Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympic Themed Mascot from Kidrobot

    I love the Olympics and I really can't explain why. The only sport I ever watch in real life is hockey, and I'm not terribly patriotic. It every time the Summer Olympics comes around I get all excited and watch as much of it as possible. I reaaaaalllly love the Winter Olympics the best though, cause every one of those sports was invented by crazy folks with a foot of snow in the yard and nothing better to do. Just think about them, every single event is pretty much based on boredom. Get stuck in the house for a week during a horrible snow storm and you'll be amazed at the nonsense you think is a good idea.

    Kidrobot is so worked up about the Games they decided to make an athletic Mascot. He comes completed with dumbbell and syringe filled with go juice. You can get this 3 inch competitor for $14.95 on July 27th. There's only 2012 in the world, cause that's the year and stuff.

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