Friday, June 21, 2013

Spray Paint Porcelain by NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    I tried to spray paint something once.  Well, I guess it was more an attempt at graffiti than anything.  We had gone to Richmond earlier in the day and I had seen the way people wrote their names on the buildings in these crazy styles, so I asked about it and learned that they used spray cans to do it.  Well, we had spray paint in the garage and big pieces of plywood that no one ever used, so I figured I'd make some art.  Like most of my artistic endeavors, I quickly found out it was harder than it looks.  At the conclusion of my experiment I just ended up with a completely red piece of wood, because everything I tried to write looked more like a yard sale sign than a work of street art.  

    Maybe I just needed a fancier spray can like this porcelain one from NooN x K. Olin Tribu.  Only 50 were made and they were all hand decorated.  You can preorder one now by going to

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