Thursday, June 27, 2013

Strife and Sire "Super Soldier" Edition from Nathan Hamill x 3D Retro for SDCC

    I've said it before and I'll say it again:  3D Retro knows how to advertise a toy.  You don't see them with piles of leftover stuff that nobody buys.  You don't see them hawking their wares at discount chains or flea market booths.  You know why?  Because they're not just selling you a toy, they're selling you a lifestyle.  It's the difference between buying a Volvo and a Harley.  Here's the scenario:  You pull up to a red light next to a convertible full of young coeds that didn't have strong father figures in their lives.    They're not gonna look at your expertly made example of Swedish engineering and say "Check that guy out, he's so responsible and safe."  But if you're straddling a chunk American steel and V-Twin fury, they're gonna look at you and say "Check that guy out, he'll probably buy us beer."  3D Retro wants you to be the guy making the run to the liquor store and partying with the ladies.  

    Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire is getting a pretty sweet makeover for San Diego Comic Con.  This homage to Captain America and Red Skull is limited to 50 pieces and is only $50.  And Nathan will be there to sign em for you on Saturday at 2pm in booth #5051.  The model however, will most likely be doing whatever it is hot girls do.  Like, their nails or something.  

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