Monday, August 31, 2015

Mixed Parts SMD5 from Jeff Lamm x Unbox Industries Available Now!

    The MTV VMA's were on as I was writing this post.  Let me clarify, they weren't actually on MY tv at home, but supposedly they were on someone's, which makes me sad for them.  The only reason I even knew it was airing was because of those ridiculous commercials with Miley Cyrus and her tongue all hanging out, trying to be edgy, or whatever it is that mall kids aspire to be these days.  I wish someone would make clothing that she likes to wear so she can stop showing off her 13 year old boy's body like its something anyone wants to see that isn't already in jail for sex crimes.  Do they air MTV in prison?  They should make you watch it on death row so you stop appealing and start begging for the electric chair.

    I haven't watched the VMA's since Nirvana played on them.  And if you're like me and couldn't care less about who wore what on the red carpet or what dumb thing Kanye West did, you could instead focus your attention on securing one of these mixed parts SMD5 figures from Jeff Lamm and Unbox Industries.  What color combo will you get?  Who knows, cause that's a surprise, and it won't matter anyway cause the figure is so sick that they could make a color scheme called "scab" and it would still be awesome.  These are on sale right now and will be until September 6th or until supplies last.  Snag one for yourself or your favorite internet pseudo-celebrity (no, not Grumpy Cat) by going to

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ron English's Apocalypse Grin Dunny Coming Next Week From Kidrobot

    Living in New York must be nuts.  There's always people around, nothing ever seems quiet, and I don't know how anyone affords to buy food after paying their rent.  Seriously, how are all New Yorkers not holding telethons for people to feed them?  I can't even rent a closet in the city for what I pay for my town house.  One benefit of living in the city is you get to stumble upon amazing works of art just hanging out there on the side of a building. People that have insane gallery shows are just painting real estate like its no big deal.  The other day while Sharon and I were roaming around trying to get to Toy Tokyo we ran into a huge mural from Ron English.  While we didn't physically run into it even though we were dehydrated and sweating like some urban nomads in a foreign dessert, you would have thought we had never been anywhere before with our level of amazement.  Which, to divert slightly, we totally embraced our inner podunk Midwesterner when we went into a two-story Target in Brooklyn and were completely floored with the escalator for shopping carts.  Check out this jawn:  you're roaming around my on the first floor, getting all your essentials for domestic life when you realize there is a new Taylor Swift album you will die without, but alas, the electronics department is on the second floor.  Are you supposed to just abandon your cart full of Hot Pockets and tabloids and hope that someone won't pillage your future purchases?  Should you strap it on you back, channel your inner sherpa, and lug that 4 wheeled son of a gun up there?  Fear not, because carts have their own adjoining escalator which moves them effortlessly between floors.  I know, it's crazy right?  I wanted to take a video of it but I didn't want people to think I was adjusting beautifully despite my obvious mental deficiencies.  You get mistaken for simple once in your life and you never forget it.

     The point of all this was originally, I think anyway cause I can't be bothered to read all that again, is that I saw some crazy out of doors art from Ron English and we don't have that stuff where I live.  We have people that paint rude sayings on billboards, but that can hardly be considered art, especially when their vulgar diatribes are not grammatically correct.  You can bring some Ron English art INSIDE the house next week when Kidrobot releases this ballin Dunny.  There's the regular version, which is just a bigger rendition of his original 3 inch design, and there's that super clean white chase design at you're not gonna want your friends to get their dirty finger prints on.  Get one for yourself next Friday, September 4th, for $75 from or wherever you like to buy your toys.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Red Rub" Vertebrata from Paul Kaiju x Blobpus x Toy Art Gallery Lottery Details

    I love when people commit crimes using unconventional weapons.  One of my favorite stories of such an occurrence was when a man walked into a gas station near where I used to live, and robbed the place with a broom.  He cleaned out the cash register by brandishing an item used to clean the floor.  I never found out whether he got to the place and just winged his approach, or if he brought the thing with him as part of a well thought out plan.  The former I can understand, because he could have just had poor impulse control, but the latter is way more bizarre.  The guy looked around his house, was struck by a moment of divine inspiration, and drove with his weapon to make some quick cash from the Texaco.

