Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Lake Monsters Dredge Bone Edition from Brian Morris

    This is the kind of thing I bet my neighbors expect me to have in my house.  For years, my goal has been to be the weirdo on the block.  I want to own the house that people cross the street not to be close to.  I cemented that position once when I was sitting on my porch, wearing a respirator, and sawing through a pair of fake antlers for an art project right when the school bus was dropping kids off.  I can't tell if my wife was as amused by it as I was, but I found it hilarious.  I also find it to be the cheapest home security system apart from buying a large, scary dog.  Who's gonna break into the house of a guy with a bone saw?  Genius right?

    This is the Lake Monsters Dredge Bone Edition from Brian Morris and Rotofugi.  It's a freaky little thing right?  And little is not entirely accurate as it stands 8 inches tall and is on sale now for only $60.  Buy one, toss it in your window, and have as much fun with your neighbors as I do mine.

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