Friday, June 7, 2013

Maple Man Mini Marshall from 64 Colors x Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi

    When my wife and I went to Montreal a few years back one of the places we wanted to hit up was Tim Hortons.  Ok, maybe that's a little lame, but we're huge hockey fans and we don't have them where we live so it was kinda exciting for us.  The first (and last) donuts we tried were these maple iced donuts.  Holy mother of God those were the most amazing donuts we've ever eaten in our lives!  We ate them every morning for breakfast and would get one every time we passed a Tim Hortons, which is like passing a hooker in Atlantic City at 3am.  We counted up the empty boxes and bags at the end of our stay, and we determined that we each ate a dozen of them in a week.  The whole time it was a blur of maple flavored goodness and I am just thankful that we are not diabetic as a result.

    So to wrap this up, I have a special love for all things maple, that's why this new Mini Marshall from 64 Colors x Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi really speaks to me.  They made 200 of these guys to coincide with the opening of their Maple City art show tonight in Chicago and attendees will have the first crack at these figures.  Any left overs will then be put up on this Monday, June 10th.  Each one was hand printed and distressed and will sell for $14.95.  That would buy quite a few donuts.

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