Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two More Summer Exclusives from Mezco

    You know what drives me insane?  Well, a lot of things do, but this time of year what really makes me want to jump off the roof (and I'm scared of heights, so this is a big deal)?  All the cool stuff that releases at San Diego Comic Con that I can't buy.  I mean, I could buy it, because people usually post things on eBay while they're still waiting in line for them.  But I'm not a rich man.  I can't pay those kind of prices.  So I just stay mad for a few months, try to wait for the hype to die down, and then still pay way to much for them.  Mezco knows how it is.  Sure, if you're going to SDCC you could buy these figures, but if you're not then just preorder these suckers right now and have em delivered to you like a pizza.  Brilliant!
    You could get this Walter White figure from Breaking Bad right this instant.  He's sporting a pretty nifty hazmat suit and comes with some essential meth making accessories.  Just remember kids, even the best hazmat suit won't save you when your trailer park lab blows sky high, so be careful with those chemicals.  Nothing cramps a thriving drug business like your production facility burning up with the fire of Hades.  

    Or you could order this Cheetarah and Snarf 2 pack from the Thundercats.  It is a well established fact that no one in the cartoon world wears a leotard the way Cheetarah does.  That kinda sounded creepy now that I'm thinking about it.  Such is life.  

    Both of these are available for preorder right now at

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