Friday, July 31, 2015

The Brute Low Poly Viking from Jona Dinges x VTSS Toys

    There can never be enough Viking toys out there.  That's not even my opinion, that's pure fact.  So many people in the toy world are inspired by Asian Art, or graphitti, or drug abuse, but Nordic art is sorely under represented.  And it's not like the Vikings weren't creating some beautiful work in between cracking skulls and looting monasteries, it's just people are way more into violence than wood carving.

    Not that this guy was inspired by anything the Vikings created as much as he was their very essence of awesome, but it's still a step closer.  I love this figure drom Jona Dinges x VTSS Toys and if you've got $220 laying around you can love it in person in your own house.  They only made 50 and they should be available today at  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What if Mr. T and the TMNT Had a Baby? Dead Greedy Has the Answer For You

    The scenario I described in the title of this post of course would depend on there being female ninja turtles, which is a spin off series I'm shocked no one has done yet.  It would be the perfect plan for Shredder to create chick turtles, thus distracting our heroes long enough to take over the world to the point that there's nothing they could do.  I am really underutilizing my skills as an evil genius.

    My man Dead Greedy is so far ahead of the game though, cause he already had Mr. T swoop in and  woo the green right off of one of those turtle ladies with the promise of gold chains and massive amounts of the pitying of fools.  At this very moment you could snag yourself one of those mini Mr. TMNT in the color of your choice for $20, or get one of each (that's five total) for $75.  Or you could go much bigger, and get a sweet carded version painted up like Michelangelo for $50.  Take a gander at the madness over at

Micro Nyagira Custom Series Available Now from Max Toy Co.

    Sharon and I recently took her parents and our niece to a local no-kill animal shelter because they have what is probably the greatest amusement park ride in history.  There's this series of three rooms that house all of the cats that are adoptable and the ones that will live there forever based on various reasons.  The place is wall to wall free roaming cats with a few lawn chairs right smack in the middle.  You go in, you sit down, and you are instantly covered in a mound of kitty snuggles.  I dare Six Flags to come up with anything better.  

    My own house is beyond capacity in the amount of fuzzy friends it already holds, so we have sworn an oath to only welcome plastic kitties in for the time being.  This Micro Niagara custom from Max Toy Company seems to fit that bill quite well.  Hand painted by Mark Nagata in an edition of only 14, there are still a few left over at for $30 each.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Christmas Dunny Has Returned Courtesy of Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

    I'm a sucker for a good theme.  Even though the food is usually terrible I love a good themed restaurant and have eaten at Planet Hollywood, The Hard Rock Cafe, and even the WWE joint when that was still a thing in Times Square, just to be able to see the decor.  How can you not love an excessive display of grandeur all made in an attempt to make you eat otherwise unpalatable food?  I had my own idea for a theme restaurant once, but it was all based on the employees.  I wanted everyone that worked there to constantly be involved in dramatic situations throughout their shifts.  One server would pretend to have a nervous breakdown, two more would get into a verbal altercation, maybe another would fake an amputation at the hand of a deli slicer.  I'm nosey and I figure lots of other people are too, and what better way to enjoy a good meal than have a bit craziness thrown in.  For some reason Gordon Ramsey won't return my calls looking for an investment.  

    What was the point of all that again?  Oh yeah, I love themes, and it broke my heart last year when Kidrobot didn't release a Christmas Dunny.  Ok, that might be over selling it, but I do look forward to them every year which is why I was excited to find out that Frank Kozik's little elf buddy you see there will be released in time for the holidays.  myplasticheart broke the news last night on Instagram and is now taking preorders for these, with more stores sure to be following suit.  Now if I can just convince them to release a Dunny for Leif Erikson Day.  

The Minatorg Resin figure from BOObotcher x Forces of Dorkness Available Now!!!!!

    Let's all take a moment to give my boy Theseus some credit.  First and foremost, you wouldn't catch me skulking around a pitch-black labyrinth.  I always think how cool it would be to explore the abandoned place in Philadelphia, but I am way overdue for my tetanus booster.  Secondly, there's the Minotaur to contend with, who is like the ancient version of a crackhead armed with hepatitis needles.   You stumble upon that bro, and it's a trip to the emergency room and blood tests every six months.  So I give much respect for Theseus for being the ultimate explorer/monster killer.  I really should rewrite all of the Greek myths with a more urban so the kids of today could truly appreciate them.  I'm gonna call it "Straight Outta Athens".  

