Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Star Wars Celebration Exclusives from Diamond Select Toys

    If you're going to Star Wars Celebration next month you're probably saving all your pennies to make George Lucas a little bit richer. But what about after the convention, when you realize you still have a mortgage to pay and kids that need braces? Fear not, for Diamond Select Toys have two exclusive banks to help you rebuild your wealth pile.

    You have Boba Fett up there all painted in his Empire Strikes Back color scheme. Only 250 of them were made and they will be $20 each.

    Next you have one of R2-D2 's cousins, R2-Q5. This droid is limited to 100 pieces and is also $20. Get 'em both at booth #632.

Mass Effect 3 Mimobots

    Remember when Mass Effect 3 came out and all the whiny babies complained about the ending? I remember, but I didn't complain because I've never played the game. Never played the first one or the second one either. I heard they were good, but these games involve too many choices for me. I'm not good at games where my decisions will impact how the story will unfold, cause my natural tendency is to do all the stuff I can't get away with in real life. Everyday I have to do my best to not use my plasma rifle for evil, so if you're gonna give me the chance to do it in a fictional world I'm gonna be bad all day long.

    Mimobot has teamed up with Mass Effect 3 to create these sweet USB drives. But that's not all they do sucka, cause they come preloaded with awesome content like a Reinforcement Pack to use in multiplayer mode. You want one? Of course you do, don't be silly. You can preorder one now from Bioware's web store.

Help The Sucklord and Monsterpants Make a Movie

    How many times in your life will someone ask you to help them make a movie (put your hand down Tom Cruise, I know you're reading this)? For the average person the answer is "never", but with the invention of Kickstarter we common folks now have the ability to help create amazing things. Monsterpants and the Sucklord need your help to make a film called Villian, in which our favorite toy bootlegger plays a really bad dude that wants to rid his city of real life super heroes. Is it a documentary? I knew that guy was up to something when he wasn't making stuff in his hideout. No one can breathe in that many chemical fumes and not loose it every once in awhile.

    Now let's get down to business. This film needs your help to become a reality. Through the magic of the aforementioned Kickstarter, you can donate to this project and get cool stuff in return. You wanna be a producer? Done. You want some cool autographed items from the cast and crew? No problem. But since you like toys, how about some handmade figures from the star of the film himself? Pledge $250 or more and you can get a toy depicting the Sucklord's character. If you know anything about his work you know that this is a pretty good price for what could be a very rare creation. It's a safer investment than Facebook stock. Get in on it by clicking here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Toy Viking x Jinxed Philly Custom Toy Show

    Ryan Rutherford is the creator of the world famous Ice Scream Man toy and I was lucky enough to convince him and his lovely wife, Tamara Petrosino, to customize Munnyworld figures for my first ever toy show. You can see each one in these work in progress pics they sent over. If you wanna see the final products (which I've seen and they are both amazing) then you should come to the show at Jinxed in Philly this Saturday, August 4th. It starts at 6pm so come by and see all the toys (or even buy them).

Kozik x Kidrobot Mini Smorkin Labbits

    I may be mistaken, but I think this is the 18th set of Labbits that Kozik and Kidrobot have released this year. I just got excited about the last two and the BAM I see these guys. I guess Labbits and Rabbits the same tenacity for breeding. One thing I noticed about the these guys is there are a few that are standing up like people. And just like people they are all about yummy fried chicken. It's nice to find things in common with your toys.

    You can beef up your bunny collection August 9th for $4.95 per blind box.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Zukie DIY Show at Toy Tokyo Tonight!

    Whatcha doin tonight? Do you happen to be in or near New York City? Do you happen to like custom toys and art? Then cancel your plans cause here's where you need to be. It's the Zukie Vs. the World custom show At Toy Tokyo Underground! Some really great artists are participating in this event so your eyes will be amazed by what they see!

