Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rotofugi Exclusives for San Diego Comic Con

    Ok, so I figure I still have a little bit of time to sneak in some info about exclusives for San Diego Comic Con. Be ready to cry about more stuff us non convention goers can't have. You've been warned.

    Check out Grim Marshall from 64 Colors. Remember that thing I said about not being able to get stuff unless you're in California? Psyche!!! He'll be available after the convention too for $13.

     Oh, another toy that you can get after the big ol convention? Boom, here is is. This Helper Dragon from Tim Biskup is made using an old Mold-A-Rama Machine. Pretty fancy, and you can own one of these for $6. After that you can visit Rotofugi (when they get the machine working again) and make one for yourself.

    If you're a serious baller you can get this bronze version of the same figure for a mere $2700. This is why God invented the credit card and bankruptcy.

    I haven't spent the day at the lake in awhile, but I don't remember these guys lurking around. They will be $60 each and if you buy two, maybe you can convince them to mate and populate the lake nearest you. Or something.

    This dude is pretty tough looking. He's actually the trophy given out for the Triple Crown of Yo Yo and only 25 exist in this all blue version. $85 and he can be yours.

    Find all these at the Rotofugi booth #4736.

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