Monday, December 17, 2012

Sam Fout x Argonaut Resins Bone Ghost Agents

    I haven't seen the new James Bond yet because it's still in theaters and not part of any television station's Thanksgiving marathon yet, but I hear its pretty good.  Those movies are always awesome though as they give you new ideas for how you can make your own life more interesting.  First, you need to get a guy who can make you really cool gadgets and give you super spy cars for free.  Next, you're gonna need some Russian bad guys because they always make the best adversaries.  Thirdly, and arguably the most important, you'll need to be found attractive by every woman on Earth.  Mix all these together and let the shenanigans ensue.  Seems easy enough.

    If that all seems like more work that you're up for you can just buy one of the Bone Ghost Agents from Sam Fout and Argonaut Resins and live vicariously through it.  There are only 11 of these dude available and each one is a completely different color.  They each come with a martini glass and a few guns to complete whatever daring missions may arise.  They also come with a signed print from Sam Fout.  The solid color guys are $85 with the clear ones are $100.  You can get your own secret agent man tomorrow, December 18th, at 10 pm Eastern time by going here.

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