Monday, March 31, 2014

Pulp Fiction Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    Fact: Pulp Fiction nearly made John Travolta cool.  Then he went back to being an extreme weirdo again, but for that one brief moment, he was in a movie that was actually watchable.  Hollywood is a strange place that I will never understand.  I could go on for quite awhile about people who are allowed to continue to make movies that no one in the real world can take seriously, but that's what the rest of the internet is for.

    I do enjoy Pulp Fiction.  I enjoy just about everything Quentin Tarantino does, because you never really know what to expect from him, but you know that it will be crazy.  But even in his twisted worlds I don't think he could have ever predicted that characters from one of his films would be turned into cute little figures.  Or that you can't make Samuel L. Jackson not look mean no matter how hard you try.  Funko has continued their efforts to turn everything that ever existed into their Pop! Vinyl figures and I'm totally ok with that.  Look for them in stores next month.  

The Strange Ways In Which People Find This Website

    It always fascinates me how people find out about this website.  This month my favorite search criteria that was typed into Google by three different people in the world was: "salamander thingy".  Whoever you three folks are, I hope you enjoyed your visit while you were here, even though this site is severely lacking any information on amphibians.  Hopefully you did find something you could use in a research paper in the future though, as I am a wealth of knowledge about things made of plastic, cats, chicken nuggets, Scandinavian folklore, and the 1893 Columbian Exhibition.  Visit again soon!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

World War Gee: The Yellow Zombie from Huck Gee


    So Huck Gee's recent production releases have been about as impossible to get as a Victoria's Secret model's phone number.  Those suckers sold out within minutes and left many sad folks around the world with empty shelf space.  If only there was a way that you could not only guarantee that you would get his next toy, but have it be even be constructed by his own hands.  Stop your bellyaching and rejoice because that's exactly what you can do starting tomorrow with this Yellow Zombie Dunny. You have 24 hours beginning at 1pm Pacific time to place your order for one of these, after which they will be produced and shipped off to their new owners.  He will only make enough to fill orders, so if you don't pull the trigger you will be sad forever.  Now this rotten little bunny rabbit ain't cheap at $450, but it is hand made and the quality is always impeccable.  This is something you can pass down to whichever grandkid comes and visits you at the nursing home the most.  Order yours at

Aqua Edition Octopup from Nathan Hamill x 3DRetro

    Let's face it, toys are for the most part expensive.  It's not easy to be a collector, and its even less easy to write about toys and want to buy everything you see.  And I live in an area where there really aren't too many options for buying this stuff in person, so you have to be mindful of shipping costs on top of that.  So it's nice to see that someone is making a toy that is affordable enough that you can collect every version that they release and not have to dig through the trash behind the grocery store to find your dinner. 

   Nathan Hamill and 3DRetro continue their series of soft vinyl Octopups with this aqua version.  Available starting tomorrow at noon Pacific time at,  each one is only $10, so you can still buy yourself some chicken nuggets and have new toys.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Rainy Day Antagonist Kickstarter from Evilos

    We've all had those days where it seems like the universe is out to get us.  Those days where you wonder if how you want to respond will land you in jail for 25 to life.  Evilos has those days too.  The man loves to paint, and for him to do what he loves he needs the weather to cooperate.  When it doesn't, it can kind of feel just like his new resin figure looks.  "The Rainy Day Antagonist" has just gone live on Kickstarter and needs your help to see the light of day.  Plus, how can you not want  a figure that is flipping the elusive double bird?  I like to utilize this very cut and dry gesture while navigating through New Jersey traffic, but I have to keep at least on hand on the wheel, so I alternate which hand I use so no one feels left out.  My middle fingers are so strong from being used repeatedly against terrible drivers that I could probably snap your neck with one of them.  Just kidding, I'm really a nice guy (in case my employers are reading this).  

    You can click HERE right now and get in on all the exclusive rewards for helping to fund this project.  Do it.    