Animal Spirit Ninja from Shawnimals

    This kinda reminds me of Batman. Like, if Bruce Wayne had grown up in the woods and was more in touch with nature, hanging out with wild critters and such. I'm digging it and DC should hire me to create a Gotham Forrest story arc. Just puttin it out there.

    This is the Animal Spirit Ninja from Shawnimals and he can be yours August 1st. As with all Ninja of the Month releases, this bad boy is handmade, limited to 100 pieces, and priced at $30. Get him by going to http://www.shawnimals.com/

Catwoman 1/6th Scale Figure from Hot Toys

    I just saw the new Batman film the other day and I thought it was amazing. I can't really say anything about it without giving away key parts to people that haven't seen it, but I really really really liked it. One of the best parts of the film was Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Yeah she was looking mighty foxy through the entire film, but I thought she portrayed the character well. And did I say she was looking foxy? Don't wanna leave anything out.

    Hot Toys is gonna give you the chance to bring this latest version of Miss Selina Kyle home with this 1/6th scale figure. It looks like she's gonna come with that Batcycle thingy, so you're gonna need to clear a big space for this one. And yes, it would be slightly creepy if you picked your bedside table, in case you were wondering.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dawn Femme Fatale Statue

    Go ahead and make a "gingers have no soul" joke to this chick, I dare you. As you probably already knew, this is Dawn and she has a really big sword. And it's sharp. And it thinks it's funny that your skull bothers protecting your brain, cause a stick of butter would be just as effective when facing a weapon like this. She will cut you sucka.

    Dawn is the latest Femme Fatale statue from Diamond Select Toys. This purtty lady stands 9 inches tall and is gonna be available August 1st.

Jason Freeny's Capsl Toys

    We all know the world economy is in the toilet and that especially hits hard with collectors because you have to get the most you can for your money. That means before you buy an armful of blind boxes you gotta do a lot of math trying to figure out ratios and your odds of getting the ones you want. It pleases me and my credit rating when I can pick and choose esential pieces or buy an entire set outright without having to pray for the fates to be on my side.

    With that in mind, I present to you Capsls by Jason Freeny and FCTRY/Jailbreak Collective. You can mix and match parts from these guys to customize them any way you want. You can use them as keychains, store small valuables in them, or just leave them as they are and let them spice up your toy collection. There are 12 in the base set and you can buy them blind or pick the ones you want. Doing it that way they are $7.99 each, or for $99 you can get the whole set plus the limited edition Medicine Man design. Get yours right now by going to http://www.capsls.com/.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Andrew Bell x Kidrobot Mahakala Dunny

    I'm not gonna pretend that I can properly pronounce this guy's name, but I can tell you that I want one reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyy badly. Just look at it: it's a Dunny wearing the skulls of smaller Dunnys like a fashion statement. This is the new Mahakala 8 inch Dunny from Andrew Bell and Kidrobot. The white version of this angry bro was released at Comic Con and a smaller version of this one was in the 2012 series armed with a flaming sword. This time he's brushing the dust off of his trident and harvesting more bunny heads for a new shirt he's working on. When not collecting bones he enjoys watching Project Runway and has decided that it is now time to marry the two interests. Or something.

    You can try to get one of the 900 of these that exist when they are released August 2nd. They will be $100.

Buy King Crakal and Get Little Crakal Free from Dudebox

    A wise man once said, "the only thing better than toys is more toys." That wise man was me and I have yet to be proven wrong in these matters. Dudebox understands this fact and is now giving you more for your money. You see that giant King Crakal figure from artist Jonny Wan? He now comes with his little buddy absolutely free. Two toys for the price of one? Yeah, I'm cool with that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Matt Anderson for The Toy Viking x Jinxed Custom Show

    You may or may not have heard that I helped put together a little toy show on August 4th and that it's at Jinxed in Philadelphia and that it's gonna be a good time and you should go. Matt Anderson is gonna be there and he's working on what promises to be an amazing toy for the show. That work in progress pic features what used to be a Raffy Munnyworld character that is being transformed into a koi fish. Wanna see the final work of art in person? Then you should come out and see it sucka. Here are the details:

Huck Gee x Kidrobot Skullslinger

    Of all the shows that are no longer on tv I miss Deadwood the most. It was set in one of the most interesting periods of American history and was filled with characters that were as fascinating as they were dirty. The wild west was awesome and you could punch someone in the mouth if you caught them wearing skinny jeans. That's how things should be. That's 'Merica.