    You may, in a few brief moments, notice that the above story has nothing to do with the toy you see there.   I had already typed this story out for a different post, but then that toy sold out and I thought it would be a waste to just delete what I had already written, so here it is.  One less story being sent to the landfill.

    The newest edition of Vertebrate from Paul Kaiju x Blobpus x Toy Art Gallery will be available via lottery submission starting today at noon pacific time.  You have until Monday at noon to enter for a chance o buy one of these freaky ladies.  Here's more info on the lottery:

The Vertebrata Red Rub Edition retails for $85 and will be released via email lottery starting on Wednesday, August 26th at 12PM PST and ending on Monday, Aug. 31st at 12PM PST. Email with “Vertebrata Lottery” as the subject along with your paypal address and shipping info. If selected you will be sent an invoice for payment. Please allow 24 hours for a response after the closing time (Monday 12PM PST). Winners will be chosen at random, one entry per participant please (if you submit more than once you will be disqualified). Good luck!


Friday, August 21, 2015

The Next Installment of SWWF from Healeymade

    I am so pumped right now I want to go ring a random person's doorbell and DDT them on their front porch.  Sharon and I are going to Summerslam in Brooklyn this weekend and I have been super hyped about it for months but now that it's here I've go so much excitement built up inside me that I don't know how I will make it through today without powerbombing someone through a table or using uncontrolled run-on sentences.  The highlight for me is that I'm gonna get to see The Undertaker in person, which hasn't happened in a long time.  When I was a wee little Chris I got to go to a house show in Richmond, Virginia we walked up to the box office the day of the show and got seats right next to the barrier where the performers walk out.  I remember standing their in awe as The Undertaker made his way to the ring; by far the biggest person I had ever seen in my life let alone stood next to.  He was beyond human; something that couldn't have been something naturally occurring in this world, but something born purely of imagination.  Though I'm much older and much more knowledgable about how the world of professional wrestling works, that surreal feeling still comes back to me any time I go see it in person.  

    If you were to ask me how to create the perfect toy I would say you have to take things I love, mash them together, and let the results speak for themselves.  Well, I love Star Wars and I love WWE, so I would say Healeymade has either been rooting around in my brain or the man has some exquisite tastes.  This thing is beautiful in its genius and can be owned right now by checking out  

Galamilk World of Isobelle Pascha Vampire Hunting Miyu and Lizbeth from 3A

    Women seem to dominate the world of vampire hunting for some reason.  While there may be inequality in other forms of employment, killing blood-sucking fiends has predominately been a field where men have had no place.  There are a few notable exceptions, like Blade or Van Helsing, but they are no match for their female counterparts.  I suppose if I were a vampire and someone was to drive a stake through my heart I'd rather it be some attractive woman than some sweaty dude.  Did the vampires form some sort of union and this was on their lists of demands? 

   Who cares about the particulars and let us just enjoy the fact that pretty ladies are keeping us safe from becoming slaves of the undead.  Miyu and Lizbeth from 3A are working hard to literally save your necks and look good while doing it.  Both of these figures are available right now from for $320 each.  Which may seem like a lot, until you realize that they stand 2 feet tall!  That's a lot of toy!And shipping is included in the price, so now your only decision is which one you like best.  I say get them both so one isn't lonely without the other.  This is something I legitimately think about.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Want To Own Buffalo Bill's House from "Silence of the Lambs"? Now You Can!

    As you can tell from the past two days, I've ben on a real estate kick.  You need somewhere amazing to house your toy collection and I've finally found the perfect place.  On the market now, just south of Pittsburgh (which is the only drawback, really) is Buffalo Bill's house from Silence of the Lambs.  This place is beyond amazing you can see by checking out the listing here.  For $300,000 you can not only own a house that is part of movie making history, but you also get an in-ground pool with an old train caboose as a pool house!  Sadly, the infamous pit in the basement isn't there, as it was just something they created on a sound stage, but the house has enough space that you could make your captives put the lotion in the basket in one of four picturesque bedrooms, or perhaps even the winter parlor (I have no idea what that is, but I need it) or butler's pantry (just as clueless).  

