Friday, December 21, 2012

TAG x Secret Base Karakasa Tattoo Man Painted Edition

    This thing scares the crap outta me.  Do you remember when they were remaking all of those Japanese horror movies for awhile and every one of the ghosts looked like this?  I feel like this guy would creep up behind you and make some weird throaty noise that signaled your death was near.  

    This is the Karakasa Tattoo Man from Secret Base and Toy Art Gallery.  The tattoo work on the figure is stunning, but that doesn't offset the fact that I think he's going to murder me.  If you're a bit braver than I am you can purchase on of these freaky dudes on Christmas Eve for $100.  Of spend $120 and get a poster designed by Hiroshi from Three Tides Tattoo who did this creepy dudes ink work.  Get one at  

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