Get Your Intergalactic Drank on With This New Figure From 2bitHACK

    What, you thought the galaxy was all lightsaber duels and bacteria in your blood that gives you magical powers?  The struggle is real, even in space.  Not everybody has a need for a robot that can pilot their spacecraft (especially if its on cinderblocks on the front lawn) or one that can speak a bajillion languages.  Sometimes you need a droid that can provide pure, urine-flavored liquid refreshment that will eat a hole through your stomach and make the pain go away.  That's what R4Doz does best.  2bitHACK has created a series of 29 of these resin dudes that are looking forward to keeping you company on those cold nights on the curb by 7-11.  Pick one up now by going to

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Macho Man Randy Savage Resin Statue from McFarlane Toys

     You know you like wrestling.  It's totally ok, cause I like it too.  Sure, I lived in denial for a few years, neglecting to follow it or even know who many of the people involved were.  But one night I looked at my wife and asked "how come we don't watch wrestling anymore"?  Neither one of us had a real good reason.  So we started up again and instantly got sucked back into the spectacle of it.  We even drove up to our blighted state capital to see it live this past Sunday and had the fortune of sitting next to the best commentators I have ever heard in the form of an elderly couple.  Most of it consisted of the woman asking what was going on and the man doing his best to explain it, but there were some gems too.  When John Cena was fighting Randy Orton in a cage for the title (this was non televised, so no belts were going to change hands mind you)

Woman:  How come John Cena didn't drop down when he was outside the cage? (note: if both feet hit the floor you win)

Man:  Cena don't want the title, it's too much responsibility.

    Not that it was scripted to happen the way that it did, but that the responsibility of being the world champion was just too much and may infringe on his free time.  Coming from someone in their 80's it was adorable.  The WWE needs to hire them right away.

Back to business:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!  The Macho Man Randy Savage is getting his own resin statue courtesy of McFarlane Toys.  This sucker is commemorating his appearance at Wrestlemania 5, stands over 17 inches tall, and comes on a rotating base so you can spin him all around and realize his awesomeness.  Put it on your mantle and surround it with offerings of Slim Jims so that the wrestling gods will smile favorably upon you.  Preorder this sucker right now wherever you like to buy toys.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Glow in The Dark MadBattleMan and BattleRat from Mike Sutfin

    Sometimes you just need to buy something mean looking.  There's only but so much cuteness I can tolerate before I need to listen to Cannibal Corpse and hunt for skulls in the woods.  I'm watching the news the other day and they're talking about some little dude that wants to carry a My Little Pony backpack to school but they won't let him cause they're like "dude, people are gonna shove your head into the toilets so hard" and they're right.  I don't get kids anymore.  When I was little I wanted to be an archeologist so I could dig up ancient dead people and I wanted stuff with wrestling and GI Joe and Star Wars on it.  

    Ok, yeah I like cutesy things sometimes.  Like my cats, they're all pretty cute.  But you gotta have a balance there my friends.  This MadBattleMan and BattleRat from Mike Sutfin are the perfect things to add to your collection and celebrate your dark side.  And they glow in the dark too, like they're filled with some ancient spirits who are begging for you to release them.  Both are up for preorder right now at

Mayari Dunnys from Otto Bjornik x Kidrobot

    File this under things that are long overdue.  Anyone who has even a remote interest in designer toys has seen the work of Otto Bjornik.  His stunning customs have collectors all around the world drooling on their keyboards every time he posts a new one up.  Kidrobot will finally be making his work available to us all with these 3 inch production Dunnys.  The black version will be available at your favorite retailer, while the red one will only be available through Kidrobot's website and their stores.  Get em both (like I will be) when they are released on March 27th.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Junior: Dark Knight Edition from Lou Pimentel x myplasticheart Available Today

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Bat....thingy.  Lou Pimentel x myplasticheart present the Dark Knight edition of Junior, this adorable little blood sucker that may or may not kill you with cuteness.  Celebrate Wednesday by picking one of these little dudes up at  

Slugbeard Hand Painted Edition from Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

    Do I actually have a story about slugs or beards that I can relate to this toy's name?  Of course I do, don't be silly.  Here goes.

    In the first apartment my wife and I shared we had a lot of outside critters that wanted to becoem inside critters.  There was this one cat that would just walk in the front door whenever I tried to leave for work and go hide under the bed.  He was always covered in cuts, missing patches of hair, and even had a dangly tooth.  I was like "look bro, you gotta get your life together if you want to stay in this house" but he was more about that street life, so he had to stay outside.  We had a few snakes come in through a hole in the baseboards in our kitchen/dining area.  I'd catch them in my wife's Tupperware before tossing their butts back outside, then she'd always wonder why her Tupperware went missing and I'd be all like "I had to throw it out cause it was full of snakes", which at the time seemed like a valid argument.  

