Friday, June 7, 2013

SDCC Exclusive Video Game Jason Voorhees from NECA

    I was so jealous when my neighbor got the Friday the 13th video game for the original Nintendo.  He was a smug little punk, but i wanted to play it so bad because I loved the movies as a kid, so I graciously invited myself over to play it.  My jealousy quickly turned to embarrassment for him, because that gamed sucked so bad.  No matter where you went or what you did, Jason was bound to kill you.  So in a lot of ways it stayed true to the films, but it was frustrating beyond belief.  You enter a cabin: JASON.  You walk along the lake: JASON.  And why was he purple?  Was he going through a weird phase like those little kids you see at the mall wearing a Spider Man costume?  

    This figure from NECA has to be the only good thing that has ever resulted from this horrible game's existence.  This purple, glow in the dark Jason is an exclusive to San Diego Comic Con and without a doubt the highlight of the show.  They even packaged it in a replica of the original game box, complete with some of the awful graphics.  It's so campy that it is a definite win on every front.  Buy one for yourself at booth # 3145 or beg anyone you know that's going to get you one.  

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