Hello Clarice? More like hello victorian luxury!

Boomu Plush from 100% Soft

     This is how I want to die.  I want a giant, cuddly, kaiju kitten to rise from his home deep within a mountain and devour me with snuggles.  You can keep your "hails of gunfire" and your "blazes of glory" cause I'm going out to the sounds of monster kitty purrs thank you very much.

    If you don't love this Boomu plush from 100% Soft you are both wrong and a terrible person.  It is flawless in its adorableness and is ready to stomp its way into your heart (and your city, which is pretty much doomed).  This 8 inch tall plushy is available right now for only $20 from  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Help Build a Real Version of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings

    How many times in your daily life are you forced to drive by another pile of garbage being built that will in a few years time sit abandoned like the bad idea it was?  Every day I pass by this relative ghost town on the way to work that has now decided to build a strip mall.  Never mind the fact that most of the houses sit vacant, or that the only other two businesses for miles are gas station on either side of the road and a produce stand that looks like it was but as a set for the next Mad Max film.  Nope, despite the obvious warning signs by the buzzards circling overhead, what that town needs is a nail salon, a pizza joint (cause you can't find one of those in New Jersey) and another place to buy a cell phone.  Oh joy!

    But this is a construction project I can get behind!  Finally, someone in this world has decided that enough is enough and cookie cutter housing developments and retail establishments have had their time and now we need to pave the way for something new.  Something, like Minas Tirith!

   The great city from Lord of the Rings has been proposed to be built somewhere in southern England, but it needs your help (and a lot of cash) to become a real, livable city.  It's a definite uphill battle, as they need to raise billions of dollars for the project to commence construction.  You can help by checking out the Indiegogo page here and by maybe convincing Bill Gates or Warren Buffet that this would make a pretty baller investment.  Meanwhile, I'll be packing all my things to be ready for move in day.  

"Sand K. Troop at Coin Rides Game #1" from Fools Paradise

    Ok, let me make it perfectly clear that the name of this toy is a bit nuts.  I put that sucker in quotation marks so you didn't think I had a stroke while typing this.  The name reminds me of when my brother went to Korea and he came back with this shirt that had a picture of a monkey in a space helmet and it said underneath "The Matrix Lord of The Rings Return of the King".  They had just taken recently released movie titles, mashed em together, and called it a day.  I was really pissed he didn't buy me one.

  I'm more than willing to overlook what may be a rather confusing name and instead focus on the majesty that is this toy.   Let's break it down into its component elements to fully appreciate what it has going for it:

1.) It's Star Wars presented in a unique way

2.) Half-nekkid lady Storm Trooper

    It practically sells itself on those two points alone!  So since I have convinced you that you need one, I shall now tell you how to make all of your dreams come true.  You're gonna want to go to this link type in your payment info, and one of these will magically appear at your doorstep later this year.  You only have until September 8th to preorder one and they cost $289 with shipping included (magic ain't free, son).

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

threezero's 1/6 Scale Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

   Life is easier to fully enjoy when you keep meth dealers out of your house.  Not that I've had the occasion to invite or not invite meth dealers over, because I've never known one.  But if I did, I'd have to be like "look bro, I'm cool with chillin at the food court, maybe grabbing some Sbarro, and checking out the H&M sale, but you can't come over."  See cause folks that sell meth have to have people to buy it, and those people really don't need to know where I live.  I'm not down with extras from The Walking Dead trying to steal my tv or bum money off of my cats.

    That Jesse Pinkman guy from Breaking Bad seems like a pretty cool dude, but rules to live by are not meant to be broken.  Though I would made an exception for this ultra detailed toy from threezero. Despite the fact that it looks amazingly life-like, I don't think the DEA is gonna pressure me to turn informant on an action figure.

