Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jon Paul Kaiser x Outsmart Originals Tee Shirts Take 2

    That monkey looks pissed and he doesn't look like he's going to stop at poo throwing to relieve his anger.  When a monkey makes a face like that you are going to lose an arm and get beaten in the head with it.  I'm just warning you for the next time you're at Ikea and you see a little monkey roaming around in his winter jacket.  

    Any minute now this cute little ape could flip out and ruin your shopping experience.  You thought you were getting some low priced Scandinavian furniture when in fact your going to the emergency room and getting sewn back together like some devil child's teddy bear.  

    Harness the power of the angry monkey in this tee shirt from Jon Paul Kaiser and Outsmart Originals.  You can order one right now at and it will be mailed out January 2nd, after the shipping department has sobered up from their new year's festivities.  

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