    But our best visitor, by far, was introduced to us by our cat Icarus, who had found him behind our couch.  He likes to eat things that he shouldn't, like shoe strings, yarn, and Thai food, so when we heard him slurping something down we thought it would be something run of the mill that we'd have to take from him.  Instead, it was a slug.  He was sucking the slime off of the back end of a giant slug.  Literally, the front half of the slug was nice and shiny, while the back half was bone dry.  My wife threw up as I plucked the poor little guy from the carpet and returned him to the wild.  And that my friends, is my slug story.  Oh, and I had a pretty gnarly beard the whole time this was going on, so there you go.

    If you're still with me, I'd now like to tell you about Slugbeard.  This monstrosity who looks like he has risen from the deep to make us all pay for knowing who Kim Kardashian is, was created by Paul Kaiju and produced by Toy Art Gallery.  And when I say monstrosity I mean it, cause this sucker is over a foot tall and nearly as wide.  This edition was hand painted by Mr. Kaiju himself and is only available to you if you enter a lottery beginning tomorrow (Thursday, May 20th) at noon Pacific time. The lottery will win you the opportunity to purchase one of these suckers, which will run you $250.  You only have until Friday at noon to decide whether you're man enough to enter the drawing.  Here's how you do it:

Email with “Slugbeard Lottery” as the subject along with your paypal address and shipping info. If selected you will be sent an invoice for payment. Please allow 24 hours for a response after the closing time (Friday 12PM PST). Winners will be chosen at random, one entry per participant please (if you submit more than once you will be disqualified).

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Purple Haze" Edition Bullet Belt from Skinner and Unbox Industries

    Sharon and I decided that we were gonna start watching wrestling again.  Well, I think I decided and she just rolled her eyes and was thankful that I have something else to occupy me.  It speaks to my authentic personal brand, cause I like violence, and crazy over the top production, and redneck stuff.  But not all redneck stuff, cause I don't like hunting, or kissing my sister, but the rest of it is ok.  

    So now I'm gonna do the rest of this post as if I was recording a sweet promo with Mean Gene.  Here is his picture so you can get a good mental reference of what's going down. 

    And even though I'm not typing in all caps, know that I am yelling and my voice is about to give out but it's the passion of the Vikingmaniacs that is fueling me.  

Mean Gene:  "Toy Viking, tell us about your rise to dominance in the squared circle."

    "Well Mean Gene, when I was growing up in parts unknown, I wasn't well supervised you see.  I was left to my own devices, in a cold unforgiving world, to become the man I am today.  I didn't have role models.  Well, not positive ones at least.  But I said my prayers, I took my vitamins, and I cut all of my jeans into these awesome shorts where the pockets hang out of the bottom and it shows off my collection of homemade tattoos (camera pans to let you gander at my sweet shorts).  But the thing that led me to the WWE, that made me the most feared man in all of sports entertainment, is Bullet Belt.  Let me tell you brother, Bullet Belt put me through the paces.  We trained together in junk yards, we foraged for food in the desert, we ripped trees up from their roots in the forests."  
    "Now through the power of Skinner and Unbox Industries, all the little Vikingmaniacs can get their own wrestling guru, in special Purple Haze edition.  Like my buddy Ric Flair always says Mean Gene, in order to be the man, you gotta beat the man, and brother, the man has Bullet Belt in his corner.  And cut off shorts, cause you gotta strut, know what I'm sayin.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Mean Gene:  "Well there you have it folks, the secret to The Toy Viking's success is one big, mean lookin, plastic toy.  Will this spell the end of The Toy Vikings reign of terror, or is he so confident in his abilities that this secret is just part of the equation?"

End scene.

Preorder yours now from

Skinner Unleashes The Cave Crawler!!!!

    Well this is frightening.  See, you wanna scare kids into not doing stuff, this is what you need to use. 

    "Oh, you wanna smoke that reefer and hang out in abandoned buildings conjuring spirits?   THIS is the consequence."

