Monday, December 31, 2012

Flight Dunny by kaNO and Kidrobot

    This guy looks like those weird sneakers that people line up to buy in the mall at 6 in the morning. Those shoes look ridiculous to me, but as a toy I'm cool with it. He even has a bit of a Transformers vibe to him, which helps me forget about his resemblance to Air Jordans.

    This 3 inch Dunny was made by kaNO and Kidrobot. Everybody is speculating that there will be 3 different color schemes based on the picture, but I don't think anything has been confirmed. What is true though is that 3000 of these guys were made, will sell for $14.95 each, and will be released on January 17th. That will give you plenty of time to file for bankruptcy from Christmas shopping and start your financial situation over. That's probably not true but good luck on that.

New Year Calaveritas by The Beast Brothers

    Why do things like this always come out after Christmas? I'm trying to behave myself and not start off the new year worrying about credit card bills, but the temptation is pretty high with these.

    These are the New Year Calaveritas by The Beast Brothers. There are only 13 pieces of each color of these soft vinyl skulls and they got on sale today at 1pm EST. They will be $70 and only available at

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Release + Toy of the Month Club from Motorbot

    The first ever resin toy I bought was made by Motorbot.  He makes cool stuff and is really reasonable with his pricing, which is hard to find in the world of hand made toys.  This angry little bugger is his latest creation and will be going up for sale today at noon at  

    While you're at it you should also check out his toy of the month club.  For $270 you get a brand spanking new toy every month (hence the name) and the colors will be exclusive and sometimes so will the sculpts.  Only 10 spots are open for this so don't be a jive turkey and debate about what you should do.  Buy it sucka.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kronk's Got a Brand New Toy ****UPDATE****

    Update!!!!!!!!!!!  It's the first picture of the actual toy!!!!!!!!!!!  Exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ooooooooooooh this is pretty exciting.  Kronk, who has had a ton of toys release this year through Kidrobot, is now making his own figures.  What do we know about this so far?  About as much as you see here, but you know his designs never suck so you have nothing to worry about.  It looks like it will be some sexy devil chick but that may just be my keen investigating skills taking over a bit.  Or it could be pretty obvious from the picture.  Either way you should follow that man on Twitter and Facebook so you don't miss out when it releases.  

Batman Pop! Vinyl Speaker from Funko

    Toys are like teenagers:  they're lazy.  They sucker us in to loving them and then all they do is collect dust and get us yelled at for taking up so much room in the house.  If only they would get a job, maybe contribute a bit more.  Well looks like they're well on their way to earning that spot on your bookcase.

    This cute little Batman Pop! Vinyl from Funko doubles as a portable speaker.  Take him to work, take him on a picnic, take him wherever you've been taking your toys with you like a crazy person and now be able to justify it!!!!!  You can have a dance party with The Dark Knight in January for about $25.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Monster Boogie Release This Week from Max Toy Co.

    I don't get to write about Max Toy Co. releases too much because by the time I sit down to type they're always sold out.  Well this time I'm in luck because these figures will release sometime this week, so we all still have a chance to snag them.  These little kaiju guys are under the new Monster Boogie label and they are the most adorable, city-destroying critters I have ever seen.  There's a few different figures, but my favorites are the cats.  I want every single one of them.  

    These dinosaur guys look pretty sweet too though.  I guess you need someone for the cats to battle.  And just in case you didn't have a miniature city lying around the house, they've also made little buildings and storage tankers so you can cause maximum destruction.

This looks like it isn't going to end well.  

     Keep an eye on and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for info on when these will drop.  They will sell out fast so ya gotta be quick.

After Christmas Sales

    I know what you're thinking.  Christmas hasn't even gone cold yet and already I'm posting about sales.  You know you can't get enough stuff.  That's why you collect toys.  If you could control your spending you would take up a hobby like bird watching or serial killing.  There's no shame in wanting everything you can get your grubby mitts on, so you might as well save some money while you do it.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Lego Back to The Future Sets are Coming

   Saw this posted around the internet so I thought I'd share it here as well.  Lego will be producing official Back to the Future set sometime in...the future.  These were fan designed and were so popular that they will now be offered for sale.  Now maybe they will finally make that Snakes on a Plane set that has been long overdue.  

TAG x Secret Base Karakasa Tattoo Man Painted Edition

    This thing scares the crap outta me.  Do you remember when they were remaking all of those Japanese horror movies for awhile and every one of the ghosts looked like this?  I feel like this guy would creep up behind you and make some weird throaty noise that signaled your death was near.  

