Friday, December 14, 2012

DC Comics Cover Girl Statues

     Yeah superheroes are cool and whatnot, but we know the real reason anyone reads comics is for the girls.  And why wouldn't you?  It's the only place you can see women in spandex that actually should be wearing it.  I worked in a mall for a number of years and the horror stories I could share with you about stretchy fabric and delusional lady folk would haunt your dreams for an eternity.  

    DC Collectibles knows it's all about the ladies and that's why they make stuff like this, which is cool with me.  Look at Poison Ivy looking all fancy in her New 52 redesign.  You can get your mitts on this 11 inch tall botanical beauty this month.

     Or you could wait until the new year to pick up this Silk Spectre statue from the Before Watchmen series.  $149.95 will buy you and all your house guests tickets to her gun show.  

    If you like your women like you like your coffee...wait that doesn't work here.  If you like dead chicks then how about paying tribute to Death herself with this.  Can we really be so lucky that this is actually what the grim reaper looks like?  I have a feeling that he's gonna be closer to the guy from all of the Children of Bodom album covers than this, but we'll all find out someday I suppose.  You can bring this crazy goth girl into your life in February for $99.95.  

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