    Like every threezero figure, ol Jesse comes with plenty of accessories to live out that life on the edge, like a gun and fat stacks of cash.  Speaking of cash, you can spend yours preordering this figure on Friday, August 21 at 9am Hong Kong time from

Friday, August 14, 2015

"Leviathan" Lottery from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Happening Now

    I'm gonna say it:  This is my favorite release EVER from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.  Other than the fact that this dude looks literally and figuratively killer, I have been obsessed with great white sharks since I can remember.  My dream vacation would be to go to South Africa and see the ones that jump out of the water.  They have boat tours that will fill the water with blood and guts to attract them to the boat and you can see freakishly close, as in they could bite your face off close.  Having never seen one in person I wonder if they would even look real to me.  When Sharon and I went to the National Zoo in Washington we were hell bent on seeing the panda bears.  Upon arrival the three of them were chilling inside this glass enclosure, eating bamboo, and looking like they might have been little people in suits.  You see them on tv and they look so cute, but in person they look like any minute they're gonna check their cell phones and you're gonna realize they're just tiny college kids trying to earn some extra money.  

    If this guy attacks you while you're enjoying a nice day at the beach with the family don't bother punching him in the nose.  Save your energy and start praying for forgiveness for all the bad stuff you've done in life, cause you're gonna meet your maker real soon.  The lottery to own on of these Leviathan figures is happening right now and ends just before the stroke of midnight tonight.  Get your funds together and enter over at

    If lotteries aren't your thing and you're more into impressing people with the speed that you can enter your credit card info, then take a crack at purchasing one of these Sludge Demons.  They go on sale this Sunday at noon eastern time only at

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Arsenal of Artists "No Toon Left Behind" Group Show at Suburban Vinyl This Saturday

    Do kids watch cartoons anymore?  I remember looking forward to Saturday mornings all week, not just because I didn't have to go to school, but because all of the best shows were on then.  Not that I have kids of my own mind you, but I picture them today glued to their smart phones and being consumed with auditions for the next season of Teen Mom.  Kids are the devil.

    Arsenal of Artists wants us to remember the simpler times, when the minds of children were more focused on Scooby Doo and less on being emotionally stunted by the internet.  Playful Gorilla and Cash Cannon have put together a massive group show called "No Toon Left Behind" that celebrates the innocence of waking up early on your day off as a youngster and being glued to the tv.  Just look at the list of artists participating:

    Thank you to whoever made this graphic cause I would have gotten a blister trying to type all of those names.  This thing is taking place on Saturday at Suburban Vinyl in New Jersey and from the amount of work that will be on display I'm wondering if they had to expand just to fit it all in there.  Find out for yourself while taking a sweet nostalgia trip.

Plaseebo To Unleash Vinyl Madness This Friday

    I am convinced that the work of Plaseebo could transport you into an underlying world where the mad visions of HP Lovecraft are the norm and its all your brain can do not to explode upon witnessing it.  Everything from the paint schemes to the glow in the dark elements to the LED lights work together to conjure up visions of things that cannot be unseen.  Or they just look really cool in your display case and I am the victim of an over active imagination.  Either way, they're still mesmerizing to look at.

    Tomorrow, August 14, there will two new one off custom figures released in his shop.  The first one you see up there consists of Plaseebo's own Gnaw head mounted on Skull Head Butt's X body, and containing a motion activated LED light that changes color.  Signed and dated, that sucker will be available for $350.

    The other part of this release is this AntiChrist 666 figure from Frank Mysterio.  He's filled with tons of guts and 3 motion activated LED lights to make this guy shine like the unholy terror he is.  He also comes signed and dated.  Both of these custom figures will only be available from

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kozik x Kidrobot's Tribute to All Things Delicious

    I am usually against posting sneak peaks because they lack all of the important details you, my very intelligent and quite attractive readers, need to make an informed purchase.  Today, I make an exception for all things that are both delicious and made of chicken.  Never have I loved something that causes me so much intestinal distress as I love KFC.  Even though I haven't had it in years (for my own health and that of public restrooms in Southern New Jersey) I can still taste the Colonel's original recipe like I just housed an entire bucket of deep fried heaven.  And let us not forget those delicious biscuits that they never give you enough of.  Fill a bucket up with those too my friend, and let us feast like peasant kings!!!