    This is the Karakasa Tattoo Man from Secret Base and Toy Art Gallery.  The tattoo work on the figure is stunning, but that doesn't offset the fact that I think he's going to murder me.  If you're a bit braver than I am you can purchase on of these freaky dudes on Christmas Eve for $100.  Of spend $120 and get a poster designed by Hiroshi from Three Tides Tattoo who did this creepy dudes ink work.  Get one at  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dead Space 3 Statue from Kotobukiya

    Don't you hate it when you're all dressed up in your fancy futuristic snow suit and you step in a big pile of dead thing?  It's enough to ruin a nice day out in winter's glory.  You're gonna have to leave that boot on the front porch so you don't track biological material all over the carpet then you're gonna forget about it and it will never be as nice as it once was after a few days.  Then you have to buy new boots, which you won't, because instead you'll try and wear your Chuck Taylors in an effort to save money and then your socks will get wet and you'll have to have three toes amputated when frostbite sets in.  The moral of the story is don't step in a pile of dead thing.  

    This is Isaac from Dead Space 3.  If you remember the previous 2 games you will know that he is some  kinda space dude who wakes up and is uber traumatized by the goings on aboard his ship.  Everybody is turning into things called Necromorphs and they jump out at you as soon as it's all quiet and you think you might be a tad bit safe.  In the second game there was a stretch of maybe ten minutes where nothing at all happens while you're searching this abandoned ship and it nearly gave me a panic attack.  

    Kotobukiya made this cool statue to immortalize the game's hero.  It even lights up so it can startle you in the middle of the night when you have to get up to pee.  You can get one of these when they're released in June for $139.99.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spaced-Out Bunny from Joe Ledbetter

    I am shocked that the Joe Ledbetter Chaos Bunny that is smokin' a joint would be an exclusive to a store in Amsterdam!!!  I guess it was either here or Jamaica, and from what I'm told the toys stores in Bob Marley's home country leave a lot to be desired.  Actually, no one's ever told me that, I just made it up.

    Pretty much all you need to know is featured in the picture, so let's talk about you.  How have you been?  I've been good myself, working a lot, trying to keep up with this whole blog thing.  I hope you're finding it entertaining and informative.  Or maybe it's just better than doing the housework you've put off for a week now.  I'll take that.   

Jon Paul Kaiser x Outsmart Originals Tee Shirts Take 2

    That monkey looks pissed and he doesn't look like he's going to stop at poo throwing to relieve his anger.  When a monkey makes a face like that you are going to lose an arm and get beaten in the head with it.  I'm just warning you for the next time you're at Ikea and you see a little monkey roaming around in his winter jacket.  

    Any minute now this cute little ape could flip out and ruin your shopping experience.  You thought you were getting some low priced Scandinavian furniture when in fact your going to the emergency room and getting sewn back together like some devil child's teddy bear.  

    Harness the power of the angry monkey in this tee shirt from Jon Paul Kaiser and Outsmart Originals.  You can order one right now at and it will be mailed out January 2nd, after the shipping department has sobered up from their new year's festivities.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Lake Monsters Dredge Bone Edition from Brian Morris

    This is the kind of thing I bet my neighbors expect me to have in my house.  For years, my goal has been to be the weirdo on the block.  I want to own the house that people cross the street not to be close to.  I cemented that position once when I was sitting on my porch, wearing a respirator, and sawing through a pair of fake antlers for an art project right when the school bus was dropping kids off.  I can't tell if my wife was as amused by it as I was, but I found it hilarious.  I also find it to be the cheapest home security system apart from buying a large, scary dog.  Who's gonna break into the house of a guy with a bone saw?  Genius right?

    This is the Lake Monsters Dredge Bone Edition from Brian Morris and Rotofugi.  It's a freaky little thing right?  And little is not entirely accurate as it stands 8 inches tall and is on sale now for only $60.  Buy one, toss it in your window, and have as much fun with your neighbors as I do mine.

Mixed Parts Ultrus Bog from Skinner

    This is what happens when you don't drug test your factory workers.  Shear plastic anarchy.  These are Mixed Parts Ultrus Bogs from Skinner and I feel that I am too OCD to own one.  I would have to buy them all then rearrange them until they all matched, which would completely defeat the purpose.  No one said I was any fun.