     We could go back and put these guys in text books, make up fake police reports about people being attacked by them, and you could pretty much guarantee your kids will be better behaved.  

    "Look Timmy, stop hitting your sister or I'll take you to the woods and leave you for the Cave Crawlers."  Timmy is instantly well behaved.

     Children these days need stuff to be afraid of.  They're not scared of the cops and they're not scared of their parents cause they'll call the cops on em if they get yelled at.  But Cave Crawlers demand respect as they nibble your face off.

    These frightening skull/spider thingys were created by Skinner.  He sculpted them, and painted them, and even put little fresh water pearls in their eye sockets.  As if that wasn't enough they even come with a few severed limbs and their own creepy cave dwelling just to drive home the point that these are some bad dudes.  They are limited to 15 pieces for $100 each and go on sale at tomorrow (Wednesday, March 19th) at noon Pacific time.  That's cheaper and less sketchy than getting your little spawn of Satan a lobotomy.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Pork Dumplings from Shawnimals x myplasticheart

    Here's a way to celebrate your Irish heritage without getting into a bar fight or becoming a soccer hooligan.  And it's cheaper than bail money!  It's a St. Patrick Day Pocket Pork Dumpling from Shawnimals x myplasticheart.  They're on sale right this instant at  Now I have to go shovel snow.  Again.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

WWRP Meat IS Murder Set from 3A Available Now

    After about two weeks of waiting, the federal government has finally decided to give me my tax refund.  I should save it, or pay off credit cards that I've been using way too much, but that's a hard thing to do when I stare at toys all day long.  3A has not been helping curb my temptations recently, and now I see this.  For $160 you get a set of 5  1/12 scale figures that would look perfect in one of my already over flowing display cases.  If you're like me and temptation is getting the best of you, then head over to and buy yourself a treat.  You don't need an actual occasion, just make something up.  Like "National Not Killing Your Coworkers" day, or "Yay, I Cleaned the Litter Box" week.  

Sons of Anarchy Memorial Coins from Mezco

    One of the things that makes Sons of Anarchy such a compelling show to watch is the fact that almost no one is safe from death's cold hand.  From one week to the next you won't know if your favorite character is gonna triumph or become another victim of the lifestyle they live.  The reaper patch has a way of imposing itself like a plague with just the slightest contact.   

   But let us not forget those that have paid the ultimate price in making our Tuesday nights so filled with drama.  Mezco has created three memorial coins to coincide with the actors that portrayed these deceased character's appearance at the Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey Apirl 25th-27th.  Only 200 sets were made and feature a white insert that would be perfect to have signed.  And since Katie Sagal will also be there, don't be alarmed if you see a lot of people roaming around with carving forks for her to sign.  Actually, you should probably be slightly alarmed and stay away from any sinks filled with old dish water just to be safe.

Get these now at

Dead Che Porcelain Bust from Frank Kozik x K. Olin Tribu

    When I was a wee little lad my mother took me on a trip to Washington D.C.  While I was fascinated with all of the different Smithsonian museums, the various monuments that are scattered around the city were really only good for a few minutes enjoyment.  We walked up all the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and once inside it was kind of a let down.  I wanted to see Lincoln himself, not some giant statue of him.  I had heard about Lenin lying in state in Russia and wondered why we didn't do that here.  How cool would it have been to actually walk past his body?  I got to see his hat and other artifacts preserved behind glass, but the morbid side of me wanted to see what was left of him.  This may or may not be the reason I was always going to talk to counselors.  

    I think Kozik is down with spicing up the monuments of important political folk around the world.  Just look at this bust he did of Che Guevara.  He looks a little different here than he did when he was plastered all over those t-shirts in the mall.  K. Olin Tribu have transformed this former vinyl sculpture into porcelain and have offered it up for sale as we speak...or type.  There are only 15 pieces in existence and some are still available through  

Regurgitated Ideas from Killer Bootlegs Available Now

    I hate puking more than anything in life.  Anytime I throw up I am praying for sweet death to come and take me.  Whenever I'm feeling a little nauseous my wife will tell me to throw up so I feel better,  but the thought of bending over the toilet and making that primal scream with processed food is too much for me to even think about.  

