Monday, July 20, 2015

"Clementine" from Kathie Olivas x Tomenosuke Available Now

    Let me tell you something: you wish you had a rabbit hand puppet.  You wish you could take your puppet around, give people sweet little rabbit kisses on their face, and then see how long it takes you to get arrested for being a weirdo.  You're making your mother cry with all these shenanigans, you know.  But I ain't your momma, so keep living the dream, my friends.

    Clementine from Kathie Olivas x Tomenosuke could totes get away with giving random people kisses with her bunny pal, because she looks the complete part.  A little bit whimsical, a little bit spooky, and made completely out of sweet Japanese sofubi.   Being plastic and inanimate makes your behavior way more acceptable.

   This little lady is available right now for residents of North America by visiting  People in other parts of the world have to get theirs from  

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