Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kozik x Kidrobot Present the Goon Squad

    Now I can finally afford to do some decorating with some of my favorite megalomaniacs from throughout history. Kozik's been making these busts in much larger sizes for years now, but they are usually a tad out of my price range. I'm not mad though, cause you can't carry the big ones around the way you can these new 4 inch dudes, which could come in handy. Who wouldn't want to have a pocket Vladimir Lenin to consult when things get weird? It's better than that stupid Magic 8 Ball that everyone used to love.

    These technicolor oppressors are made by the plastic experts at Kidrobot and come in 5 different colors. You can pick which bro you want, but the color will be a surprise. They will be available July 26th for $9.95 each and I'm fairly certain Mr. Kozik will have artist proof sets available on his website as well. Check out for more info on that.

The Gipper

Lil Ilych

The Havana Slammer

The Pyong Yang Player

DJ Aya-Holla

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