     As if a giant man-bull lurking in the dark wasn't enough to scare the crap out of you, what about one that's gone full Terminator?  The Minatorg from BOObotcher and Forces Of Dorkness could definitely have a place in my book, what with his giant arm cannon thingy and overall menacing look.  This is the first version of this collaborative figure, cast in translucent red resin, standing 4 and 1/2 inches tall and available right now for only $25 bagged with a header card.  Snag this updated nightmare of mythology by visiting

Battle Cat Trophy Sculpture from Pretty in Plastic

    When I was little I used to keep a notebook filled with all the ridiculous things I would buy if I was stupid rich.  Most of the stuff involved was from the JCPenny or Sears Christmas catalogs, but times were hard and no one had the internet in their house yet, so you have to work with what ya got.  And I kept things real specific too, just in case when I got stupid rich my memory wasn't as bangin as my bank account.  All item details were on the left of the page, with the prices on the right.  I also accounted for Virginia sales tax cause I didn't want to come up short on my imaginary spending spree.  Now that I see this I almost wish I was still keeping up with my stupid rich notebook, or at least stupid rich so I could skip the whole recording process and just buy this sucker straight cash.

    Oh may have previously seen this sweet Battle Cat trophy head hanging up in Super7's San Diego location when it was transformed into Skeletor's Lair during San Diego Comic Con.  And if you did then you've probably tried to figure out how to get one for yourself ever since.  Well, Pretty In Plastic are making 10 of these beauties available and the price tag is certainly not for the faint of heart, but beyond worth it.  At $8500 each it may not fit into every budget, but just think about how jealous everyone will be when they know you have it.  How can you put a price on that kind of envy?  If you want one shoot an email over to

    On a different note: stop hunting real animals for sport.  It doesn't make you a man to shoot a defenseless creature.  In fact, it makes you a coward.  I have no problem with people hunting to eat, but there is no reason to do so because you think its fun.  It makes me want to hurt you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More WWE Goodness Coming from Funko

    Oh you all know I looooooooove my wrasslin.  I haven't been to an event since Sharon and I went to the Royal Rumble in January, but that wrasslin-less streak is about to be broken in a big way cause we got tickets to Summerslam!!!!!  I was already beyond psyched when they announced The Undertaker was gonna fight Brock Lesnar, but just yesterday I discovered that it's going to be a FOUR HOUR pauper view.  Usually they're all three hours except for Wrestlemania, but now we're getting an extra hour of brutality!!!!   And now that I think about it, this is probably the only thing that could last for that long that I'd ever be excited about.  Usually when I'm at work and I see there's four more hours before I can leave it takes all my will power not to shove a screw driver into my heart and swirl it around.  But if you're talking about some serious sports entertainment, I'm there the whole day.

    Do you have enough WWE Superstar Pop! Vinyls in your collection yet?  Probably not, jabroni, but Funko's gonna help you out with new ones featuring Sting, Andre the Giant, and The Bella Twins.  All of these should be available in September.

    And they've got these little blind boxed dudes coming out too, which I'm sure will be delayed now as they're gonna have to not only redo the packaging but pay someone to open em all and remove a certain someone who is going through a bit of controversy right now.  But enough about that, let's focus on how badly I want a little Iron Sheik figure!!!!!!!!!  Even if you're not a wrestling fan, you need to follow the Iron Sheik on every form of social media you have, cause that dude is the best thing to happen to the internet since the domestication of cats.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Junko Mizuno's "Violet Soda Lady" from Kidrobot Releasing This Week

    I've made no effort whatsoever to hide my love for this toy.  I loved the 3 inch version and I'm beyond smitten with Junko Mizuno's first foray into the 8 inch Dunny realm.  After taunting us with teaser images, box art, and a variant companion piece at San Diego Comic Con, Kidrobot is finally ready to bless us with this figure.