    Huck Gee and Kidrobot released a version of this dude at Comic Con earlier this month and now the rest of us folks have the chance to pick him up. This undead lawman stands an impressive 11 inches tall and can be yours for $100 on August 9th. 700 of them exist in the world and that may sound like a lot, but I can guarantee you they won't last long cause his stuff never does.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Themed Mascot from Kidrobot

    I love the Olympics and I really can't explain why. The only sport I ever watch in real life is hockey, and I'm not terribly patriotic. It every time the Summer Olympics comes around I get all excited and watch as much of it as possible. I reaaaaalllly love the Winter Olympics the best though, cause every one of those sports was invented by crazy folks with a foot of snow in the yard and nothing better to do. Just think about them, every single event is pretty much based on boredom. Get stuck in the house for a week during a horrible snow storm and you'll be amazed at the nonsense you think is a good idea.

    Kidrobot is so worked up about the Games they decided to make an athletic Mascot. He comes completed with dumbbell and syringe filled with go juice. You can get this 3 inch competitor for $14.95 on July 27th. There's only 2012 in the world, cause that's the year and stuff.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Jon-Paul Kaiser

    I have a black cat by the name of Icarus who has an issue with ingesting things. He eats shoelaces, shirt sleeves, bits of carpet, plastic bags, etc. etc. Basically there is very little we can leave around the house that he will not try to swallow. One day a lone slug managed to squeeze his way under our storm door and enter our house. We didn't see his entrance, but we discovered him after hearing a loud slurping sound coming from behind a chair. Icarus had sucked the slime off of 90% of the intruder before I was able to rescue it from being completely devoured. My wife, already not a huge fan of slugs, threw up.

    Now imagine the rolls were reversed and 2 slugs went about sucking my poor kitty's brain.  Here you have that scenario courtesy of Jon-Paul Kaiser.  I private collector commissioned him to run wild on a Betso Dunny and this was the final result.  Pretty dang cool me thinks.  If you ask really nicely, and throw some cash money into the mix, Mr. Kaiser would love to make a custom creation for you.  Hit him up at http://www.jonpaulkaiser.com/ and check out more of his amazing black and white creations.

Dudebox is Our Newest Sponsor!

    You may have noticed, but we have a new button on the right side of our page from Dudebox!!! We love their products, such as the DIY Dude pictured above, and their blind box series of figures. Speaking of which, Dudebox is doing something with their Big Bang set that is unheard of in the vinyl toy world. They're opening them up and letting you buy the ones you really want. I know you think I'm joking, but this is serious business. Pretty soon they're gonna open up the Super Amazing Spectacular set too, which is double the crazy. Of course you could still buy them blind boxed, but if you're not the gambling sort then you no longer have to worry. Just click on ye olde button on the right there and you're on your way to getting hooked up with some really cool toys.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kozik x Kidrobot Present the Goon Squad

    Now I can finally afford to do some decorating with some of my favorite megalomaniacs from throughout history. Kozik's been making these busts in much larger sizes for years now, but they are usually a tad out of my price range. I'm not mad though, cause you can't carry the big ones around the way you can these new 4 inch dudes, which could come in handy. Who wouldn't want to have a pocket Vladimir Lenin to consult when things get weird? It's better than that stupid Magic 8 Ball that everyone used to love.

    These technicolor oppressors are made by the plastic experts at Kidrobot and come in 5 different colors. You can pick which bro you want, but the color will be a surprise. They will be available July 26th for $9.95 each and I'm fairly certain Mr. Kozik will have artist proof sets available on his website as well. Check out www.frankkozik.net for more info on that.

