Monday, June 24, 2013

New Figures from Argonaut Resins x Small Angry Monster

    My wife recently changed jobs so we had to change our health insurance as well.  Waiting for our new cards to come in the mail has been nerve wracking, as I've managed to injure myself no less than ten different times.  Each time I jab something sharp through my thumb (that was yesterday) or have Icarus slice me with his razor-sharp claws when we try to take him to the vet (that was last week) I wonder if this is the stupid way in which I will die.  How embarrassing would that be?  To die from a dirty piece of metal that went into my thumb because I don't have my health insurance cards yet.  As I lay on my death bed, rotting away from a wicked case of tetanus, I would take my last breath just as Sharon checks the mail and finds that envelope from Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Maybe they'll make a Lifetime movie about me.

    I could probably use some armor plating just like these new figures from Argonaut Resins have.  Small Angry Monster did the customizing on these guys and they look pretty safe and secure, which is something I need to work on.  He also made these Cursed 8 inch Tuttz that look as if they were pulled straight from a pharaoh's tomb. The curse of the mummy is not included.  You will have a shot at owning one of the amazing toys you see here this Wednesday, June 26th, at 8pm Eastern time by going to

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