    This Friday, July 31st you'll be able to get your mitts on this beauty, courtesy of your favorite toy retailer.  I haven't bought a toy with a price tag like this in almost a year, and waited till two days ago to preorder and ensure I would get one.  I'm not the best at spending money, but I just had to have it.  I suggest you put one for yourself on lockdown by hunting for anyone with a preorder left.  Or get yourself up nice and early on Friday and check out the Kidrobot website when they put their supply up at 9am MST. Or if you're lucky to live close to San Francisco, you can visit the Kidrobot store from 6pm-9pm and have the artist sign the toy for you.  So many options!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

"Man in Red" Francios le Grande Preorder from Lullubell Toys

    There's something about giant figures that just captivates me.  Any time I go into a store and see a cool display made of plastic or fiberglass I always want to take it home.  The other day on the Ocean City boardwalk a store had a huge hermit crab hanging from the ceiling and I wanted that thing sooooooooooooo badly.  I have no idea what I would have done with it when I got it home, but that was the least of the problems as I saw it.  I just wanted it and didn't care about anything else.  One of these days if I ever have stupid money, I'm gonna buy up a ton of stuff like that and just fill the basement with them.  My goal has been to have the house look like an art gallery/medical museum/prop rental company, so God help me if I ever win the lottery.  Sharon and I are already doing a pretty god job with limited resources, so we might go full Addam's Family with a little bit of cash.   

    The point of it all, if I am going to try and focus here, is that this Francois Le Grande figure from Lulubell Toys is massive.  He's almost 16 inches tall and this is the first ever version featuring a full paint job.  he is available to preorder right now over at for $185.  The preorder window closes tomorrow night at 5pm pacific time.  

New Figures from doubleparlour Available Today!!!!!!!

    You probably didn't know until this very moment that you needed an axe-wielding, skinned and pantsless military officer in your life.  Or you might have always known that, in which case I hope you have good health insurance cause you're gonna need to talk to someone about that.  Just kidding silly, you were probably just checking out doubleparlour's Instagram feed for news about their latest creations, which coincidentally happen to be coming out today.  You have the above mentioned dude, as well as this little scooter riding chap you see below.  The sale starts at noon pacific time over at and probably won't last long, so cancel all your meeting, have someone hold all your calls, and buy yourself something nice.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Smorkin' Monger Jerome from Frank Kozik x Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink Available Now

    Me and ice cream aren't friends.  We used to be back in the day, but then something happened between ice cream and my digestive system and they have been enemies every since.  It's probably been 20 years or more since that cool, refreshing dairy treat has passed my lips, but I still remember it well.  If I try hard I can almost taste the sweet vanilla goodness of a soft serve cone, but then my stomach seems to get wind of my mental betrayal and starts rumbling in protest.  If the US and Cuba can put aside their differences you would think a bit of diplomacy would go a long way in healing this rift in my body, but I seem to be doomed to a life where ice cream is but a distant, delicious, memory.

    Frank Kozik debuted this giant sized Smorkin' Monger named Jerome at San Diego Comic Con, but now he is available to all of us unable to attend.  Produced by Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink, this 4 inch figure retails for only $15.95 and is available right this second at 

New Plaseebo x Gorgoloid Collaborations Dropping Tomorrow

    I hope you weren't looking for a good night's sleep later, cause this is straight up nightmare fuel.  I love the work of Plaseebo, because everything he makes looks like it's ready to kill you and live off of what's left.  I've determined that is my favorite genre of toy, right up there with "so cute I could vomit glitter" and "looks like a murder weapon from True Detective."  My tastes are very specific.  

   Plaseebo has teamed up once again with Gorgoloid for three special Night Gamers that will be available tomorrow, Friday the 24th, over at  If I bought one I would probably lock it in a safe when I went to sleep, you know, just in case.  

Lemon and Lime Robo Tops from Inami Toyland Available Tonight!

     You know the best way to make friends besides having lots of money and paying them off?  You gotta go out there and meet folks.  For some people that's pretty easy to do; you just go out there, strike up a conversation, and become bestie for life.  For others though, once that good conversation dries up like the Sahara you gotta have ways to keep things fresh and interesting.  What better way to do that than some good ol fashioned competition!  

    Robo Tops from Inami Toyland are the perfect thing to bond you for life.  Not only do they cure boredom by being the most inventive version of rock paper scissors you've ever seen, they could also lead to fist fights if one person is way better at it than the other.  One of my best friends from high school only became that after we beat the crap out of each other. True story.