    I don't know how Killer Bootlegs feels about blowing chunks all over his bathroom tile, but I do know how he feels about Star Wars bootleg characters.  There's old Han Solo, suspended not in carbonite, but in someone's Big Mac that didn't quite sit well.  It's kinda funny and kinda stomach churning all at once, which is a sign of success in my book.  He's available now at

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back in Black Skullhead Dunny from Huck Gee

    Isn't the term "skullhead" a bit redundant?  A skull can only be a head.  No one will confuse it with your skullfoot, or your skullbutt.  Skull need not be more specific than it already is.  I used to work at a clothing store and people would come in asking if we had shirts with "skullheads" on them and it would irritate me to no end.  Most of the irritation came from actually having to wait on people, but the skullhead thing bugged me too.

    No matter my objection to the word, Kidrobot and Huck Gee have indeed titled this the Skullhead Dunny.  I am willing to overlook my linguistic concerns in the face of such a cool figure.  I have the white one they released a few years ago and almost had to beat a man to death to get it.  The story actually goes I had already bought it and someone tried to buy it off of me as we were leaving the store.  I just wanted it to sound much more dramatic than it actually was.

    This 8 inch Dunny will retail at the very affordable price of $59.99 when it's released on March 20th.  For those keeping score at home this is the second 8 inch Dunny in a row from Huck.  That dude must know somebody.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Last Knight from Andrew Bell

    I'm not much of a board game person.  Shocking, I know, that I wouldn't want to gather a bunch of people together and play Scrabble til the sun came up.  Board games are too much commitment to being around other people.  Say you sit down to a game of Monopoly with your friends.  You know that game takes forever and by hour four you just want these people out of your house.  But you've signed some unwritten pact to see this game through so you are chained to them like a prison sentence when all you wanna do is watch Monday Night Raw and eat cookies until the pain stops.  But you can't cause they're gonna want cookies too, and if you know anything about emotional eating you know that there are not enough cookies to make the pain stop and to share.  Do you see this spiral of horror you have set in motion all because of a seemingly innocent board game?

   Chess is no better because you could each be down to your last man and just chase each other around the board for hours.  That's what always happened to me until I would knock everything in the floor and challenge my opponent to a fist fight to settle our impasse.

    Andrew Bell made this and it looks cool.  That's a fact and is therefore not up for debate.  What is also a fact is that he made 500 of them and they will be unleashed upon this world this Saturday, May 15th, for $65 at your favorite places to buy fancy toys.  I like it, but I'm also a sucker for a good skull, be it plastic or otherwise.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

GODAI Guardians Kaiju USB Figure Kickstarter Campaign

    Think about the crazy nonsense you have on your computer.  Now consider what people would think if you up and croaked and they had nothing but time to look through said computer and discover what a little deviant you were.  My laptop is filled with things about how my wife is trying to kill me, so if I ever turn up dead under suspicious circumstances she'll be the prime suspect.  It's like the ultimate final joke you can play on a loved one really.  

    "Oh, you laughed hysterically when you replaced all the music on the iPod with Justin Bieber? Well now you're on trial for my murder."  

     She might not think it's so bad though, because she really likes Law & Order.  

    But in all seriousness, there's stuff you don't necessarily want on your computer in case it gets stolen. Like your tax documents, or those weird videos you download from that server in Russia. You gotta keep that stuff secure, and what better way to do it then on a little Kaiju USB figure.

    There's a Kickstarter campaign going on to bring these little dudes to life.  If you like the idea of your important information being stored in the skull of a cute little monster, then you need to check out the site here and help get this project funded.  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Future Time Suck of the Week: Batman Arkham Knight

Ooooooooooh good Lord don't expect to hear from me the week this game comes out!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Micro MADL 3D Prints from MAD Available Now!

    3D printing blows my mind and it seems like everyday someone is finding a new use for it.  The other day I read about this thing they can put around your heart and make it beat forever.  We're THIS CLOSE to technology advancing so far that it causes the zombie apocalypse and all those people with bunkers and 20 years worth of canned goods in their backyards are actually seen as being reasonable.  

