Friday, June 28, 2013

More SDCC Exclusives from DKE

    What's this?  A book?  I don't get to talk about my love for the printed page too much, but aside from collecting toys I do love to read.  And I really dig Mike Egan's paintings, so I would call this a win win.  DKE will have 100 copies of this book with a signed bookplate and hand embellished screen print.  All that for only $25!  That's a steal if you ask me.

    You wanna know what happens when you spray pesticide near Smurf Village?  Well, here are the results.  David Flores has made those little mushroom dweller 100% less lame by giving them the Deathhead makeover.  Only 50 of them were made in red and for $110, it will give your kids nightmares for years to come.  See, another great value.  

    If this is what's lurking in space then I'll be happy to stay with my feet firmly planted in New Jersey.  Killer Bootlegs is exposing what the government won't tell us with this crazy looking figure.  I can picture this guy riding around on top of the Mars Rover like a mechanical bull in between his rounds of interstellar terror.  I bet the Russians are behind this.  Only 25 were made and they'll be $100 each.  

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