    If you have the will power not to try and solve these guys like Rubik's Cubes, then you should buy one tomorrow, December 19th, for $170 from his store  He also has lots of other stuff that your mom would love for Christmas.  She told me so herself.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sam Fout x Argonaut Resins Bone Ghost Agents

    I haven't seen the new James Bond yet because it's still in theaters and not part of any television station's Thanksgiving marathon yet, but I hear its pretty good.  Those movies are always awesome though as they give you new ideas for how you can make your own life more interesting.  First, you need to get a guy who can make you really cool gadgets and give you super spy cars for free.  Next, you're gonna need some Russian bad guys because they always make the best adversaries.  Thirdly, and arguably the most important, you'll need to be found attractive by every woman on Earth.  Mix all these together and let the shenanigans ensue.  Seems easy enough.

    If that all seems like more work that you're up for you can just buy one of the Bone Ghost Agents from Sam Fout and Argonaut Resins and live vicariously through it.  There are only 11 of these dude available and each one is a completely different color.  They each come with a martini glass and a few guns to complete whatever daring missions may arise.  They also come with a signed print from Sam Fout.  The solid color guys are $85 with the clear ones are $100.  You can get your own secret agent man tomorrow, December 18th, at 10 pm Eastern time by going here.

Friday, December 14, 2012

DC Comics Cover Girl Statues

     Yeah superheroes are cool and whatnot, but we know the real reason anyone reads comics is for the girls.  And why wouldn't you?  It's the only place you can see women in spandex that actually should be wearing it.  I worked in a mall for a number of years and the horror stories I could share with you about stretchy fabric and delusional lady folk would haunt your dreams for an eternity.  

    DC Collectibles knows it's all about the ladies and that's why they make stuff like this, which is cool with me.  Look at Poison Ivy looking all fancy in her New 52 redesign.  You can get your mitts on this 11 inch tall botanical beauty this month.

     Or you could wait until the new year to pick up this Silk Spectre statue from the Before Watchmen series.  $149.95 will buy you and all your house guests tickets to her gun show.  

    If you like your women like you like your coffee...wait that doesn't work here.  If you like dead chicks then how about paying tribute to Death herself with this.  Can we really be so lucky that this is actually what the grim reaper looks like?  I have a feeling that he's gonna be closer to the guy from all of the Children of Bodom album covers than this, but we'll all find out someday I suppose.  You can bring this crazy goth girl into your life in February for $99.95.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bootlegs of the Universe Kickstarter Campaign

    Everybody knows the best part of going to Chinatown is seeing all the crazy bootleg stuff you can get.  My wife and I were on Canal Street and my mom wanted on of the fake Louis Vuitton purses.  Normally I'm against that sort of thing, because you shouldn't rip off others people's work and God only knows what the money is supporting.  But it sounded like an adventure so I went with it.  Within minutes we were bombarded with everything from knock off luggage to shoes to the previously mentioned hand bags.  People rush at you with catalogues, pointing at the pictures of the various items they have for sale and when we found the one we liked we were beckoned to follow a young man down an alley and behind a store.  Again, this would normally not be my thing because I'm against being robbed and murdered, but for adventure's sake, I went with it.  There were garbage bags full of these things, and after picking the one she described to me we paid the dude and made off like we were outlaws.  The adrenaline was pumping hard and we thought about robbing a convenience store with our new found badassness, but instead we got bubble tea and left.

    But you don't have to go to Chinatown to find fake stuff.  Just go to your local dollar store and marvel at the amount of crappy toys you'll find that look pretty similar to the things you love.  And how can you not be fascinated by this stuff?  If you're like me and can't get enough of it then this is the book for you.  It's called Bootlegs of the Universe and it will be filled with all the crappy made knock of products from the He-Man world that you can stomach.  Plus, it will feature tons of new figure makers who have transformed bootlegging into an art form.  They're in the process of putting together a Kickstarter campaign to bring this book to life, but until then you can keep up with everything that develops by checking out

Pocket Rose Vampire from Super7

    I told myself I was gonna be good until Christmas.  I told myself no more toys for awhile.  But then I started to get the shakes.  The cravings came back worse every day, making normal life almost unbearable.  I need my toy fix and I think I just found where to get it.

    Super7 is releasing this new Pocket Rose Vampire today and I'm gonna get me one.  They're $25 each and go on sale at noon Pacific time.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Scott Tolleson x Outsmart Originals T-Shirts

    There are still plenty of shopping days left to buy the toy lover in your life (or me) something cool for Christmas.  Don't go to some crappy store in the mall and buy some lame shirt from a kid with his hair covering his eyes and an attitude that stinks worse than flea market tacos (don't eat food from a flea market) Get them a cool shirt designed by toy geniuses.  

