Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Help The Sucklord and Monsterpants Make a Movie

    How many times in your life will someone ask you to help them make a movie (put your hand down Tom Cruise, I know you're reading this)? For the average person the answer is "never", but with the invention of Kickstarter we common folks now have the ability to help create amazing things. Monsterpants and the Sucklord need your help to make a film called Villian, in which our favorite toy bootlegger plays a really bad dude that wants to rid his city of real life super heroes. Is it a documentary? I knew that guy was up to something when he wasn't making stuff in his hideout. No one can breathe in that many chemical fumes and not loose it every once in awhile.

    Now let's get down to business. This film needs your help to become a reality. Through the magic of the aforementioned Kickstarter, you can donate to this project and get cool stuff in return. You wanna be a producer? Done. You want some cool autographed items from the cast and crew? No problem. But since you like toys, how about some handmade figures from the star of the film himself? Pledge $250 or more and you can get a toy depicting the Sucklord's character. If you know anything about his work you know that this is a pretty good price for what could be a very rare creation. It's a safer investment than Facebook stock. Get in on it by clicking here.

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