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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Darth Knuckleduster from Killer Bootlegs

     I used to collect Star Wars stuff exclusively before I got into vinyl toys, but there was way to much stuff being produced to keep that going.  So I focused instead on collecting the greatest villain of all time, Darth Vader.  That was until for every one figure I bought they'd release three more versions of it in different packaging.  Buying toys shouldn't be like trying to kill the Hydra, so I've mostly thrown the towel in on that too, save for the odd piece every once in a while.  I had never thought about Darth Vader tribute toys before though, so now I feel myself (and my credit cards) getting sucked back in.

    Killer Bootlegs has made a big old vinyl version of his Draco Knuckleduster figure and painted him up to look like everyone's favorite asthmatic evil doer.  And this thing is more limited than the amount of good plot points in The Last Jedi.  Dropping tonight at 6pm cst exclusively through, you can add him to your growing Imperial forces for $100 (which includes shipping).  

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Star Warhol by Killer Bootlegs x DKE for SDCC

    Oh man, I love when I unconsciously stumble upon a theme.  Let's see, we got Star Wars presented in an unexpected way, a DKE exclusive for San Diego Comic Con, and......ok, that's about it I guess, but a theme it is indeed that runs through both of my posts today.  Now let me tell you about my drive  home from work last night.

    Just as I'm leaving to come home (which is the only time bad weather seems to happen) the sky turned black and began to rain.  Then I got a notice on my phone about a tornado watch.  No big deal I thought, I'll just take off now and hopefully out run the bad stuff.   That is not at all what happened. The wind picked up tremendously, pushing my small car all over the road, as pieces of tree branches and road signs fell into the road.  I get stopped at what turns out to be the last working set of traffic lights and as I'm sitting there a group of power lines start shooting sparks into the air.  The rest of my hour and a half drive consisted of crossing a mud-filled median to the opposite side of a highway and thus around a group of fallen trees, and trying my best to avoid numerous power lines as they danced like electric eels on the blacktop.

    The moral of the story is I could have used an R2 unit to help me navigate the treacherous conditions.  All I had was an IPod, Amon Amarth's "Twilight of the Thunder God" (which seemed appropriate) and the will to not die.  I don't know if Killer Bootleg's Star Wars/Andy Warhol mashup could have helped, but the most intelligent soup can in the galaxy probably would have had a few helpful tips. Or he would have just beeped at me and smelled like tomatoes.  DKE will be offering 50 of these for sale at their booth during San Diego Comic Con and at only $75 each, they probably won't last long.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SDCC Exclusive Resin Bones Series from Killer Bootlegs x Mike Egan x DKE

    I am officially ready to make my pick for greatest thing available at San Diego Comic Con this year. And being that my logic has proven to be beyond reproach, you're gonna want these so bad.  Killer Bootlegs shrunk Mike Egan's Bones figure down to action figure size and painted them, and get ready for this cause I'm about to push the whole thing over the top:  each card back was painted BY HAND by Mike!!!  This is as original as original art gets.  Who came up with this, because it is genius.  There are three different styles modeled after three different classic toy lines and only twenty of each version were produced.  These are exclusives for the fine folks at DKE, so I would make sure I hit their booth up pretty early and maybe rob some cosplay kids on your way in so you have a ton of cash.  Not that I condone criminal activity mind you, but I'm just saying you gotta make sure your funds level is sufficient so you can get all your treasures back home.  Just don't try and rob anyone cosplaying as a cop, cause that will end poorly for you.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

Regurgitated Ideas from Killer Bootlegs Available Now

    I hate puking more than anything in life.  Anytime I throw up I am praying for sweet death to come and take me.  Whenever I'm feeling a little nauseous my wife will tell me to throw up so I feel better,  but the thought of bending over the toilet and making that primal scream with processed food is too much for me to even think about.  

    I don't know how Killer Bootlegs feels about blowing chunks all over his bathroom tile, but I do know how he feels about Star Wars bootleg characters.  There's old Han Solo, suspended not in carbonite, but in someone's Big Mac that didn't quite sit well.  It's kinda funny and kinda stomach churning all at once, which is a sign of success in my book.  He's available now at

Friday, September 27, 2013

More NYCC Exclusives from Tenacious Toys

    I could really go for a Slurpee right about now.  I looooooove Slurpees, but only the Coke ones.  I'm not very flavor adventurous and the Coke one is so good that I have never in all my years on this earth felt the need to deviate.  I did have a dream last night that they made whiskey Slurpees and I tried one and became an alcoholic.  See what happens when you try new things.  You end up in rehab.  

    New York Comic Con is on the horizon my friends and that means I'm gonna tell you about more exclusive stuff.  This batch will all be featured at the Tenacious Toys booth #208.  Sippy Shortstraw from UME Toys has kickstarted my Slurpee craving this morning.  Just look how happy he is.  It's probably cause his beverage is carbonated and the bubbles tickle.  Or he farted.  Carbonation will do that to ya.  This little resin guy will be $40.

    This guy isn't looking happy at all.  Maybe because he's got a case of the undeads.  Soko Cat made these Zombie Candy Corns that look like how I feel if I eat to many candy corns.  I'm not good at candy.  I'll buy a bag of candy, eat two of them, and then not want candy anymore for 6 months at which time what I bought has now gone bad.  I know, I know, "first world problems".  These will be $45.

     This is the physical manifestation of how most people feel about the Ewoks.  Still not as annoying as Jar Jar Binks by any means, but people really do hate them.  I can't remember feeling one way or another about them when I saw Return of the Jedi for the first time.  I was so mesmerized by the fact that they showed Darth Vader's face that there could have been an army of Barbie dolls that helped overthrow the Empire and I might not have cared.  These guys from Killer Bootlegs are pretty cool though, and proof that Endor was a rampant breeding ground for rabies.  

Friday, June 28, 2013

More SDCC Exclusives from DKE

    What's this?  A book?  I don't get to talk about my love for the printed page too much, but aside from collecting toys I do love to read.  And I really dig Mike Egan's paintings, so I would call this a win win.  DKE will have 100 copies of this book with a signed bookplate and hand embellished screen print.  All that for only $25!  That's a steal if you ask me.

    You wanna know what happens when you spray pesticide near Smurf Village?  Well, here are the results.  David Flores has made those little mushroom dweller 100% less lame by giving them the Deathhead makeover.  Only 50 of them were made in red and for $110, it will give your kids nightmares for years to come.  See, another great value.  

    If this is what's lurking in space then I'll be happy to stay with my feet firmly planted in New Jersey.  Killer Bootlegs is exposing what the government won't tell us with this crazy looking figure.  I can picture this guy riding around on top of the Mars Rover like a mechanical bull in between his rounds of interstellar terror.  I bet the Russians are behind this.  Only 25 were made and they'll be $100 each.