Thursday, June 13, 2013

SDCC Hellboy Mini Qee from Toy2R x Dark Horse

    My friend Heather loves Hellboy.  She owns just about every Hellboy product, has a tattoo of him, and would probably marry him if society could get passed its issue with human/fictional character relationships.  Who are we to define love?

    So I know she's gonna need one of these San Diego Comic Con exclusive Hellboys from Toy2R and Dark Horse.  And just look at him, all decked out with his Comic Con logo tee.  Ready to stand in line for hours to buy exclusives to sell on eBay.  Ready to enjoy that special smell that you can only experience when surrounded by 150,000 of your closest pals.  Ready to file for bankruptcy as soon as he returns home.  Am I a bit bitter that I can't go?  Yeah, a tad.  But one day I'll make it out west and experience the madness for myself.  For those of you lucky enough to be there this guy will be $20 and there were 350 of them made.  They're available at the Dark Horse booth.

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