincide.  You've seen 3A's Iron Man before, but never like this.  I don't think Tony Stark could wear this suit in combat, because just looking at white clothing funny will stain it, but then again he could definitely afford the dry cleaning bill.

    As with anything 3A makes, this dude looks killer.  I love their take on classic characters and you can love him too by ordering him right this second over at

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Evenfall T.O.T.E.M Thug Pugillo from 3A Available Now

    This dude looks like the Brock Lesnar of space defense robots, and he's ready to take you to suplex city.  I feel like he should come with a little Paul Heyman-esque robot that describes in vivid detail the beating you're about to take.  This massive toy stands 16 inches tall, is ready to make you it's personal man slave, and is on sale right now from 3A at  Even if you don't buy it, he still may show up at your house and choke slam you through your coffee table.