    These lemon and lime versions will be available tonight at 9pm over at  Theres only 10 of each color and they will be $15 each.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Target Exclusive Ric Flair Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  I don't talk too much about Pop! Vinyls, cause honestly the dang things are everywhere.  I renewed my car insurance it came with an exclusive figure.  I find the things stuffed behind my books, a handful fell out of a new bag of cat litter, and I think I may have my own likeness available any day now.  At one time I as trying to collect all the different versions of Batman, but some of those suckers are priced so outrageously on the secondary market that I abandoned that quest for the sake of my own mental health.  But then this.  Let's go to the video, Tony Shiavone:


    I don't think that really had anything to do with toys, but I can't stop listening to The Nature Boy tell you what's what.  And if you buy this Target exclusive figure he can inspire you to cut the most over the top, energetic promos on everyone in your life.   Whether it's your boss, the pope, or anyone else giving you a heap of sass, you put your aviators on, sling your title belt over you shoulder, and let them know that if they wanna be the man, they gotta beat the man.  You should probably do a few push ups too just in case they try and call you on that last part.

    I have no idea when these are coming out and no one else in the world seems to either, so just keep harassing you local Target until victory is yours.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shipwrecked Plunder Boys: Harr Hanchor Limited Edition from Goodleg Toys Available Now!!!!

    I can't tell if these dudes are ready to star in a crazy horror film or one of those late night movies that you can find on Cinemax (not that I can even stay up that late anymore, but I've heard stories).  Either way, it seems like massive amounts of booty is about to be plundered whenever Harr Hanchor is around.  Imagine how much more interesting Deadliest Catch would be if someone that looked like this was running one of those crab boats.  That show was cool at first but now its either "we found some crabs" or "we ain't got no crabs" or someone falls overboard succumbing to the cruel mistress that is the sea.  Throw this guy in the mix and now you've got yourself something worth watching.  This Bubble Gum edition of figures is available right now from the only guys who could come up with something this nuts, Goodleg Toys. Start building up your pirate crew at

Monday, July 20, 2015

"Clementine" from Kathie Olivas x Tomenosuke Available Now

    Let me tell you something: you wish you had a rabbit hand puppet.  You wish you could take your puppet around, give people sweet little rabbit kisses on their face, and then see how long it takes you to get arrested for being a weirdo.  You're making your mother cry with all these shenanigans, you know.  But I ain't your momma, so keep living the dream, my friends.

    Clementine from Kathie Olivas x Tomenosuke could totes get away with giving random people kisses with her bunny pal, because she looks the complete part.  A little bit whimsical, a little bit spooky, and made completely out of sweet Japanese sofubi.   Being plastic and inanimate makes your behavior way more acceptable.

   This little lady is available right now for residents of North America by visiting  People in other parts of the world have to get theirs from  

Capcom x Kidrobot Mega Man Medium Figures Releasing Today

    I don't even want to think about all the hours I've spent in my life playing video games.  I'm sure there's some way to guesstimate just how much of my existence has been donated to the fine folks at Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but that's probably best left a mystery.  Just playing for an hour or two makes me wallow in my own depression of all the other productive stuff I could have been doing, so having it presented to me measured in days or weeks might just do me in.  Although as a result I do have some wicked hand eye coordination and could straight kill a man with my thumbs, so there's that.

    Let's focus on the more positive things in life though, like these sick Mega Man figures from Kidrobot.  They'll be available starting today in stores and on, just in case you're in the middle of a game and aren't able to leave the house for a while.  I've been there, bro.


Friday, July 17, 2015

I Present To You the Best Comment Ever Left By a Reader


    So yesterday in my post about 3A's new releases I jokingly made a reference to selling one of my kidneys to fund my toy addiction.  Little did I know that through that reference I would be plunged into the world of black market organ trade.  Behold, a comment left on that post:

Welcome to irrua specialist special hospital,
Do you want to buy or sell your kidney?, Are you seeking for an opportunity to sell your kidney for money due to financial break down and you don’t know what to do, then contact us today and we shall offer you good amount of money for your Kidney we specialize for top class medical treatment like Heart Surgery, Cancer Care, Spinal fusion surgery , sleeve mastectomy surgery , and other major surgeries. contact us now via: ( with the follow details below,

phone number:

Good luck to you.

Best Regard,
Dr Tommy. 

