Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lemon and Lime Robo Tops from Inami Toyland Available Tonight!

     You know the best way to make friends besides having lots of money and paying them off?  You gotta go out there and meet folks.  For some people that's pretty easy to do; you just go out there, strike up a conversation, and become bestie for life.  For others though, once that good conversation dries up like the Sahara you gotta have ways to keep things fresh and interesting.  What better way to do that than some good ol fashioned competition!  

    Robo Tops from Inami Toyland are the perfect thing to bond you for life.  Not only do they cure boredom by being the most inventive version of rock paper scissors you've ever seen, they could also lead to fist fights if one person is way better at it than the other.  One of my best friends from high school only became that after we beat the crap out of each other. True story.

    These lemon and lime versions will be available tonight at 9pm over at  Theres only 10 of each color and they will be $15 each.  

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