    I've been following the developments of Frank Kozik's chicken man ever since he first posted up the beautiful 3D sculpts from Bigshot Toyworks, and now it looks like Kidrobot will be producing these suckers in the very near future.  Just look at these renders below and tell me with an honest heart that you don't want this:

    See, you couldn't do it cause then you'd be a liar, and liars don't get any chicken in my house!!!  Let's bring a familiar friend back to tell you just how I feel about this toy:

    Yes I do little otter buddy. Yes I do.  

"My Pet Gurgle" Custom Autopsy Baby from Topheroy x Miscreation Toys

    Dear God this is frightening.  This is like all those dead baby jokes coming back to haunt you for telling them.  I'm lucky enough (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) to seemingly have instant karma, so any time I say something I maybe shouldn't have it usually results in me injuring myself a few seconds later.  So I'm not worried about a zombie baby hiding behind a dumpster, just waiting to gnaw through my chillies, cause if it was gonna happen it would have a long time ago.  I still may walk a bit further away from them though, just in case.

    The Autopsy Babies from Miscreation Toys are enough to scare the skin off of you by themselves, but with this tribute to everyones favorite monster from the '80's, that freakish level has somehow been elevated.  Topheroy is the man behind this haunted looking doll and if you've got the intestinal fortitude to have one in the house with you there will be 10 of them available this Saturday, August 15, over at  They'll be $200 each and come with a metal chain and removable eyeball, just like my uncle Jeff.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Skinner Puts a Hex on The Iron Monster from Miscreation Toys

        I've been thinking about building my own Iron Monster for a while now.  I've been saving all these soda cans, so I guess he's gonna be more of an Aluminum Monster, but that makes him sound kinda weak.  I figure if I layer the cans thick enough he could withstand a pretty brutal attack.  There's also the problem of bringing him to life, which I'm really not sure how to do.  I found some local witches I thought could help but all they wanna do is volunteer at the Renaissance Fair so they can get free admission.  I'd totally pay for them to get in and take em to The Cheesecake Factory afterwards if they could conjure some rotten old souls to inhabit my monster, but it's starting to look like they don't have the witch skills I require.  They need to be more specific in their Craigslist ads.

      You know Skinner don't need no witches to bring his toys to life and strangle your neck meat in your sleep, cause he's got paint infused with ancient demon blood.  That stuff's expensive, but look at how it shines!  These Iron Monster figures from Miscreation Toys have been given the special Skinner treatment and will be unleashed upon the world this Friday, August 14, at noon pacific time.  Only 6 of these will be available and will probably sell out in less time than it took you to read this.  Try your luck at

Monday, August 10, 2015

Cinema Monster V Coming Wednesday from Splurrt

   Oh man, True Detective gave me ALL the feels last night.  What a great, yet heartbreaking, season finale.  You know I'm not gonna spoil it for you, cause I'm no jerk, but after watching it I am totally comfortable is saying that this season was better than the first.  I loved the first season, except for the ending which I thought was a disservice to what they built in previous episodes.  But this season really felt like it worked itself towards an inevitable end.  The characters were digging a tunnel from their own mental prison cells and instead of daylight they only found themselves emerging in the very spot they were trying to escape.  We are living in the greatest age television has ever known.

    Japanese vinyl gives me all the feels, but in a totally different way that is totally not kosher for me to share with you.  Just look at the beautiful black glitter that makes up Splurrt's Cinema Monster V.  Some people get weepy when they here the national anthem, or witness the birth of a child.  For me, it's great story telling on TV and plastic monsters that gets me all misty.  You can cry tears of joy all over one of these for yourself cause they go on sale this Wednesday, August 12 at 10pm eastern time only from  And as a bonus you get a sweet header card done by Johan from Deathcattoys.  Now, since you have a little time to wait before the sale, go watch True Detective.  Or go to work if that's more your thing.  Or whatever, I'm not the boss of you.