    Now I'm not one to judge (ok, I can't even keep a straight face while typing that) but I have two concerns right off the bat.  First off, I appreciate the fact that he's using such a nice, seemingly innocuous name like "Dr. Tommy".  It makes me feel less like my kidney will be removed in a stall next to the milking goats and more like this surgical transaction will take place somewhere that doesn't buy their anaesthesia from DJ the weed man.  But where he starts to lose me is in his sketchy grammar.  You want me to let you remove one of my major organs and you're not sure when you should and shouldn't capitalize your words?  Me thinks not, good sirs.

    A quick Google search led m to discover that they are located in Nigeria, which at first I was thinking would be a plus, cause there's always Nigerian royalty emailing to give me money so I could just show up in person and cut out the whole Western Union nonsense.  Then I did an image search:

     Look at that sign!  That thing screams "come on in and die, stupid American".  My immune system is delicate and could in no way handle the infectious diseases that place is gonna lob at me.  Let's imagine for a second the conversation that went down about cleaning this sign:

Worker 1:  "Hey, you want me to take some of this Windex here and clean the funk off of the sign."

Worker 2:  "That's our last bottle and I've still gotta wash the steak knives for the 3:30 lung transplant."

    This is pretty much the premise for American Horror Story season 12.    

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Post SDCC Sale from 3A Happening Tomorrow

     I've never braved the halls of San Diego Comic Con.  I've never waited in lines days in advance to see my favorite celebrities in a panel, or fought through the masses to score a toy release.  But every year as it's going on I am glued to my computer waiting for trailers and photos to be uploaded and hoping against all hope that exclusives will make their way online for much more reasonable prices than you can find on eBay.  For fans of 3A, your ability to purchase the figures you wish you could have gotten will happen tomorrow.

    Mind you the packaging and the toys themselves will offer slight variances from their SDCC counterparts, but this is much better than trying to sell your kidney on the black market to pay those ridiculous toy flipper prices.  Trust me, I've considered the organ trade many times before.

    The sale is going down tomorrow, July 17th, starting at 9am Hong Kong time and lasting for 24 hours only at

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"The Art of Toys" Exhibition at the Museum of Art and History Opens This Weekend

    I love museums.  There is very little I'd rather do then spend the day exploring a museum I've never been to.  The great thing about living in New Jersey is that I'm close to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. so my wife and I have been able to check out places regularly that many people center entire vacations around.  The bad thing about living where we do is that we're gonna completely miss what promises to be an awesome exhibition in California opening at the end of this week.

   The Art of Toys focuses on those folks on the West coast who have been instrumental in shaping what we know as the world of designer toys.  Curated by Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic and Heidi Johnson of Hijinx PR, this is going to be like visiting the toy store of your dreams.  It's taking place at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, California and proceeds from the show will fund art programs throughout the city.  Plus there are pinball machines you can play and limited edition stuff you can buy.  More details can be had by clicking here.  

    Check out the list of artists that will be participating:  

Attaboy, Anthony Ausgang, Gary Baseman, Beast Brothers, BIGFOOT, Dave Bondi, Ryan (RYCA) Callanan, Brian Castleforte, Buff Monster, Luke Chueh, Bob Dob, FERG, Paul Frank, David Flores, Dan Goodsell, Gary Ham, Nathan Hamill, Dave Horvath (Uglydoll), Jay222, Eric Joyner, Kano, Frank Kozik, Kozyndan, Mike Leavitt, Joe Ledbetter, Simone Legno (TokiDoki), Aaron "Woes" Martin (Angry Woebots), Elizabeth McGrath, Tony Millionaire, Junko Mizuno, Kathie Olivas, Nathan Ota, Brandt Peters, Dave Pressler, Mark Ryden, Greg (CRAOLA) Simkins, Sket One, Skinner, Jeff Soto, Bwana Spoons, Scott Tolleson, Mark Dean Veca, Yoskay Yamamoto, and many more.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Not at Comic Con? Neither is Skinner and He Has New Stuff For You

    I know what you've been doing.  You've been looking at all your social media sites, living vicariously through everyone you know that's going broke in San Diego.  I've caught myself doing it too; being transfixed by all the toys you wish you could buy but instead were bought by jerks looking to flip em on eBay and make some money off of your hopes and dreams.  I get it, because as I sit 3,000 miles away from comic con, I'm wishing for nothing more than to stand in line for hours on end and for sweaty people to constantly brush up against me and transfer their inhuman funk to my person.  See what we're missing out on?