The Gipper

Lil Ilych

The Havana Slammer

The Pyong Yang Player

DJ Aya-Holla

Monster Worship SDCC Leftovers Available Saturday

    Rottweiler Herpes. Do I really need to say anything else? How could you not want a toy named Rottweiler Herpes? Ok, so maybe he does have a certain symbol on him from World War II that has added a bit of controversy to this release, but in all fairness it is part of his story in Johnny Ryan's Prison Pit comics, and this really is more a piece of art than something you'd give your kids to play with. Regardless of how you feel about that, there's no denying this is one of the best toy designs of the year.

    You can get this and many other awesome toy bros that Monster Worship made for San Diego Comic Con this Saturday, July 21st at 2pm eastern time. You have to go to http://www.monsterworship.com and hope I don't get everything before you do.

Get Your Kuso Vinyl SDCC Exclusives Now

    The nice folks from Kuso Vinyl had a butt ton of releases for this years San Diego Comic Con and it made me sad that I could not go and give them all my money. But fear not, cause now they are prepared to take your cash no matter where you live as their exclusives from the con are now available on their website. Take a peek at all that could be yours and then go to http://www.kusovinyl.com/ and get these before they're gone forever.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kozik x Kidrobot Purple and Yellow Plushy Labbits

    I wish real rabbits had mustaches. Like big, bare-knuckle boxer mustaches from the dawn of industry. If I ever meet a genie, this dream of mine will finally come true. Right after I get a really sick motorcycle, the ability to grow mutton chops, and a pet Bengal tiger named Thor. But number four on my list is definitely a mustache for every bunny in the world.

    Kozik and the folks at Kidrobot would probably be ok with that, since they're doing everything in their power to make it happen. These plushy Labbits can now be yours in both yellow and purple and in two different sizes to fit your needs. If you have a lot of space in your place then you can get a 14 inch one, or if you're a hoarder like me and space is a premium, maybe you wanna go for the 7 inch fun size. The big un will cost ya $39.95 and the little un is $17.95. Get em July 26th.

Kozik x Kidrobot Stylin Labbit Hat

    Well these two are downright precious in their matching Labbit hats. Our buddy Kozik and Kidrobot have decided that these mustachioed critters shouldn't just be limited to a shelf in your house; they should take their rightful place in the world of high fashion! Be the envy of all your friends as you sport this modern-day Davy Crockett look. Get one now for only $19.95 and maybe you could look have as dashing as this fellow:

I was wondering what Burt Reynolds has been up to.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super7 is in the Alien Business

    Super7 has always made some interesting critters, but this is the first time they've ever made actual Aliens. The story of these figures is that they were designed and even prototyped in 1979 but were never actually manufactured. Super7 some how got a hold of these and now are producing them. I've never heard of anything like this happening before and can't wait to see what the final products are like. There will also be other Alien merch available when these come out next year and I'll show you more as soon as I see it. Cause I'm like an ace reporter or something.

Super7 x Transformers Goodness is Coming

    Ooooooooh, now this is something to get excited about. Super7 is gonna be making Transformers merch!! Optimus Prime is getting the Super Shogun treatment and will stand 2 feet tall and include a rocket launching fist. Is this thing gonna be one of this sickest toys you've ever seen? Yes, yes it will.
They will also be making a bunch of other cool vinyl toys, shirts, prints, and glassware. Start saving your money now so you're ready to go when this stuff debuts in 2013.

Monday, July 16, 2012

We Become Monsters: Galaxy Frankenstein

    Hmmmmm, well I guess everything you could want to know about this killer release is right there for ya. Doesn't leave much for me to do,which is ok, cause I'm watching Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network as I type this. Thank God they're finally coming out with new episodes cause I'm tired of watching the same old ones. But even though I've seen them all they're still better then everything else that happens to be on right now. So forget tv and order some cool stuff from We Become Monsters. It's a better way to spend your time.