Friday, August 7, 2015

"Candy Gore" Custom Show featuring Brandt Peters x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Opens Tonight at Stranger Factory

    There's sooooooo many custom toy shows out there every week that I can barely keep up with them.  Not that it's a bad thing, it's just I have to go to work eventually and can't begin to tell you about all of them, let alone attend them.  But let me tell you something, I would smack the teeth out of your grandma to be at Stranger Factory tonight when the Candy Gore show opens.  Brandt Peters and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore are bringing the plastic pain for this show and there hasn't been one piece that they've teased that I didn't want to own.  Seriously, there is no toy show that's gonna be better this year and if you're lucky enough to be in attendance you need to know how jealous I am of you.   I am so jealous I would put your mom in the Camel Clutch until she testified in open court that my legal name was the Iron Sheik.

     Now, the show itself doesn't start until 6pm, but if you want to purchase one of the insane pieces on display, and trust me you do, then you need to get your hind parts there at 11am and register for the lottery.  Here's some info of how that is gonna go down:

– You can sign up for the lottery starting Friday, August 7th at 11am when Stranger Factory opens
– You may start viewing the opening of Candy Gore at 6pm August 7th
– Random drawing order to purchase work begins at 6:15pm August, 7th
– When your name is drawn, you may choose 1 piece of work by each artist: Brandt Peters and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore totaling 2 pieces for your turn
– When all names have been drawn, a second round of names drawn will begin allowing 1 piece of work by each artist: Brandt Peters and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore totaling 2 pieces second round

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Rundown of Upcoming Kidrobot Releases

    Sometimes in this life you just need to cuddle something.  Sometimes you need to sit on the couch, watch your DVR'd episodes of Naked and Afraid and just snuggle up to something soft and warm.  Sometimes your cats get sick of you holding onto them like a fuzzy little therapy doll and will bite you repeatedly to get you to stop crying on their fur.  If this sounds like you than you are the perfect candidate to own these plush buggies from the hit game Best Fiends and Kidrobot.  Look at how adorable they are, just waiting for to pick them up and melt away the stress of the day.  As an added bonus their teeth seem to be made of felt, which last time I checked will not cause unwanted blood loss.  Best of all they're available right now for only $5.99 each at  

    I've really gotta get out and get a hair cut today.  I'm starting to look like a Sears catalog model from the '70's.  No not the underwear dudes, more like the husky section, which truth be told doesn't seem that flattering now that I'm reading it.  Maybe I'll actually run to the Hair Cuttery and sweat out some of this manliness.  

    I'm thinking I could pull of this sick Baby Huey fade.  You gotta admire someone hell bent on destroying our country who looks so ridiculous.  Maybe if he let his people have the internet one of his advisors could tell him that the old high and tight may work for Dolph Lundgren, but not so much on his pumpkin head.  Frank Kozik's depiction of this megalomaniac will be available starting this Friday, August 7th, from your favorite toy retailers.  Available in two different colors and priced at $65 each, you can easily afford to get em both and impose your own UN sanctions.   

    This is what I like to see.  Yes, of course I like to see Dunnys cause they're my jam and whatnot, but I like to see new artists get a shot at making awesome production pieces.  Way back in the past you couldn't have had all the Dunny artists in the same van at once because if something tragic happened that would be the end of the line.  It was a serious issue.  But the new regime at Kidrobot knows that there are talented folks all over this world who can bring it when it comes to designing a toy.  One of these new talents is Wuzone, who killed it with his debut 8 inch figure.  You can pick one up next Friday, August 14th wherever you like to buy your toys.  

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Tales from The Netherknowle" Kickstarter from Taylored Curiosities

    Who doesn't love a good adventure?  Most of mine usually end with the line "and that's how we ended up spending our weekend in the emergency room", but that's like a whole separate bonus adventure itself.  Some of the more interesting ones I will tell you about as soon as there is no question whether or not the statute of limitations has passed.  I've seen enough episodes of Scared Straight to know that prison would be the death of me.  Not from a stray shank to the ribs, or from some beast of a man thinking I look like his ex wife, I'm talking about the food.  Have you see what they get fed, cause lunch is pretty much capital punishment.  Your demise may not be as quick as with the electric chair, but you'll be wishing for it the moment your body tries to extract and nutrients from that old bologna sandwich.  That's the kind of adventure I do not need in my life.

