Friday, June 14, 2013

Art Attack Toys Exclusive "Abyss" Resin from Dynamite Rex

    Doesn't this look edible?  Like it's coated in layer of sugary goodness just waiting to rot your teeth.  If you were to bite into one of these "Abyss" edition resin figures from Dynamite Rex, cavities would be the least of your problems.  Not only are they hard enough to crack your Chiclets, they would probably taste bad.  So just put it on your shelf, dust it once in awhile, and marvel at how cool it looks.  Your dentist will thank you.

    This sucker is an exclusive to Art Attack Toys and releases today at 10am Pacific time, which as I am writing this is just a few short minutes away.  Hey, I've been kinda busy.  Go immediately to before it's too late.  

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