    Scott Tolleson is the latest toy dude to make a shirt in collaboration with Outsmart Originals.  You can order one of these from now - December 24th, after which they'll be gone forever and you'll be left standing out in the cold wearing your high school gym shirt from 15 years ago thinking you look hip  (you do not look hip).  Plus they have a contest going on right now and you can win toys!!!!  Check out the details below.  

Altar Beast Bumble Edition from Monster Worship

    This dude is painted up to look like the Abominable Snowman from that Rudolph movie were the elf wanted to be a dentist and they sent the weird toys to live in a leper colony.  The yeti had good intentions but I don't feel the same way about this guy.  Sure, you would think anyone that was that color blue would be fun loving, but that's how he gets you to let your guard down just long enough to disembowel you.  You can lament over your lack of character judgement as he dances around with your entrails.

    This is Altar Beast from Monster Worship looking all wintery.  You can buy him for $45 today by going to

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shawnimals Gingerbread Dumplings

    Please no one go and try to actually make an edible version of this.  Pork and gingerbread are both delicious, but they should remain friends from a distance.  I can not be held responsible for what they could do to your digestive track when combined as one dish.

    These Gingerbread Dumplings are the crazy work of Shawnimals.  You can get yourself one (strictly to look at) today from myplasticheart at 11am Eastern time.  Only 120 were made wand they will be $11.99 each.  

Shag Racers from Rotofugi

    I want 30 of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or just one I guess, cause my cats have to eat and their food isn't cheap.  One of them had a very large bladder stone a few years back and ever since we have to buy them all this hipster food so it breaks down these crystal thingys so I don't have to go through her having to go through surgery again.  Seriously, she was better about it than I was.  That's kinda why kids scare me, because how would I react if something bad happened to one of my offspring?  You can't just lock em in a room with an inflatable collar around their neck so they don't tear their stitches out.  It was heartbreaking.

    This is a Shag Racer from....Shag......and Rotofugi.  There's gonna be 4 different version of this suave skeleton and this one is priced at $90.  It went up for preorder last night, so whoops on me for being a bit late to the party with this one.  I was at Red Lobster pretending to be a rap star.  Hey, that kinda sounded good in my head.  Better than that Lil Wayne idiot.

Blamo Hug Custom Show at Toy Art Gallery

    If you're in the Los Angeles area and for some reason you are not out celebrating my birthday (don't worry, I forgive you in advance) then you should go and see the Blamo Hug show at Toy Art Gallery.  Lots of artists participated in customizing these little dudes and they would all love you to stop by, take pictures, buy them tacos, or whatever else strikes you at the time.  Check out the complete list of participants below.  

Monday, December 10, 2012

Today's Lack of Blog Updates is Brought to You By...

    Lego Lord of the Rings the video game!  It wasn't enough for me to be obsessed with these in real life, but now they consume me via my television as well.  So far I've been sucked in by the Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones versions (though the latter was not nearly as good) and I knew once they announced one set in Middle Earth I was screwed.  So far, that prophecy is being fulfilled.  

Jesse Hernandez x Kidrobot Kukulcan Edition Apocalypse Dunny

    Now you have something else to occupy yourself with the day before the world is supposed to end.  Kidrobot and Jesse Hernandez are releasing this Kukulcan edition of his Apocalypse series Dunny.  2012 of these will be available and will be priced at $14.95.  Go and get one and forget your doomsday prepping cause the only this that will happen on the 21st is that you'll still have bills that are due.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tokidoki Unicornos Series 2

    My wife went nuts for the first series of these unicorn figures from Tokidoki.  She got all the commons one fairly quickly and it wasn't long before we were hitting up every Barnes and Noble in the area searching for open boxes to try and score the last few she needed.  I became somewhat of an expert at feeling up the little foil wrapper to identify the contents inside.  I'll admit it, I even peeked a few times at little holes that magically appeared to see what was in them.  I regret nothing.

    Now, thankfully, there is a second series that will keep her busy for awhile until we can find those last elusive pieces.  These little suckers were just released the other day and should be showing up soon at stores near you.

Marvel Series 2 Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    OOooooooooh look at these! Funko just announced the second series of Marvel Pop! Vinyl figures and they do not suck.  I mean, for one you have Deadpool.  They honestly could have stopped there and people would still freak out for it, but no, they pushed on and made Ghost Rider, Dark Phoenix, Beast, Doctor Doom, and the Silver Surfer.  Thankfully the Ghost Rider figure looks nothing like Nicholas Cage, cause then we'd have a problem.  I've been trying for years to forget he was ever in those movies and yet my subconscious is haunted by them.  These guys will be released January 24th.