    I would, however, be willing to go anywhere with these little dudes.  They're as trustworthy as those beavers from Narnia and I'm sure something magical would happen on your trip.  Maybe you would meet a talking raccoon who wants to chat about the newest season of True Detective, or maybe you would stumble upon a witch's house made of beef wellington.  The possibilities are only limited by your imaginations, which could spell trouble for some of you.  I kid, you know I love you unconditionally.  Or is that conditionally?  Which one is it where you have to do stuff for me or I cut you off?

    Taylored Curiosities wants to send you on an adventure with her newest creations, but in order to start your journey you have to back her Kickstarter campaign.  Check it out here and pack your bags to do some serious exploring.  And watch out for cops cause I will not bail you out.

Cecil The Lion Beanie Baby To Raise Funds for Wildlife Charity

    Yeah, I know, Beanie Babies aren't necessarily tops on my list of things to write about.  But there's nothing that angers me more than people hurting animals so they can feel better about their own short comings (if you get my drift).  The fact that such an act is listed as one of the primary traits of serial killers shouldn't surprise anyone, cause you have to be pretty sick to kill something as beautiful as defenseless.  I've never understood big game hunting, probably because I'm not mentally stunted, and after hearing about Cecil the lion I have been sick down to my very soul.  Sick to think that a fellow human being could do such a thing and even sicker in the pride they feel in it.  So yeah, I'm writing about Beanie Babies today because that's how far my disgust has taken me and it's the only action besides strangling the idiot that killed this magnificent creature that may make me feel slightly better.  

    Next month TY is going to release a special stuffed critter to commemorate Cecil and raise money for WildCRU, which is Oxford University's Wild Conservation Unit and were the folks that were studying the lions in that area.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to them to continue their research into saving the world's endangered species.  At only $5.99, everyone can easily afford to buy one of these and help out a most worthy cause.   

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bella Lee: Noir Edition from Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys

    Man, I never knew how hard it is to find reasonable people to hire.  I've been trying to help wrangle candidates for my job and it has been no easy task.  To make matters worse, when you find a resume that's worth looking at, sometimes their very name will just ruin it for you.  For instance, how am I supposed to ever be expected to work with someone named Cupcake?  I can't take that seriously, and I refuse to call someone by a name like that, whether their parents actually put that on their birth certificate or not.  And what am I supposed to tell me wife when she asks me about my day?  It's gonna sound like I'm some low-grade pimp with a stable of girls on the corner.

     Bella Lee here had parents that actually thought their daughter could be anything she wanted to be, but even not being named Glitter didn't keep her from a life of questionable employment.  Or she might just be trying to pay down her student loans, in which case I totally understand.  Either way, Scott Tolleson and Pobber are pleased to offer this purrty lady online this Thursday, August 6th, for $120.  This 8 inch resin figure is limited to 50 pieces and only available from  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Last Day to Enter the Slugbeard Lottery from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Galley

    I am getting so old.  Last night Sharon and I went to The Smashing Pumpkins/Marilyn Manson show and I am dragging this morning.  It's the first show we've been to in a long time because frankly, we've seen just about everyone we could ever want to that's still alive,  We used to go to shows all the time so we checked just about everyone of our must-see list.  We've seen both of these bands numerous times, but they are two of our absolute favorites and the show was amazing.  I do have one question though: when did people start watching the shows only through their phones?  Everywhere we looked were people who were just taking pictures and recording snuff film quality footage on their cell phones.  Whats the point of paying to see a band live if you're going to spend the entire time wondering if you got something worthy of uploading to Facebook?  People are weird.  

   All those people could have done something productive with their data plans, like enter the latest Sluggard lottery from Paul Kaiju and Toy Art Gallery.  It ends today at 12pm pacific time and these are the details you need:

Email with “Slugbeard Lottery” as the subject along with your paypal address and shipping info. If selected you will be sent an invoice for payment. Please allow 24 hours for a response after the closing time (Monday 12PM PST). Winners will be chosen at random, one entry per participant please (if you submit more than once you will be disqualified). Good luck!