    But we're not here to talk about advances in medicine or preparing for the end times; we're here to talk about toys.  Thankfully some people are still using their 3D printers for sensible means, like producing little plastic figures.  MAD has shrunk down his famous MADL figure and has been working his printer overtime to produce these dudes.  Each toy is only 35mm tall and comes bagged with a signed header card.  You can own a piece of the future for only $15 by visiting  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby Custom Show at Toy Art Gallery

    There are many moments I can look back on and pinpoint as those in which I knew I would marry my wife Sharon.  Like the fact that one of our first dates was spent gawking at the medical specimens that fill the Mutter Museum.  We fell in love amongst the wax models of syphilis and the eerie, cheshire grins of fetal skeletons.  But one thing I've never been a big fan of are the wet specimens; those floppy bits of tissue suspended in preserving solution.  I just imagine them breaking open and the only recourse being to burn everything that the gross liquid touches.  This goes double for the weird babies in jars, who sometimes bother me and other times I can look at with interest.  It really just depends on the mood I'm in when we happen to be at the museum.  

    I feel much the same about these Autopsy Babies from Miscreation Toys.  Some days they look interesting, others I just want to yell "KILL IT WITH FIRE".  Bizarre wouldn't even begin to describe them.  But if you're looking for a good time and the idea of plastic corpses tickles your fancy then may I suggest a trip to Toy Art Gallery this Saturday (March 8th) for their custom show featuring these little rotten tots.  The opening reception is from 7-10pm.

Marbled Resin Liliths from Death Cat Toys

     I would like to put forth a motion that all demon heads from now own be constructed of nekkid ladies.  And being that I am a cruel and evil dictator in my own little mind, the motion passes and is therefore law.  Anyone caught breaking the law will be condemned to cleaning all of the litter boxes in my house for the rest of their natural lives and longer if my amateur necromancy classes actually pay off.  I will raise your heathen butt from the dead in the name of a fresh smelling house, don't think I won't!

    I've shown you these Lilith figures from Death Cat Toys before, but never like this.  You see, they enlisted the talents of DuBose Art to create these marbled resin editions that are beyond stunning.  Only a few are left for you to purchase so you need to head over to and snag one before they're gone.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Jesse Hernandez x Hydro74 Death Serpent Kidrobot Exclusive and Signing

    This dude does not look like he's down to negotiate.  If you were out in the desert trying to find yourself before you went off to college and you see something like this you can kiss your dreams of academic achievement and frat parties goodbye.  This guy wants to take your soul and put it in a used jelly jar in his basement.  Then he'll probably decorate his house with your bones to impress the ladies.  Whose souls he will also take, but that's besides the point.  This is one bad looking dude.

   Jesse Hernandez and Kuso Vinyl created the original Death Serpent figure but evidently decided he didn't look nearly menacing enough.  So they enlisted the help of Hydro74 to sprinkle some extra evil on him and this is the result.  This ghost edition of the figure is limited to 150 pieces and an exclusive to Kidrobot.  If you're lucky enough to live in the San Francisco area you can hang out with Jesse and get this toy on Saturday when he does a signing at the Kidrobot store there.  All the info you need is in the picture.  I do warn you though, that the rest of your toys may feel slightly inadequate next to this guy.  

March Releases from Cometdebris

    You know what I'm sick of?  Winter.  Are we on that Game of Thrones 8 year long Winter cycle?  It wouldn't be as bad if it would just stop snowing.  I really could do without the constant reminders of how out of shape I am and how I will never be a wrestler in the WWE.  Winter is the crusher of dreams.  

    These dudes from Cometdebris remind me of warmer weather,  with their bright colors and smiling faces.  And I deserve a treat for freeing our vehicles from their icy tombs.  On multiple occasions. 

    All three of these guys will be available this Saturday, March 8th, at 8pm Pacific time from  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mardivale Dunny Hyper Series from Kidrobot Releases Tomorrow

    Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, which you could spend getting blackout drunk and showing your knick-knacks to strangers for cheap beads, or you could instead buy toys and stay out of our prison system.  Decisions, decisions.

    Kidrobot is releasing their newest Dunny Series tomorrow featuring the work of Andrew Bell and Scribe.  Go out, get some blind boxes, and stay in the comfort of your own home where the police are less likely to show up because of your stupid behavior.  Trust me, I'm an expert on clandestine stupid behavior.