   Skinner isn't at comic con either and is instead having his own party on his website starting today at noon pacific.  He's gonna have t-shirts and prints and lord knows what else, but for me the highlight of the whole shindig is this massive Abominox figure.

    This will easily make you forget all about not being in California, meeting celebrities and whatnot. Plus, you can't go to comic con in your underwear (well, technically you can if you're dressed as some recognizable character) but Skinner doesn't care if you're stark naked when you buy this dude.  In fact, I think he prefers it.  

     This chilly looking giant bro is limited to only 20 pieces and will be $150 each when they go on sale at the previously mentioned time today.  And if you're wondering just how big they are, here is a life-sized Skinner barely able to hold two of them up.  

Freakin huge.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite SDCC Exclusive Thingys

    Yeah, sure, that's a tad bit dramatic, but seeing everyone's pictures from San Diego Comic Con makes me REEEEEEAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY wish I was there.  Thankfully New York Comic Con is coming up soon or else I would be losing it for real.  In the spirit of my depression let's take a look at my top 10 favorite exclusive things that are available to convention goers as we speak.  

    Despite our best efforts, Sharon and I still have space left on our walls at home.  We've determined that we hang our pictures "salon style" which they used to do back in the day, and it is a much better term than "a visual representation of mental illness style", which we had been using prior.  These three prints from Kidrobot and artists Brandt Peters, Frank Kozik, and Scott Tolleson would indeed take a place or prominence amongst our collection.  Pick em up during each artist's signings at Kidrobot's booth #5645.  

     That beauty to the right is the comic con exclusive Berry Chocolate Lady Dunny from Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot.  What words could I use to express my desire to have one?  Just look at it.  

    Thakfully, Frank Kozik's ice cream dude Jerome is merely debuting at comic con and will make its way online at some point afterwards from Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink, otherwise I might have had to hire myself a toy mule to procure one.  If you're there, get one at booth # 5248.  If you're not, practice the difficult art of being patient.  Trust me, I need all the practice I can get.  

    Shub Zeroth Misfortune Bags courtesy of Metacrypt and Brian Ewing's booth # 4503 should be on everyone's must-have lists.  Not only do you get a sweet sofubi monster toy, you get a bag to carry it in.  That's a convention blessing.  

    Super7 is straight killing it this year with their Skeletor's Lair pop up shop located in their San Diego retail store.  You can't go wrong with nostalgia presented in a fresh way, like this Chia Pet Moss Man.  Genius!  

    A soft vinyl Skeletor collaboration with Gargamel?  Sign me up, son.  I can't wait to see painted and marbled versions of this, which are gonna blow my mind/bank account wide open.  

     You know its true love when you find an amazing toy at a bargain of a price and that's exactly what Headspace from Luke Chueh and Munky King is.  And the best part is that there will be some available on their website at a later date, so stay the hell away from eBay cause all hope is not lost.  

    JJ Abrams did such a good job with the new Star Trek movies that I'm confident Star Wars is gonna be awesome.  I'm so confident, I would totally by this Black Series Storm Trooper without thinking twice.  

    I'll be more than happy to welcome this 20 inch hologram Darth Vader into my life.  

    Anything from Weta Workshop.  Seriously, have you seen pictures of their booth?  It's an event by itself.  Everything they do make me weep tears of joy.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Available Now: New Lamorrttt! One-Offs from Naomi Knaff

    Does it ever weird you out that we're still discovering new species of animals?  You would think by now that all the drones and Google whatever technology would have scoured every inch of the Earth and documented everything in brilliant high definition by now.  Even though cameras are always there if a celebrity has her naughty bits exposed, there are creatures that have made a career out of hiding and waiting to be stumbled upon.  And it's not always bacteria either; we're talking full blown mammals just chillin in a tree, eating fruit and not concerned about a damn thing.  The world is strange.

    So it's entirely plausible, nay, probable, that something like the critters that Naomi Knaff comes up with are just hanging out under a rock, waiting to take a selfie with you.  Her work is straight out of a technicolor Lovecraftian nightmare and I love it.  If you want to own some of it for yourself she has just loaded up her online store with some one-offs of her Lamorrttt! figure.  Check em out and all of her other wares over at